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posted by BelleRose829
Ok, so for those of Du that have been in the Unpopular Opinions (confessions) Forum this is just the paragraphs about Jasmine, Ariel and Merida. These are considered the "rebel" princesses always breaking out the mold for obedient followers, but this is my "unpopular opinion" it's sort of a grey area for me.

I find Jasmine, Merida and Ariel to be very bratty, I like Merida Mehr because in the end she learns from her mistake and (hopefully) isn't as selfish. But jasmin and Ariel aren't quite off the hook. (Badumtss) I don't quite like how they treat their parents jasmin is a princess and...
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Mulan and Shang had walked in when they saw John and Merida on the ground in a kreis praying for Pocahontas. Mulan listened carefully to what they were saying. "Please help Pocahontas get through this in your name." they said. "Should we join?" Shang asked. "Let them do this one Von themselves." Mulan suggested. It wasn't long before John and Merida looked up and noticed her and Shang. "Come Mitmachen us." Merida greeted. Mulan and Shang knelt down her and John and continued with the vigil.

"Ancestors, we need Du now Mehr than ever. Pocahontas is in great danger." Mulan prayed. "She can't afford...
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This is my opinion so plz don't judge :) And my first

#10) Pocahontas

#9) Snow white

#8) Kida

#7) Jane

#6) Cinderella

#5) Rapunzel

#4) Elsa

#3) Aurora

#2) Ariel

#1) Meg
 I don't find her very pretty...
I don't find her very pretty...
 She's Mehr on the cute side than pretty :)
She's more on the cute side than pretty :)
 She's fairly pretty
She's fairly pretty
 She's good lookin but her face is to long :P
She's good lookin but her face is to long :P
 She is pretty but Disney could have done better
She is pretty but Disney could have done better
 She is good lookin but she could be prettier :P
She is good lookin but she could be prettier :P
 She is beautiful and she has a wonderfull smile :D
She is beautiful and she has a wonderfull smile :D
 Aurora is amazing! She was gegeben the gift of beauty so....
Aurora is amazing! She was given the gift of beauty so....
 She is gorgeous! And of course I have to think that she's my twin for crying out loud! XD
She is gorgeous! And of course I have to think that she's my twin for crying out loud! XD
 In my opinion she is the most beautiful!
In my opinion she is the most beautiful!
posted by avatar_tla_fan
Ok, so I'm only going to Liste my oben, nach oben 10 not all of the movies, so sorry about that. Anyways, please keep in mind that this is my opinion, and we might disagree on a lot of things, anyways, enjoy the article! :)

10. Brave

I do like this movie, but it felt kind of unoriginal. It had elements that other Filme had and didn't have a "wow that was great!" factor to it. The villain is my least Favorit of all the Disney Princess villains, and one of the worst Disney villains as well. How could Mordu possibly be a main antagonist? Sure, his Tory had importance, but did he? Not really. However,...
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posted by MissCassecou
Today I am going to be telling Du the original fairytales before Disney retold them. (They're not necessarily the first, original versions of the stories but they are dark ones). Du might know most of these and that's cool, but in case Du didn't, here they are. Please note I have done some research - I'm not just making it up.
This Artikel should probably be in the Disney Club, but the majority of these stories are Disney Princess and heroine stories. Besides, I like to get feedback and nice Kommentare and I hardly ever get Kommentare in the Disney club.
These aren't ranked oder in a countdown,...
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 This stunning Foto graph earned a best Foto for Rapunzel
This stunning photo graph earned a best photo for Rapunzel
Previously on DNTM: The Models mingle at a fashion party and pose in live action for the first time. However Pocahontas poses were robotic and her inconsistent mappe, portfolio made the judges send her home. Five Models remain - Ariel, Belle, Elsa, Rapunzel and Snow White. Who will be eliminated next?

Confessionals After Elimination:
Rapunzel: I got best picture again!! I am so happy as I feel I have truly worked hard and the work is paying off.

Elsa: The weeks are becoming really stressful. I know I can make it too the end if I just try.

Belle: I improved this week but I don't feel like...
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So I decided just to Liste some of my Favorit Disney Princess stuff. Keep in mind this is my opinion. Enjoy the article! :)

Favorite Disney Princesses:
13. Anna (dislike)
12. Aurora (neutral)
11. Elsa (neutral)
10. Pocahontas (like)
9. jasmin (like)
8. Snow White (really like)
7. Belle (really like)
6. Ariel (love)
5. Aschenputtel (love)
4. Merida (absolutely love)
3. Tiana (absolutely love)
2. Mulan (adore)
1. Rapunzel (adore beyond measure)

Favorite Disney Princess Voices:
13. Merida (nice)
12. Aschenputtel (nice)
11. Snow White (nice)
10. Anna (good)
9. jasmin (good)
8. Elsa (great)
7. Aurora (great)
6. Belle...
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Pocahontas awoke the anesthesia that she was under as it wore off. "Where am I?" she asked herself. Pocahontas had fallen unconscious right before arriving at the hospital. "Well, look who's back!" a nurse sagte with the most joyful smile Pocahontas had ever seen. "What happened?" she asked. "You had a topsy-turbey accident." the nurse answered. Pocahontas was scared to death that she Lost the baby.

"Did I lose my baby?" she asked. "No. You're baby is A-OK." the nurse answered. "Thank heaven!" Pocahontas exclaimed. "But, brace yourself, we found some not so pretty results." the nurse warned....
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John was getting restless. Nightfall had come, and Pocahontas was still being tested on. Shang and Ping had already fallen asleep before the moon came up. Mulan, Merida, and the princesses were keeping a vigil while Ling, Chien-Po, and Yao acted as guards. "Ancestors, hear our prayer. Watch over Pocahontas!" Mei prayed. Mulan silently cried. Just when all hope seemed to be lost, the doctor came in.

"Well, the early tests indicate that she may have been under too much pressure. In order for her to get proper rest and a speedy recovery, we're keeping her over night." the doctor said. "Then I'll...
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 The Redesigns
The Redesigns
Okay, so a lot of people have been doing these, and I wanted to write a new Artikel before I finished my countdown of the smartest Disney Princesses, so I'm going to be doing this. Anyways, keep in mind this is just my opinion. Enjoy the article! :)

11. Mulan

She may be my Favorit Disney Princess, but I am definitely not a Fan of her design. In my opinion, her face is completely changed, it's made sort of chubby, with Mehr rosy cheeks. Her hair looks different, and I do like the outfit, but I don't think it Suits her, I don't think her appearance is unappealing to look at oder anything,...
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It's been over a Jahr since I last wrote this Artikel so here's an updated Liste with Anna and Elsa included

12. Jasmine

Like I did in my Zurück Artikel I decided to seperate jasmin and Mulan because even though Lea Salonga did both their Singen voices they're different enough to seperate. Anyway I've never been a Fan of Jasmine's Singen voice, it's too mohn for my taste

11. Belle

Another voice I've never been a big Fan of although I'm starting to like her voice a little more, but it's still not a very pretty Singen voice to me and the voice is too old for Belle

10. Ariel
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Pocahontas was lying on the floor wishing the pain would stop. She held tight to her stomach as it stabbed her with increasing pain. She tried to get up, but the pain dragged her back down. As she fell back down, she felt her stomach cringe up so hard, it made her pain excruciating. She screamed as she struggled. The others heard her all the way from the küche and rushed to her. They were in the room in seconds.

"POCAHONTAS! What's wrong?" John asked frightened. "I DON'T KNOW!" Pocahontas screamed. She cried out once more. "Just calm down." John reassured. "Shang, ride into town and get the...
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"We just have to learn to corner our sensitivity.". That was all Merida could think about. "Pocahontas is right. I've got to corner the triggers." she sagte to herself. She sat down in a chair and thought. She thought and thought for the Weiter hour. As she thought, she triggered the stuff that made her lash out. That's when she figured it out.

1. Her anger ALWAYS got the best of her.
2. She'd cry half the time.
3. She thought Shang previously despised her because of her rebelliousness.
4. She thought Pocahontas would always keep secrets from her to betray her.
5. All of the above made her stay angry...
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posted by LittleLottie
 Aschenputtel bids Du to save
Cinderella bids you to save
There are several requirements one must fulfill in order to consider themselves Fans of Disney. These may range from simply picking a Favorit movie oder song to creating a lake of tears whenever a commercial for Disneyworld comes on TV. But lately, in the past ten years, one Mehr requirement has popped up: One must memorize and pick a Favorit among the official line of princesses.
Ever since it began in the early 1990’s, the Disney Princess Lineup has been the most successful series of merchandise the Disney Company has produced. Walk into any Kroger oder Wal-Mart and before Du know it, you...
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Pocahontas was still distressed from the Zurück events in the day. John suggested she go outside for some fresh air. She accepted and he gladly went along with her. The atmosphere was nice. Pocahontas looked at her bump. It was TINY for it to be in a 5 Monat range. John chuckled. "It'll get bigger with time." he said.

Meeko came dashing towards Pocahontas and examined the bump. Pocahontas laughed. "It still needs time to grow, Meeko." she sagte sweetly. "Have Du thought of any names?" John asked. "I've thought about Steps High." Pocahontas answered. "I like that." John replied. "What names...
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I know a lot of people have been posting these articles, and I hope I offend nobody Von producing my own, but it made me wonder what I would think based on these redesigns and therefore I decided to write an Artikel of my own and express my opinion.
This is a countdown, and I am only including the first ten (Snow-Rapunzel) princesses because they have been the only ones redesigned (as I believe) from their original merchandise design; not necessarily from the movie.

Shall we start?

10. Pocahontas.

No. Just no, no, no. They've ruined her!
Well, that's too harsh. Not everything....
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posted by MissBlue1
So,I saw how many people made Artikel about Disney Princesses redesign look,so I decide to write one :)
I want to state that this is just MY opinion,I'm not trying to hurt anybody :)
Also,forgive me for few mistakes,English isn't my native language.

Details are sometimes a good thing,but not in this case.
They made too much details and they ruined her mothers' necklace!
I mean,look at the boots and feather earring!
That's actually a bad thing, becuse Pocahontas is an historical figure.
I hate how much make up they put on her.
Did they even have make up there where she lived?
I don't think...
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Merida spent the Weiter few hours crying hysterically in her room. Her cries pained the others, especially Pocahontas, since she got her in that shape. "It's all my fault." she sagte with a load of guilt in her voice. "Pocahontas, Du did nothing wrong. Merida just has a high level of sensitivity." John soothed. "Then again, Du never should've gotten all up in the gal's face." Mushu pardoned. "MUSHU!" Mulan exclaimed. Shang put a hand on Pocahontas' shoulder.

"Remember what I told Du earlier, OK?" he comforted. "I'll go check on her." Mulan sagte as she went into the hallway. Pocahontas found...
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The Weiter morning, Shang and Merida awoke still side Von side. They were both appalled. "Let's pretend this never happened." Shang sagte in a shaky voice. Merida, on the other hand, didn't know what to think. Had she turned into a back-stabber? "Did Du hear me?" Shang asked. Merida shook her head to get out of her thoughts. "I did." she answered as firmly as possible. She and Shang headed back inside.

Mulan and Pocahontas were in the küche preparing breakfast. "How excited are Du about becoming a mother?" Mulan asked. "It's nerve-wracking, but because I've wanted a child for so long, it'll...
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posted by MissBlue1
Hello everybody :3
So,I'm kinda new to Fanpop and I really Liebe Schreiben and Disney princesses,so what's the better start then do Liste of favourite Disney princesses?
Also,English isn't my native language,so forgive me for few mistakes :)
I want to state that this is just MY opinion,I don't mean to hate oder hurt anybody.
So,let's begin (:

I really Liebe Aurora and,unlike some people,I actually think that she has big personality.She is a beautiful and kind dreamer,she is playful and curious,she is mature and caring...
When I was little,she was actually my second.The main reason why she is last...
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