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posted by AdelitaI
Name: Maria.

Birthdate July 22nd of 1997, the Tag when Irene Bedard ( the voice actress of Pocahontas and one of my most admired people) turned thirty.

Location - Ukraine. Not the most prosperous country in the world but I hope I will live there forever. Being forced to leave my country oder even my district is one of my biggest fears.

Hobbies: reading, Schreiben stories, searching the Internet, listening to music, philosophizing, learning about other's opinion on different topics.

Favorite Disney film: Pocahontas. It is and it will always be.
I also Liebe Tarzan, Hercules, Princess and the Frog,...
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Sorry for the convoluted title, I couldn't figure out how to word it. So we've all got our lists, right? Favorit DP List, Prettiest DP List, Favorit DP Movie List, Favorit Prince List, etc. etc. I enjoy making lists, and I have probably way too many when it comes to the DP movies. In order to Zeigen my appreciation for each of the DP films, I decided to write an Artikel where I showcase one thing from each of them that is #1 on a Liste of mine.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The Evil Queen is my Favorit DP villain. She was the only villain that scared me as a child, and she still sends shivers...
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posted by deedragongirl
 I hope that Du have a great time in Europe, Anna!
I hope that you have a great time in Europe, Anna!
Hi guys, since the Asian batch made it through the front page of Fanpop. Here are the European batch of Anna!

Italian (Serena Rossi)

My first impression on Serena (no, not her namesake Frozen costar, Serena Autieri) is that she sounds a bit like Kristen Bell. But, one thing is that her voice is slightly deeper than Kristen and insgesamt good job! (Ratings: 9.5/10)

French (Emmylou Homs)

When I first heard her Singen Liebe is an Open Door, she sounds very bubbly and gentle at the same time. She does not sound heavy at all! (Ratings: 10/10)

Dutch (Nootje Herlaar)

Okay, I found out that Nootje is actually...
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 Queen Elsa.
Queen Elsa.
Hi everyone, now if Du all remember that previously, I wrote an Artikel on whether oder not Elsa should be a lesbian. Which received massive debates about it. So, since the sequel is in the midst of pre-production. Here are my thoughts on whether our favourite Ice Queen should have her Prince Charming.

She should get A Handsome Prince

I personally feel bad for her, she needs an heir to the Arendelle throne. So needing a prince to fall in Liebe and marry her will definitely help, if Hans make an appearance in the sequel and redeems himself. The sisters will forgive him and Elsa will marry him...
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posted by Isabellagirl033
Hey fellow Disney princess fans! I'm isabellagirl033 and the idea for this Artikel just came to me out of the blue. In this Artikel I'll determine which princess has the best of each feature.

Best Hair: Aurora

Aurora's hair has just the perfect volume and the beautiful color of buttercup. The curls suit her really well and the length is perfect.

Best Face Shape: Rapunzel

Not too bold yet not too soft. The face shape works really well giving Rapunzel a innocent and youthful look and Suits her personality.

Best Eyes and Eyebrows: Belle

The eyebrows have just the right thickness. Belle's...
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posted by deedragongirl
 Spread your wings and fly, Elsa!
Spread your wings and fly, Elsa!
Hi everyone, since I had written the international movie version of this overrated song. Now it's the pop version, some of them are dubbed in their native language. So, I'm going base it on their voices and performances.

English (Demi Lovato)

I first heard this version before the movie came to Malaysia, my first impression on it was neutral as at that time, I never heard Idina's version yet. But then, I felt that the latter's version was better than Demi's version.

Mandarin Chinese (Bella Yao)

I Liebe her version and it's even better than Demi's version, sadly to say she passed away from breast...
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 2 Princesses with the same name and same faith.
2 Princesses with the same name and same faith.
Then, all of the other princesses and Dee Dee arrive. Including Prince Kit and the live-action Aurora, they greet each other. Dee Dee and the princesses want to get to know the 3 of them, they talk about their Liebe for Malaysian culture.
Afterwards, Ella asks Dee Dee "Hi Dee Dee, I heard from my animated counterpart that the annual coronation ball is coming, she wants us to be crown. Could Du do the honour of crowning us?" Dee Dee looks vorwärts-, nach vorn and excited, that she replied "Sure, I'll tell the others-" then her iPhone rang.
This number is a foreign number, "hello?" Antwort Dee Dee, "hello...
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A lot of people do these, so I decided that I would make my own.

Don't worry, I won't say (and I don't feel like saying) anything negative about any of you, so in case Du were worried about me hating on you, that's not going to happen. :)

Anyways, keep in mind that this is my opinion, and don't be offended if I Liste Du as a character Du hate.

This was quite an easy one for me. Both are fun, crazy, awesome and hilarious! Both of them can make me roll on the floor laughing. (literally.) Belleorse is awesome and crazy, just like Yzma. I can think of many times when she was...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
Sorry this took me a little longer than the other ones. I originally planned to remake my Favorit Disney Princess Singen Voices. About halfway though it, I decided to go to this and return to the other one later. It will be up within a Tag oder two, hopefully. Anyways, Mulan is my personal Favorit Disney Princess movie (currently) and I know that it's beliebt with most on fanpop, so I decided that this would be the movie soundtrack I would do next. Anyways, please keep in mind that this is my opinion, and we may disagree, so respect my opinion and I'll respect yours. Enjoy the Article! :)

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posted by audreybrooke
Hello, everyone! I'm a new user here, so I figured I'd do an introduction article. I already have one up link, but I assume most of Du have probably seen it already. :)

All About Me

My name is Audrey. I'm 20 years old, and my birthday is July 21st (so I'm a Cancer, in case anyone's into astrology). I'm from the United States, specifically the state of New York, and I'm currently studying Classics and Art History in college.

English is obviously my native language, but through my major in Classics, I also know Latin and ancient Greek--and a smidgeon of Spanish from elementary school. I Liebe ancient...
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Pocahontas was lying on the floor wishing the pain would stop. She held tight to her stomach as it stabbed her with increasing pain. She tried to get up, but the pain dragged her back down. As she fell back down, she felt her stomach cringe up so hard, it made her pain excruciating. She screamed as she struggled. The others heard her all the way from the küche and rushed to her. They were in the room in seconds.

"POCAHONTAS! What's wrong?" John asked frightened. "I DON'T KNOW!" Pocahontas screamed. She cried out once more. "Just calm down." John reassured. "Shang, ride into town and get the...
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posted by TheCrystalRing
WARNING!!!! The following story may be disturbing to both Snow White Liebhaber and haters. Reader discursion is advised…
Now I present my sneak peek Dark Endings version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Enjoy…

    One song, I have but one song. One song, only for you…Snow White quietly hummed the beautiful song her mystery prince sang to her earlier that day. She was picking wildflowers in the meadow near her schloss home. Her stepmother, the Queen, had allowed her to pick the newly bloomed daisies in the field, as long as her best (and only) huntsman, Humbert, accompanied...
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posted by faya27
WARNING: This chapter has some unpleasant scary elements.

Chapter 5

Like Eric, everybody else went to sleep. However, there is one person that did not go to bed.

"AAAAAAAARRRRRRGH! I can't believe this!" A deep female voice screeched. Ursula came Home late at midnight, stomping inside her house.

"What is, Ursula?" A young whispery male voice asked. His name is Flotsam. He was a lanky man around 29 with dark blonde hair, and dressed up in all green. Another guy, standing Weiter to him, is his brother, Jetsam, who is also tall and lanky and dressed up in green clothing, only with dark brown hair.

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Rapunzel – Neu verföhnt Part Two 
Rapunzel: AHH! 
Rapunzel: Okay okay, I've got a person in my closet. Person in my closet. I've got a person in my closet! Haha! Too weak to handle myself out there, huh mother? Well, tell that to my frying pan. 
Mother Gothel: Rapunzel! Let down your hair! 
Rapunzel: One moment Mother! 
Mother Gothel: I've got a big surprise! 
Rapunzel: I do too
Mother Gothel: Oh, I bet mine is bigger! 
Rapunzel: I seriously doubt it. 
Mother Gothel: I brought back parsnips, I'm going to make hazelnut suppe for dinner, your favorite. Surprise! 
Rapunzel: Well mother, there's something...
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 Von cruella
by cruella
Hi everybody! First let me apologize for being a bit late getting the Artikel up this time. I'm sure you're all familiar with the business of the holiday season, and due to that I got a little behind. Also, I would like to thank everyone who helped with the article, as I could not have done in alone.

Anyway, before we get started let me give Du a brief run down of the Meet the DP Fans articles, in case Du happen to new to the club and/or unfamiliar with them. These Artikel have been done in past Von a few other users to showcase some of the current Disney Princess fans. Now, obviously, there...
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Rapunzel – Neu verföhnt is my Favorit Disney movie for many reasons besides the wonderful storyline and beautiful imagery. I really relate to Rapunzel in so many ways. I try to be optimistic and see the beauty in the small things in life. I try to stay hopeful and occupy my time with many hobbies. I have so many interests and Liebe learning about them and learning about the world and other cultures. We also share physical features, brown hair and green eyes, and prefer walking outside barefoot. I also have some German heritage, so I relate to her that way as well.

My mother also acts a lot like Mother Gothel....
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Okay so I didn't even need to watch this today because I was able to watch it a few days Vor at a birthday party :P I would have put this up then but I wanted to stay consistent.

Sunday's rewatch: Beauty and the Beast
Last time watched: Valentine's Tag 2017

How much did I like this movie as a kid?
So, like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, this movie scared me when I was little because of how scary some of the Animation was. When this movie was released on dvd for the first time in 2002 oder 2003, I didn't want to watch it because I thought I was still going to be scared of it. But then my stepmom...
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This idea just kinda popped into my head. Basically as the Titel suggests, we take a scenario from a DP movie and analyze how the other princesses would behave oder react in that situation. Today, our scenario is...

Entering the West Wing
Belle is considered Von many to be one of the "good girls" of the DP lineup but she does have a bit of mischievous side and that shines through when her curiosity gets the better of her and she disobeys the Beast's direct orders to stay out of the castle's west wing.

Snow White-She'd gladly follow the Beast's rules and she wouldn't really Frage them either. While...
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The Liste of hottest Disney princes is finally here! As we know, Disney guys are mostly hotter than guys in real life, and I admittedly have a crush on Mehr than one of them. But let's see as a whole, who the Fanpop community is crushing on.
I only have a little to write about each of the guys, because...come on. Du all know as much as I do.

 The girly guy
The girly guy

9.The Prince
This nameless fellow was out pretty quickly in the first round. Dark brown hair, brown eyes, and of average height, this guy really is nothing special. A major turn off for most of the people who voted was his girly appearance,...
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posted by MissBlue1
So,a lot of users on Fanpop did its' opinion on Frozen,so I wanted to write my own opinion on that movie,too.It's the newest Disney movie,and there's a lot of arguments on it,so I tought that I can make my thoughts on it.
I want to state that this is just MY opinion,I don't mean to hurt oder hate anybody.
Also,forgive me for few mistakes,English isn't my native language.
Enjoy :)

I like Frozen.I don't Liebe it,but I like it.The story is okay,the characters are good,and that's it.I enjoyed watching it,but I don't think that Frozen is perfect.
This Artikel will be spread in 3 parts:Characters,Story and...
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