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posted by euny
 One my favourite Icons
One my favourite icons
My life

My name is Eunice and I’m 15 years old (I will turn 16 in less than a month). I was born in Madrid (Spain) and I live there with my parents. I have dark brown eyes and light brown hair, my height and weight are average. When I grow up, I’d like to become a voice actress.

I attend a bilingual high school; we have some subjects like history, science oder P.E. in English. My favourite subjects are geography and Greek mythology and my least favourite is math.

My hobbies
Apart from Disney, I like Lesen (The hunger games, The maze runner, Divergent, TFIOS, LOTR…), watching anime, drawing,...
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 The strangely creative Icon that MacytheStrange made for Team Tiana.
The strangely creative icon that MacytheStrange made for Team Tiana.
At first, there was Disney. At their time, the classics; Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora have been immesnely beliebt in their times. Then the renaissance princesses came; Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, and Pocahontas. In later years, the unique and intelligent Mulan has also joined. But before Tangled, Brave, and the most popular: Frozen... there was one film which after 20 years, brought back magic, family, and the true vision of the later Walt Disney Animated Studios company. The Princess and the Frog graced the silver screen, and Tiana won Gold in our hearts. The bumblebees of Team Tiana present...
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posted by snsdlover4ever

Hey there. For those of Du that don't know me, I'm Jackie and this is the first Artikel that I'm posting on here, so don't bash me. Now, I'd like to say something before I begin. Only about half of our team gepostet something for this article, which was mostly Fan art, only me and doomkittycd gepostet a paragraph for the article, and I'm not too sure if our team leader will ever post this before the deadline. So, I decided that I should do it since the deadline is today. Hope Du enjoy!

Okay, first of all, she never judged a person Von their looks. The saying goes, "Don't judge a book...
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I took the idea of the modelling from BKG201's article. I decided to state my opinion on which princesses would be great models. I just want to say before I start, that I don't judge only Von appearance, because to be a good model Du don't have neccesarily to be gorgeous looking. Anyway, here we go.

13) Anna

Firstly, Anna is pretty but her mouth and her nose are quite awful and her eyes are too close to each other. Her hair is ok, I guess. Her body is great for a model. The biggest problem is the way she moves. She's awkward, clumsy and slouch and remember that moment when she was singing...
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Okay, I just want to settle some stuff about the vicinity of where Pocahontas is claimed to have live not only in the movie, but in reality too. We all know the inaccuracies of the movie, but for those who do not know, here Du go (: And please remember to feel free to state your opinion on where she lived oder any other info Du have.

In the movie, Governor Ratcliffe obviously states his ship is headed towards Virginia, and it clearly shows that Virginia is the destination on the map. But let it be noted that in 1608, when the movie supposedly takes place, people referred to a majority of the...
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Got inspired Von dimitri_'s article, I did an Artikel similar to this when I was new to Schreiben Artikel here, if Du would like to read it clicklink

Snow White

Like I've sagte so many times before she's my Favorit Disney Princess. I Liebe how she always makes the best out of a bad situation and that she's both a child and a mother in the movie and how funny she is and her bossy and sassy side. I also Liebe that she's an unjudgemental person

Favorite Outfit: Princess Dress with cape - the cape completes the look and makes the dress less plain looking and it's also my Favorit animated outfit...
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Singen is one of the most essential attributes of a DP film. It's the element that gives mood, flavour, charm and magic in every scene. And while the Disney Princesses are delightful talents when it comes to vocals, hey, the Disney Princes aren't that bad too. And it's a shame these voices are only mentioned in "Favourite Disney Princes" lists, instead of having a whole Artikel devoted to them. So I made one! I'm not really good at judging singers, so sorry if it's a bit botched. Anyhow, enjoy!

9. Adam

I don't really find his voice to my liking. It sounds pretty strange, a rough texture with...
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Let me get this straight; I like all of these couples, and I think they are matched perfectly for one another, so if a couple Du like is in a low spot on the Liste doesn't mean they should not be together. Creating this Liste was definitely very hard, and some if these positions are still very debatable in my mind. I based this Liste based off the concept, the development, realistic aspects, etc.

10. Aschenputtel and Prince Charming
This couple is my least favourite princess couple for a few reasons. Even though in the song "So This Is Love", it shows the two conversing with one another when they...
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Let me start off Von saying that there is no Disney Princess I truly dislike. I think it’s simply impossible for me to dislike anything Disney. In a way that made this Liste especially hard to do because I felt bad each time I placed a Princess on the list. I Liebe them all, with perhaps the exception of the last lady on my list, and even her I don’t completely dislike. She’s last simply because she’s the only one who managed to get me irritated at some point, something which no other princess has managed. I couldn’t find it in my herz to be irritated at any of them. But Mehr on that...
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posted by ajotma
So, for those who don't know me, I am ajotma.

My real name is Alaina and I am from PA in the United States of America.

I'm 15 years old.


My Favorit film: The Princess and the Frog. I know that some people hate it, but I Liebe it to no end. It has beautiful Animation and I like the characters and the songs, even if YOU don't. Sekunde choice is Mulan.

My Favorit princess: Tiana. I Liebe Tiana. She is a good role model and has a great personality. I like her, and I KNOW my opinion is unpopular. So what. Mulan is a close second.

My Favorit villain: Doctor Facilier is the bomb. I Liebe the song...
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This isn't the official Countdown of Favorit songs, merely our collective Favorit songs from each movie. There weren't many surprises in store, however, Fanpop has proved two things: 1) we Liebe emotional ballads sung Von the princess, and 2) We have impeccably good taste. :)

1) The popularity of this film proves that deep down, most of us Fans are the romantic types. In this opening song, the sweet, romantic, charming tone for the film is set, and we get to hear Snow White admit that what she longs for most in the world is true love. Fortunately for Snowy, he happens to be just outside...
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 (what I was doing while Schreiben this article) XD
(what I was doing while writing this article) XD
Hi everybody!!! This is my first Artikel in a long time, and I don't think I'm all that good at Schreiben articles, so i'll do my best. =)

So just in case Du missed it, this is an Artikel about all my Friends and buds on the DP spot. This Artikel is basically just a thank-you to everyone who ever put up with me. (lol) and maybe some of Du may not even know it, but you're my bud. I hope Du feel the same about me. =)

WARNING: kind of a long article.


Fullmoonfever: sweet, funny, a good friend. That's all I can really say... just a nice person.

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posted by DreamyGal
 "Forcing your child to be a slave while your other two are being waited on hand and foot? Talk about bad parenting."-firegirl1515
"Forcing your child to be a slave while your other two are being waited on hand and foot? Talk about bad parenting."-firegirl1515
9. Lady Tremaine
I came close to leaving her out of this countdown, but she was after all Cinderella’s Stepmother. When Aschenputtel was just a little girl, her Father married Lady Tremaine, who had two daughters of her own, Anastasia and Drizella. After the unfortunate death of Cinderella’s Father, Lady Tremaine’s true Farben were finally revealed. She was dreadfully mean-spirited and hated sweet little Cinderella. She forced Aschenputtel to be a servant in her own house and even made her live in the attic. Never once does she Zeigen Liebe oder kindness towards Cinderella. She even tries to ruin...
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Hey everyone! 2011 is almost over, so I wanted to do a year-end wrapup of my major favorites: Princess, Prince, Couple, and Movie. So enjoy!

10) Aurora. I know that a lot of people Liebe her and a lot of people hate her, and while I definitely don't hate her, I think she's pretty dull. A lot of people like her because she's innocent and romantic and dreamy, but these aren't really qualities I value in a person, much less a cartoon. I think that these aren't really personality traits so much as a lack of personality at all, but that's purely my opinion. However, Aurora does oben, nach oben two of my...
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11. Merida: Kelly Macdonald
I can't see many similarities between the two, but to be fair she was animated Von Pixar and not Disney. They both seem like strong independent women though :). And I found a picture where they have similar hair!

12. Anna: Kristen Bell
I can see similarities in face shape. Also their eyes are both curvy. I have to admit that Kristen looks Mehr like the original concept to the actual one. I Believe it was changed possibly to the complaints of Fans that she looked too much like Rapunzel.

13. Elsa: Idina Menzel
They both have the same cheekbones,...
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 With love, BelleAmie :) <3 x
With love, BelleAmie :) <3 x
Here's my countdown of my Favorit princesses!

My decisions aren't set in stone- they change every other week! So, this isn't permanent- except for the lucky princess who stahl, stola first place! ;)

 "I like that Tiana brings in variation to the line up."
"I like that Tiana brings in variation to the line up."

10. Tiana
I like that Tiana brings in variation to the line up. I Liebe her- she has a strong determination, she's smart and she does have a little humour in her. Her loyalty to her father is so sweet, she never gives up on her father's dream :') The movie just goes downhill for me when she turns into a frog, it goes downhill- she loses...
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posted by gigglingjasmine
Firstly this is my first Artikel in this account, I haven't been to Fanpop for a long time and I forgot the Passwort in my other account, so anyway, nice to meet you, can't wait to feel the spirit of this Fanpop family again. I had a very good idea about a future Disney princess, please tell me If Du like it!

I think Disney should make a princess that would be a mother, with a little child. She does not have to be a young princess oder a teenage one. I'd really like to see a princess in her 30's and stuff, I really want to see that age does not matter when Du are a princess. I want her to be...
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posted by rapunzelsgold_
I've made lists recently and in the past, but now, I'm cracking down and finally sorting these things out. Here, there will be multiple lists (without description), and if you'd like me to go in depth with any of them, just feel free to nudge me in the comments. Happy reading!

My Disney Princess Liste (=^・ω・^)y=

1 = Aschenputtel
2 = Aurora
3 = Rapunzel
4 = Elsa
5 = Anna
6 = Merida
7 = Ariel
8 = Mulan
9 = Pocahontas
10 = Snow White
11 = Belle
12 = Tiana
13 = Jasmine

My Disney Princess movie's Liste 。◕‿◕。

1 = Rapunzel – Neu verföhnt
2 = Aschenputtel (I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't find this movie boring,...
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posted by sweetie-94
 Today I'll focus on why I Liebe Mulan
Today I'll focus on why I love Mulan
Today it's 11 days until my birthday and today I'll focus on my 11th Favorit DP Mulan and why I Liebe her
Previous Artikel in the series:

Mulan is one of my least Favorit Disney Princesses, but I still Liebe her

I Liebe how clumsy and awkward she is in the beginning of the movie, honestly I would Liebe her Mehr if she was like for the whole movie, but I do Liebe her development in the movie from being clumsy and awkward into being a hero

I also Liebe how she cares for her family, she wants to make them proud which leads me to something else that I Liebe about her, her selflessness, she takes...
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posted by sweetie-94
 Starting the countdown to my birthday with my least Favorit princess Tiana
Starting the countdown to my birthday with my least favorite princess Tiana
Today it's 13 days left until I turn 20 and there are 13 Disney Princesses so to make it less boring to wait I decided to do a countdown with a help of the Disney Princesses, each Tag I'll make an Icon and a collage of one of the princesses and write a "Why I Love" Artikel of that princess, it'll be in order from my least Favorit princess to my Favorit princess and on my birthday I'll do a Getting To Know Artikel with a picture of me and you'll decide if I look younger oder older than 20 oder if I look like 20

Anyway, even though Tiana is my least Favorit Disney Princess I still Liebe her

I love...
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