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posted by laylastepford
What if all of the Disney Princes were from American cities? Which ones would they be from? (*Note, I comprised this Liste of where they would be born and raised from not where they would be most suited as a free choosing adult. That is another list.)

Floridian: Cape May, New Jersey
Because it is traditional and very romantic and serene.

Henry: Chicago, Illinois
Because it is the center of the mid-west. Perfect combination of traditional with some progressive and completely balanced.

Phillip: Miami, Florida
Because it is a laid-back and playful place.

Eric: Los Angeles, California...
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 Don't leave us, Aschenputtel and Prince Charming!!
Don't leave us, Cinderella and Prince Charming!!
"Well, I hope that we're not in trouble!" sagte Aschenputtel nervously. "Now, now why are the both of us in trouble? We didn't do anything wrong, she just wants to talk to us." sagte Prince Charming calmly.
After dinner, Both Aschenputtel and Prince Charming go to Dee Dee's room alone. All of the princesses, Ella, Prince Kit and Dee Dee are also in the room too. "Hi there, I heard that the both of Du are leaving for Paris, France for good, is that true?" asks Dee Dee sadly, all of the princesses are sad that they start to cry, especially Snow White and Aurora.
"Yes, Du all must take care of yourself...
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 So do I look 20 oder do I look older oder younger than 20?
So do I look 20 or do I look older or younger than 20?
Since I turned 20 today I decided to write a special getting to know me article, it'll insgesamt be pretty much like all the other ones out there, but I'll also ask Du if Du think I look like a 20 Jahr old oder if I look older oder younger than 20 with the help of a picture, but anyway enjoy :)

My real name is Teresa and my birthday is today on September 16th and of course I was born 1994, I personally think I look slightly younger than 20, but some has sagte that I look older than 20

I'm from Sweden and I live there, I live not so far away from the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, I actually live in...
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Hella: No, Im serious U idiot! Shut up and listen...


Hella: Hey, thats what I sagte a long time ago.

Rodney: Wow, Du sure weren't kiddin when Du sagte that-

Hella: Of course I wasnt kidding Du dimwitted d***head! Now lets get out of here before somethin bad happens 2 them. *Struggles*

Rodney: Them?

Hella: Bobby and Peggy, to of my only Friends in this freekin planet! Are ya gona do somethin oder

Rodney: Oh, yea, right. *Struggles* Hey, I know what we can do.

Hella: U want me to kick Du so hard until Du start Peeing and makes a hole through...
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Okay I have this movie on blu-ray and dvd so I don't even have an excuse for being late on putting this Artikel up except maybe this; I don't like this movie as much as I used to...

Tonight's rewatch: Beauty and the Beast 2017 remake
Last time watched: 2017

How much did I like this movie as a kid?
I watched this movie as an adult but I still like to think I'm a kid at heart. So if you've read my Artikel for Beauty and the Beast, Du know I have a huge Liebe for Beauty and the Beast, for nostalgia reasons and because I just Liebe the movie. So when I watched the trailer for this movie I felt so much...
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posted by BB2010
This is a movie I'm really not looking vorwärts-, nach vorn to watching. I don't mind watching sequels because I used to Liebe them so much when I was a kid but Mulan is one of my all-time Favorit Filme ever and this sequel is like on a Maleficent level of ruining original characters.

Tonight's rewatch: Mulan 2
Last time watched: 2005-2006

How much did I like this movie as a kid?
I saw the commercial for this movie when I was 11 and I was excited because, again, Mulan is one of my all-time Favorit movies. I didn't actually watch the movie until I was 13 oder 14 because I was starting middle school when this...
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posted by Likerodeo
Everyone has their personal favorite, ranking of the Disney Princessess n thoughts of who should b included. In my eyes, this is the ranking of the maidens from the house of mouse:

15. Aurora, indeed the sleeping beauty is beautiful, graceful, n has a heavenly operatic voice, unfortunately she has little agency in her own story n personality.

14. Anna, a spunky n cute go getter but most of the other princesses that have come before her have these traits checked off too.

13. Moana, a real cookie cutter of a modern Disney princess, she is pretty much just an ethnic variation of Anna but is ahead...
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 My Favorit Snow White's Picture
My Favorite Snow White's Picture
I decided to make my personal review about Disney Movies, Princesses/Heroines, Princes/Heroes, Villains, Schreiben my rankings and my Favorit characters and songs.
I start with the first Disney Animated Movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, also because Snow White is currently the princess of the Monat December 2012.

Snow White

Position on my Favorit Disney Princesses List: #7.
Position on my Favorit Disney Leading Ladies List: #11.

I like Snow White mainly because she's an iconic character. She's kind and sweet, she isn't superficial, the type of person really difficult to find. I appreciate...
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I figured I'd make my Liste of my Favorit Disney princess sequels since most people who make these just hate on them while I like them all. First of all I wanna say Verzaubert Tales isn't a sequel. It's just a special for little girls the ages of 4-8. It's just something to teach girls lessons and is too short to be an actual movie. It's cute but nothing to be compared to the sequels. Please Kommentar but keep in mind this is just my opinion, enjoy.

10.Pocahontas 2: Journey To A New World

Use to I hated this movie with a passhion but now I like it. It has some good songs, especially where...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
One of my all time Favorit authors is Jane Austen. When I read her novels I feel as if I have been transported to a different time and place; I feel the same way when I watch a Disney movie. They both take my mind off of my every Tag life, and take me into a world with chivalry, and romance. I’ve always thought Belle and Elizabeth Bennet were a lot alike, and lately I’ve been Lesen a lot of Jane Austen, and watching some of the Filme that have been inspired Von her work, and I thought about Schreiben this article. I’m going to match up each Disney Princess with a heroine from a Jane...
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I have 15 Fanpop users that remind me of Disney characters on this article. Some aren't Disney princess related but oh well. Please don't get offended if I say something because I will probably say something negative about some of the people here. For some of Du I might mentions some other Disney characters Du remind me of. Please leave a Kommentar saying what Du think I hope Du enjoy it.

 Snow White
Snow White

I know she hasn't been on here for a long time and some of Du probably don't know her but I just had to. She's like Snow White because for one she's one of the nicest people...
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Here's the countdown of Fanpop's Favorit princess movies.

Also thank Du to Cromulanfav for having many good Zitate to use.

Instructions to Lesen the list, from AllegroGiocoso's article.

So basically here's how the process worked. I asked people that voted to rank their Favorit Disney Princes, and they Kommentiert with their ranks (a total of twenty-five users took part). Like with the team articles, the ranks here are an average of the ranks of everyone that commented. A difference...
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Disclaimer: I don’t find any of the princesses stupid, sure, some of them may be naive and reckless, but not stupid and Du know this is true, because I always tell the true, in like all 30% percent of the cases.

Also, I am going to estimate their IQ, in case Du don’t know

Below 90 is under average, but I doubt that any of the princesses has that low IQ
90-110 average
110-130 above average
130- considered incredibly smart
150 and more- genius

Now, it’s unfair to judge about her because we never really got to see what Aurora really is, but from the few things she did in her 18...
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 The most famous schloss
The most famous castle
Yes, I am a freak for splitting this Artikel into two parts, but I can Upload only 20 pictures per article, and I needed more. I want comments, that is- critics. Please be harsh because I really put lot effort and research, and I want my articles, if they aren't good enough, to be even better. I hope it isn't too long, enjoy it.

10.Beast's Verzaubert castle
Once shiny and magnificent, after the curse, schloss turned into dark and cold. With appearance of damned place, it was even harder to to break the curse because people were to scared to approach, not to say come in.

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10.The Beginning of Ariel's Beginning
I found the very first few Minuten of this movie to be magical. It was great to dive back into Atlantica and see where it all began.

9.Ariel Listens to Musik Again for the First Time
After Queen Athena's death, Triton banned all Musik in the city of Atlantica. With all the gloominess that has settled upon Atlantica, it was amazing to see Musik thrive once again (even if it was a secret).

8.Queen Athena Sings
This is the first time we see Queen Athena. It's so magical because I think we all wondered what Ariel's mother would be like. I don't know...
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 Don't they look so pretty together? Only one shines out from the rest, however.
Don't they look so pretty together? Only one shines out from the rest, however.
My lineups are getting very good responses. Something that, in all honesty, I didn't expect. Since when have I been funny? I usually get a one-liner in there a few times a year, let alone a few times a paragraph.
Yes, I'm biased. Yes, I swear. Yes, I like a joke. They're usually unfunny and stupid, but they're jokes nonetheless so treat them as such.
What's that? I should shut up and start the countdown? Whatever, let's go for it. I have nothing to better to do except wait for a YouTube video to Upload anyway.

9) Snow White
 "Oh, my animal friends. What am I to do? I have no magic to make myself go through puberty!"
"Oh, my animal friends. What am I to do? I have no magic to make...
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 John Smith wanted to join! Ain't he pretty? Made Von prussiaducky
John Smith wanted to join! Ain't he pretty? Made by prussiaducky
I haven't done one of there's yet but just to let all of Du know I find everyone beautiful. I mainly base my looks on looks and outfits (Because usually the outfit makes the princess). Also special treat I put in a picture of myself at the end so Du guys can see me hehehehehe.

13: Mulan

I find Mulan rather plain compared to the rest of the princesses. She had her beauty moments but not has many as the others.
Like: Her smile and eyes
Dislike: Her hair and eyebrows

12: Belle
Like Mulan I find Belle rather plain. She's maybe called beauty but she's isn't as pretty as the others. She has Mehr good...
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I get most people hate Pocahontas for its historical inaccuracy, and so do I. It just doesn't seem right to me to have John Smith (who was a Pervert, Betrayer, and Conquerer) as a Disney prince and looked at in such a angelic light. Since most people's agreement is "it's just a movie." And "it's not Disney's job to make teach history." I'm not asking for a historically accurate film that would be terrible for children. I'm stating it was a mistake to be made a BASED of real history story..it could have just been a Zufällig Native American but no they chose Pocahontas and they twisted and bent...
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NOTE ♥ These are not my personal opinions necessarily. These are the results of a countdown, thus I am just reporting the majority's opinion.

9. Prince

We don't really know much baout this guy. We know he likes to sing. We know he's a prince. We know he likes to benchpress dwarves. Most of us agreed that he's too much of a wussy to take any control in the relationship. I mean, come on, what kind of prince has naturally rosa lips? All he would ask of Snow White is that she keep the schloss clean (which we know she loves doing anyway) and stroke his ego. Not too much of a demanding jerk,...
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Hey people! this has to be the most done Artikel in the history oder articles: the prettiest princess countdown list. But well, I couldn't resist to make my own, I want to share my feelings about each one of the princesses with you. Important note: actually I like every princess, they're all beautiful in their own ways to me, so don't expect to I say anything horrible about them.
I made the picks (yes I'm pretty proud of myself c:) 'cuz I wanted to Zeigen princesses's best shots. I'm very surprised that along my Suchen for the best looks, my Liste changed, I didn't expected that.

10.Snow White
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