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posted by disneyfan500
I found this Artikel on Ezine Artikel and I thought it was really interesting.

Trying to decide what the best all time Disney movie is not an easy task to do, but trying to determine what the oben, nach oben five Disney princess Filme are is even harder. One of the best things about the Disney princess Filme are how much they have influenced kids of all ages. Little girls enjoy princess dress up clothes even Mehr so because of the Disney princesses. Putting on that Aschenputtel costume oder even a Snow White dress allows them to dream that someday they will find a prince.

Princess dress up clothes even encourages...
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Silence spread through the court when the judge banged the gavel with his hammer. "Order! Order in the court!" and everybody shut their mouths.
"You may proceed," he sagte to Gaston.
The witnesses were sitting at a very long tabelle along with their lawyers.
Gaston smiled wickedly. "Your honor, I am not a liar, but I only did this in the Suchen of true love..."
"Objection!" Aschenputtel and Charming's lawyer cried. She stepped up in a navy blue suit. "Your honor, my client and so have the rest of the witnesses have claimed that Gaston had," she counted with her fingers, "kidnapped the princes, including...
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Okay so me and Aurora are walking through the woods trying to get as far away from the cottage as possible. We came Von the baum where Aurora goes Von to look at the kingdom.

"How about we go to the kingdom" asked Aurora

"No that's a bad idea" I said

"Why" asked Aurora

"It's complicated" I said

"But I've always wanted to go there" sagte Aurora

"You have" I asked

"Yes I've been looking at the kingdom ever since I was eight wanting to go" sagte Aurora

"You will go tonight" I said

"Why not now" asked Aurora

"Just wait until tonight when she sun goes down blondie" I said

"But....." started Aurora

"Trust me" I...
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Chapter 3:

A boy stumbled and fell in the darkness. His strength was leaving him quicker than he'd expected. He knew his life was ending, but for a long time has not felt his purpose completed; he knew he had something to complete before his death...but what?
Still on the ground with his goggles tight over his eyes, he surveyed the area, having heard something. His goggles' magic was wearing out as well; they were supposed to illuminate his way through the darkness of the Oblivion, but their light was fading with his draining lifeforce.
After he got himself up and dusted off, he slowly made...
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 Du gotta KISS de girl...
You gotta kiss de girl...
Previous part: link

The sun rose again and Esmeralda was already up and dressed. She’d been thinking. She’d thought all through the poker game and Lost two of her cushions, then she’d thought all through the night until she fell asleep. As soon as she awoke, she thought Mehr and she’d eventually thought of a plan that required no help from Eric whatsoever. She rushed to wake up the other heroines but found Carlotta already doing the job for her. Jane was already dressed and it wasn’t long before they were all out in the hall wearing simple dresses in pastel colours and hideous bows....
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That's all Ariana saw when she had slipped under the water. But now, all she could see was blue.

She opened her eyes wider.

What kind of blue was this? She could see a haze of other colors, green and purple and reds at the sides of her vision, but all she was focused on now was the blue. It rippled and waved in front of her, never staying in motion for one second. What kind of blue was this?

She exhaled, and her eyes popped open wide when a haze of bubbles shot out of her mouth. She sat up wildly. Her hair shot up around her, but about 2 Sekunden too late. And it took forever to settle down....
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posted by madisonsavanna
Luna woke up on the morning of her 13th birthday, Maria (the maid) walked in with Luna’s Favorit breakfast; eggs, sausage patties, and fruit.
“Oh my goodness, my favorite! Thank Du Maria, so much!” she said
“You’re very welcome, my darling. Happy birthday!” Maria sagte smiling.

Luna ate her delicious breakfast, and then she rushed downstairs to see her parents. The room was beautifully decorated, Blumen everywhere (Mostly lilies; Luna’s Favorit flower,) and there was a big cake on the table. King Phillip and Queen Aurora were standing in the middle of the room with the rest...
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18.) Drizella Tremaine
 "I'v never been a Fan of Drizella at all"-VGfan30
"I'v never been a Fan of Drizella at all"-VGfan30
"She's a dumb bitch"-kenzieiscool People don't like her becuase she is mean to poor Aschenputtel and has no redeeming qualities. She is slightly prettier then her sister in my mind however.

17.) Carlotta
 "I don't like her at all"-sweetie-94
"I don't like her at all"-sweetie-94
"Carlotta is okay, her voice just irritates me"-DreamyGal, "She seems to act weird towards Ariel"-percyandpotter.

16.) Anastasia Tremaine
 "Anastasia? I really like her, she is funny."-tiffany88
"Anastasia? I really like her, she is funny."-tiffany88
"I don't like her"-sweetie94, "ugly and so on"-skypirate....
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Congratulations to May's Fan of the month, the lovely DreamyGal! Well, I'm assuming she's lovely, I've never actually seen her and for all I know she could look like Quasimodo and Drizella Tremaine's Liebe child...anyway, let's get the inside scoop on this month's winner, shall we?

What do Du Liebe most about the princesses?
DreamyGal: They make me feel like a little girl again. I was obssessed with them as a kid! I used to dress up and pretend I was one of them (mainly Aschenputtel oder Belle)...so when I see them it takes me back to that place.
Which princess quality do Du wish Du personally...
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posted by madisonsavanna
Here's the link:link
I got Wendy :)Pretty well done quiz

Du are Wendy. Wendy is a girl who talks Mehr than she breathes. However, there's always a treasure somewhere between what her cousin did last Jahr and who her Favorit actor is. She is the girl Du can ask to take out the trash, and she would talk your ear off for an hour. However, Wendy is a caring girl who will one Tag be an ideal mother. Her passion for storytelling keeps her younger Friends captivated until "The End" and she knows it. She doesn't flaunt her talent, though. She is a humble girl with morals. Du may have trouble getting a boy friend simply due to your talkative nature, but stop trying and someone will catch Du in their net. Your marriage will be one of class, and even though Du probably have never thought about doing anything against the rules, Du are not against the idea if it strokes your desire for adventure.
posted by percyandpotter
Lots of Du sagte it's hard to hear what Genie is saying in this song, so...here it is!

Well Ali Baba had them forty thieves
Scheherazade had a thousand tales
But master your in luck 'cause up your sleeves
You got a brand of magic never fails
You got some power in your corner now
Some heavy ammunition in your camp
You got some punch, pizzazz, yahoo and how
See all Du gotta do is rub that lamp
And I'll say

Mister Aladdin, sir
What will your pleasure be?
Let me take your order
Jot it down
You ain't never had a friend like me
No no no

Life is your restaurant
And I'm your maitre d'
C'mon whisper what it is Du want...
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9.Pocahontas, I thought she would at least make it a little higher due to her playfulness and curiosity, but I guess, people say she's too mature and serious.

8.Mulan, I do wonder why she made it this low as well, she's so clumsy and cute at times, but people say she's Mehr cool than cute.

7.Jasmine, people just consider her a spoiled brat.

6.Belle, so many people just find her boring and uninteresting.

5.Tiana, she looks cute, but she's far too serious.

4.Aurora, she does have her cute moments, but she's Mehr graceful and angelic Mehr than anything.

3.Cinderella, she is kind and innocent, but she's a bit Mehr mature.

2.Ariel, She's cute but there are times when she is sassy, and rude.

What do I have to say? She, sweet, innocent and bubbly.
Princess erbse ran through the woods, jumping over baum roots, pushing past branches. She couldn't let them murder Conrad. She had grown to care too much about him. Although she was unsure what kind of Liebe she felt for him, she knew that she loved him. And that was all she needed to know. She arrived to a group of Natives who were on a cliff, surrounding two prisoners...John Smith and Conrad. Both were tied up and bound to the ground. Pocahontas threw herself on to John Smith and yelled at her father, the chief, not to go through with the execution. Sekunden later, erbse threw herself onto Conrad....
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I already mentioned that I see the overused formula as one of the reasons the Disney Renaissance eventually ended. But there is one other thing which was both the maker and the downfall of Disney in that era: computer animation.

Back in the days when Walt Disney was still alive, hand drawn Animation was both time consuming and expensive – actually, it was expensive because it was so time consuming. All the animators had to get paid after all. At the same time, there wasn’t really much appreciation for the work done – Filme like Fantasia oder Sleeping Beauty, which were impressive pieces...
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Merida's condition gradually worsened. The cut on her leg was badly festered, she was still unconscious, her breathing was rapidly slowing down, and she spiked a fever. Mulan, Shang, Pocahontas, and John were waiting anxiously outside Kekata's tent. It wasn't long before Chief Powhatan joined them. "How is the girl?" he asked. "Not so good father." Pocahontas answered sadly. "In times like this, we must be strong for her." Powhatan replied. Mulan had tears welling up in her eyes.

"Excuse me for a moment." she said. She went to Powhatan's teepee and began to cry. She couldn't stand the devastation...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
Snow White stood up.

I can't let them give me up for adoption! she thought.

And then, she sat back down.

There is nothing I can do. I'm going to be gegeben up for adoption, no matter what.

She decided to go walk for a minute.

When she was walking, she encountered someone. She could not see what they looked like, for their face was covered.

They accidently ran into Snow White.

"Whoops, sorry!" She said.

Snow White then took a risk she shouldn't have.

"Why are Du wearing that on your head? I know Du can't see through it."

All was quiet for a few seconds, and then the girl ran away crying.

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posted by avatar_tla_fan
My opinions have changed a lot on Anna over time, and I mean. A LOT. I've disliked her, loved her, felt neutral towards her, merely liked her.. All of that stuff. Let's go over some of my opinions.

Well, since I saw the movie.. I didn't like Anna at first. She wasn't the type of character I liked at the time. She irritated me, and well, I couldn't stand irritating characters, obviously. How was I supposed to like her? I used to wonder that, but now I realize I was wrong when it came to that.

When I joined fanpop, I was neutral about her. I still thought she was annoying, but less than I thought...
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Several months Vor I wrote this Fan fiction for the first time, many people seemed to Liebe it, but I stopped Schreiben because it was around the time Frozen was going to be released and after that I just Lost an interest in Schreiben Fan fictions, but after Lesen some of the newer Fan fictions here I decided to rewrite this Fan fiction, differences from the last version? It'll have Anna (Kristen) and Elsa (Idina) in it and the stories will be different from the ones in the last one. I can already now tell Du that some might be dark and when October comes I'll write a special Halloween story...
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(Credit to Diazdiaz95 for the idea.) Ok, so I'm going to be listing my Favorit character from each Disney Princess movie. I will only be including main characters and main antagonists. (Maybe minor antagonists if they serve enough purpose.) anyways, like always, keep in mind this is my opinion, so please respect it. Thanks everyone! Now enjoy the article! :)

I will be separating this Artikel into two parts, because I have to finish the countdown results, so I'll have part two up tomorrow after the countdown results, probably.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White is just one of those...
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I finally decided to update that list, because it has really changed from the last time I wrote it.
But when I started Schreiben it, I was so confused and couldn't rank any of the DPs, I am probably the most indecisive person in Fanpop (see what I mean when I say I can relate to Pocahontas?), so I decided to rank each DP's feauture separately (for example Belle's eyes: 10/10), because it's the only way for me to chose whose the most beautiful.
I just want Du to know that the ranking of each DP's feature is NOT very accurate, it's just a silly way for me to finally figure out my list. The results...
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