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So, I made a Umfrage counting down the smartest Disney Princess and it's time to find put who will be the smartest Disney Princess! Please keep in kind that it isn't my opinion, it's the opinion of the Fanpop users. Enjoy the article! :)
Also, for some Kommentare I had to shorten oder change them.

13. Anna

 She didn't get much education, right? Especially since she was isolated for no reason and desperate for love. Nobody told her she can't judge a person so fast. - Manu962
She didn't get much education, right? Especially since she was isolated for no reason and desperate for love. Nobody told her she can't judge a person so fast. - Manu962

I figured she'd be down near the bottom, and it looks like I was right about that. Overall, a lot of people agreed that she...
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posted by amnakhan44
Hey there i am amna anna616 cousion i am 19 and using Fanpop to Zeigen my cusion anna art anna my cusion just uploaded her drawings and it was also her birthday some mindless people sagte that they are not urs they just spoiled her birthday they sagte there are diffrent signatures on the drawings there was diffrent signatures becuz one of our cousion is in cancer we decided to make diffrent drawings,cakes and cards then i take cake i made the cake anna built the drawings from all of our sides and we signed them becuz the cancer girl can thought that we all make the diffrent drawings then they said...
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At dinner, the night was pleasantly inviting. "How far along are you, Pocahontas?" Mulan asked. "I'm 5 months." Pocahontas answered. "My mom's also 5 months." Merida replied. Pocahontas got all excited. "Your mother's also pregnant?" she asked. Merida nodded. "They think it's twins." she said. "Twins? Didn't she have triplets?" John asked. Merida nodded again.

Shang hadn't sagte anything. "You're being awfully quiet." Pocahontas said. "I just don't have anything to say." Shang replied. "You don't have anything to say? The last time we were here, Du nearly talked our eardrums out!" John joked....
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Bonjour!!! Over the last few weeks, I created quite a few Umfrage which asked Fans to eliminate their least favourite Disney Princess (including Anna and Elsa) hairstyle, and princesses were eliminated until the oben, nach oben two. This is basically a results countdown of those polls, with descriptions as to why. I just wanted to say a big thank Du to everyone who voted and Kommentiert why - your help was appreciated!!
This is not based on my opinion - if Du are interested in my choices, I am Schreiben a Part 2 which explains my opinion.
Let's get started shall we?

13. Aschenputtel

Although most people seemed...
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While I consider myself a Musik person, my knowledge of Musik is so-so. So some descriptions might be short because what else can I add? I just know when I like listening to a voice haha.

11. Snow White
Aw Snow, I hate how Du always end up at the very bottom of these lists. But the other Princesses' Singen voices are just much Mehr to my taste. Her voice is cute but when she hits notes, it's far too high-pitched that it gets borderline annoying.

10. Aurora
It's not that I am not impressed with Aurora's Singen abilities, nor that I Frage the beauty of her voice. It's just that operatic...
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Bonjour! So basically I'm doing a Liste of my favourite things from each movie. This is not a countdown and the objective is to not bash the Filme but to see the good in them. The captions under the pictures is an example of one of my favourite Zitate from that particular movie.
Before I did Snow White - The Little Mermaid and now I'm doing the Filme Beauty and the Beast up to Mulan. The "rankings" are out of twelve for twelve Filme on my favourites list. Not characters, Filme .
Let's get started shall we?

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Favourite Character - Belle. She's one of my favourite...
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posted by dimitri_
This is a short Artikel just for fun. I've always wanted to do this when other people did it. I would have explained but I think some of the lyrics oder self-explanatory already :) At times, I can imagine the Princesses Singen the songs and other times, I think the song represents the Princess.

Snow White - Put Your Hearts Up Von Ariana Grande

''Wish in a well, shooting star, sterne in the sky
We can do anything if we try
Can't resurrect Gandhi, resurrect king
But if we put our heads together
We can do anything like
You don't have to be a billionaire
You don't have to have much to Zeigen how much Du care...
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posted by Silverrose1991
I shall tell Du the truth: I've been a bit militant in my liking of Cinderella. Negatives opinions made me feel stressed and I have been stubborn and rude. What made me change my point of view and see the wrong of my ways was when I saw link: "I think Aschenputtel is both overly passive and a doormat, because it's one that leads to the other. In this way, I can sort of relate to her because I'm very passive and shy of confrontation. However, I'm not saying this makes her less of a valid oder interesting character. Sometimes its nice to watch a heroine who isn't all assertive and kick butt, at...
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posted by dclairmont
Hi guys c: This is Team Snow White's Favorit princess list! The members of Team Snow White include:


I hope Du enjoy Lesen this!

13. Mulan

Silverrose1991- She is a wonderfully written character - complex, developed and relatable. I Liebe her selflessness, her intelligence and her loyalty to her father.

dclairmont- I Liebe her devotion to her father and the awkward, quirky side of her that we see. I kind of loose interest in her in the Sekunde half though.

sweetie-94- I Liebe how clumsy she is in the beginning of the movie, but as the movie progresses she...
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Elsa, is my Favorit DP currently and I thought of Wird angezeigt my opinions about her.

We first meet Elsa when she is sleeping and Anna wakes her because "the sky is awake" and they have to play.
She first hesitates and tells her to play Von herself but when her sister asks her to build a snowman she can't resist.
This part shows Elsa's personality before being isolated. We can see that she is the elder sister and tends to act Mehr mature and calm, but she enjoys being with her sister and shows her playful side.
And we can also see that she isn't afraid of her powers and likes to use them.
 "Shshshsh!!! Anna, can't Du stay calm for a minute?"
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posted by dclairmont
 Concept Art
Concept Art
This is the tenth Artikel in my "Why I Love.." series and it's for Rapunzel! Rapunzel is a great princess and I hope I can do her the justice she deserves. I hope Du enjoy Lesen this!!

Rapunzel isn't one of my Favoriten really, in fact she's in my bottom three, but that doesn't mean I still don't really Liebe her a lot. If you've been here for a while, you'll know that Rapunzel was actually my Favorit princess for a few months, and before that she was always either Sekunde oder third on my list, but sadly all she's done is drop overtime. Despite her dropping, one of my Favorit attributes of...
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posted by KataraLover
First of all ignorant Ariel haters are advised not to read this because I am being brutally honest and not holding back. For those who say I'm being harsh they Zeigen no respect for Ariel's Fans and treat her like she's some kind of heartless monster so I don't owe them one bit of respect and will not Zeigen them any because they don't deserve it. Also I will not be doing the cliche of comparing Ariel to Merida, I've already done that in my Ariel vs Merida article. Besides, people do that enough already and I can't stand this war between them, it's really annoying. However I will be comparing her...
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posted by coolsinger198
For those of Du who dont know jasmin has been my Favorit Disney Princess FOREVER. I just really feel that jasmin has one of the best personalities out of all the princesses and I want to express why, because I feel she needs a little bit Mehr love. :) Despite her sassiness, she is very generous, kind, fun-loving, and flirty.

Before Schreiben my reasons on why jasmin is the best DP, I my 3 reasons on why people may not like jasmin oder maybe why they have her low on their list. Not all of them may be true.

Reason 1- She has a bad temper.
Reason 2- She is selfish.
Reason 3- Her sassiness is annoying...
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 Elsa demonstrated her modelling skills with this beautiful picture as a Sailor Scout, which helped her earn best picture.
Elsa demonstrated her modelling skills with this beautiful picture as a Sailor Scout, which helped her earn best picture.
Firstly if Du haven't read the first articles:
Introduction: link
Week 1: link
Week 2: link

Previously on DNTM: The argument between Ariel and jasmin continued, Elsa won the first runway, start-und landebahn challenge and the Models posed as Sailor scouts. However Tiana didn't know how to Bewegen in front of the camera properly and she was sent home. 11 girls remain, who will get eliminated next?

Confessionals After Elimination
Snow White: Sadly Tiana went home
Belle: Tiana worked hard in this competition.For example before the Foto shoot she did hours of posing practice. It shows how much I have to work to continue...
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I thought I would make this Artikel just for the sake of knowing. If there are any new users, it will be great for Du to read this Artikel so Du can get to know which princess we favor. I also give Du a brief biography on each of the princesses.

Snow White- Lets go back to the princess that started it all shall we? Her hair, black as ebony, and her skin white as snow.

Evil Queen- "SNOW WHITE!!"

Yes, for the first time in forever the Evil Queen is right. She may have not fought in a war, be extremely feisty, oder have magical hair powers but Snow is sweet while having a big personality and she...
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 The full-lineup
The full-lineup
This is my third Artikel on this club and I decided to write it because I haven't written an Artikel like this and I had just wrote my prettiest ranking list. Remember Kommentare are welcome as long as they don't insult me oder another commenter. Now lets begin!

13. Tiana
I just don't really like her. Please don't say I'm racist because her race has nothing to do with it. In fact I think she's really pretty and I admire her hard working spirit. I just think she's kind of boring and her movie is also my least Favorit Disney princess movie.
 Tiana Collage
Tiana Collage

12. Aurora
I just think Aurora has so little...
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posted by dimitri_
I'm sorry but this Artikel is completely conceited of me, but I had to make an ''announcement'' since I left Fanpop without really saying anything...

Hey, this is dimitri_is_hot! Hope some still remember me haha, I left Fanpop because I had to get a job to pay for College and things were really not going well. I got kicked out anyway because I failed a course 3 times. So, I'm not looking for sympathy, I'm back to look at some things because this site does mean a lot to me. I'm not sure I will stay because real life can get in the way and I for sure don't intend to be as active as I used to haha....
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posted by Jayden-G
I decided to start a series of analyzing the DP Couples in depth (and later, the other Disney Couples) after I got bored one day, and wanted to write a series of articles. Du can recommend me which couple to do Weiter in the couples section. So here is how it is going to go. I will first explain my insgesamt statement about the couples in a paragraph, and then I will analyze each scene to look at the inner and outer feelings of the characters individually an the couple itself. I also have a request, just for a little while; please do not recommend a Disney Renaissance couple? I say this because...
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posted by CaiWonderlander
 How can Du say this little girl is ugly?
How can you say this little girl is ugly?
I don't like judgy people very much, because I used to be bullied. (I wear different clothes and dream to much) This is also why I adore different people. Merida is in my oben, nach oben 5 Liste of all the Disney princesses, and I've heard a lot of people saying they don't like her, so I decided to write this Artikel about her, since I find her beautiful and interesting.
This is why I think she's so disliked:

1. People hate her looks!! They say she's ugly. Which I don't really get, because she has long red hair and blue eyes. -Cough, a bit like Ariel, cough.-

2. They don't like the story. I've also seen somewhere,...
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posted by anonheart998
Hello, sweeties. I’ve been on Fanpop since February. But, after seeing other people Schreiben these articles, I wanted to make one!

My name is Jane, I’m fifteen and I currently live in Delaware.
My birthday is January 1.

Very Favorit Disney Princesses: Ariel, Belle, Rapunzel, and Merida. (I consider all of them as my favorites, but I probably Liebe Ariel and Belle the most. Does that make sense?)

Very Favorit Disney Prince: Aladdin

Other Favorit Disney characters: Peter Pan, Alice, Wendy Darling, Tinker Bell, Jack Skellington, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Jim Hawkins, All of the classic characters,...
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