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Disney Princesses are often criticized. And while I see some negative points in the franchise, mainly its tendency to reduce the characters to pretty woman in glittery clothes, I also think that those people who rage against the Princesses as if they are the devil incarnates (it’s frankly disturbing), overlook something: They are not just puppets. They are characters in movies, and those Filme are way Mehr feminist than some people give the credit for. At least they should get some credit for being Filme with female protagonists – god knows there are not a lot of them out there. But let’s...
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Ok so I want to be a detective not to step on prussiaducky's webbed feet oder anything I guess I present the evidence ...but shouldn't we contact the The Fanpop people saying this Is an almost regular thing anyway first thing oder the first troll *copy cat accounts* was me it was a Wand post and the troll was 'SoFabulous' Schauspielen familiar with everyone.

Next SoFabulous made a Wand post introducing his/her self

Everyone thought it was me, so naturally they acted suspicious later Prussiaducky stated in her Artikel 'DA ente DECTIVE NAJMA' that she had sent a message to SoFabulous asking if it was me...
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OK, first of all, I haven't seen the film. Unfortunately, due to my somewhat uncontrollable curiosity, I have seen spoilers of the ending and anything in between and as a result of this, I have discovered that Hans is in fact the villain of the movie and at the end, he is punched out Von Anna, he is sent back Home to be punished Von his brothers, and on oben, nach oben of all that, Elsa proclaims that Weselton is no longer welcome in Arandelle.

OK, let me give my 2 cents about this right now......MAKING HANS THE BAD GUY WAS ABSOLUTELY STUPID!!!!! Why did Hans have to be the bad guy?! WHY?! Why couldn't Elsa...
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posted by dclairmont
Well, as Du guys may oder may not know, I've been doing a series of "Why I Love" Artikel for all the princesses, and since I've already done my eight favorites, I decided to try something new instead. For my bottom five Favorit princesses, I decided to make a new series of Artikel talking about what prevents them from being higher. So yeah, this might be a bit controversial, but it's my opinion so if Du don't like it than...cool? Let's go onto the article!

The Positives

I didn't want this Artikel to be all bad, and there really are a lot of positives about Mulan. First of all, she's the...
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I left all nostalgia behind so my Liste changed a lot. I guess it's also because when I first joined Fanpop, I only knew the Princesses on the surface level and I based my opinions on that. I also had to re-watch all the movies, I hope it won't change again for a while. I'm sorry if I offend anyone, but I'd Liebe to argue if Du disagree :) I like all of them so it's hard for me to put some at the bottom. Anyway, here goes.

 If Du had a chance to change your fate, would you?
If Du had a chance to change your fate, would you?
11. Merida
Typical spot for Merida, sorry but someone has come in last. I'm not going to judge Merida for her actions...
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posted by disneyislifeok
There is so much to be sagte about Frozen. Personally, this movie has really struck a chord with me. Watching it was SUCH an emotional experience, and I really connected with several of the characters. But, I will get into all that of that "emotional" stuff...LATER. For now, I will give my honest, critical review of Frozen.

Two sisters, Anna and Elsa, are driven apart Von a dark secret. When a charming prince enters the picture, their relationship is put to the test. Personality conflicts come to a head, and Elsa flees their kingdom. Anna enlists the help of a mountain man, a reindeer,...
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I just wanted to write a Liste but I remembered that I have already write one with the Prettiest Female Heroines in the Childhood Animated Movie Heroines club (the link is at the comments). I didn't want to write the same things about the same princesses, so I'll mention only the princesses that I don't think they are so beautiful. Let's begin.

Placement in my Prettiest Disney Princess List: 13th

Sorry Anna! I just don't find her so pretty. I don't like her nose and her lips are too thin. I like her eyes, their color is amazing, but sometimes they look kinda odd, like they're too close...
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posted by dclairmont
So I've already made an Artikel talking about why I Liebe Elsa, Tiana, Snow White, Aurora, and Pocahontas, and thought why not make one for Anna next? I did a Umfrage asking which Artikel you'd most want to see from me next, and Anna won. Don't worry if I haven't made one for your Favorit yet though, because I do plan on making one for every princess, since I do Liebe them all. My bottom three might be a bit tough to write about though, but I'll try my best! Anyway, I'm rambling, let's get started!

In many ways, Anna has been overshadowed Von her sister with the release of Frozen, and while...
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Even if I made plenty of articles, I never did this particular one that a lot of people have made already. The reason is because I know people are going to disagree with me A LOT and I just find it hard to choose the prettiest :) Anyway, BIG THANK Du TO MALLOMAR for finding the profiles of all the Princesses (excluding Merida's, Pocahontas', Rapunzel's and Tiana's). Also, Rapunzel's close-up is her's.

11. Merida
I Liebe her hair and her eyes are pretty but the rest of her isn't to my taste. There are scenes when she just looks bad to put it bluntly and her face shape is so weird. I will stop...
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 "I’d expect something better from a child of mine!"
"I’d expect something better from a child of mine!"
Um, so this'll be my Sekunde ever fanfiction, it'll be mainly Tangled/Frozen/Brave with some other characters thrown in. Be sure not to expect anything to terribly good, I'm not really a good writer. But I write anyway because I like inflicting suffering in the form of making Du guys read this drivel.

Chapter One: Severe Disadvantage

She was at a severe disadvantage.

Her pale blond hair, now matted and haven fallen out of it’s usual neat braid, flew behind her as she ran through the woods, stepping on thorns with her bare feet. Her prisoners outfit seemed to be made to constrict movement, a...
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It is almost midnight, so I am going to apologize in advance for the weirdness and randomness that could possibly happen. This Artikel has Anna and Elsa in it, hence there might be spoilers. Let's get started. ^-^

13. Snow White
Previously 12

I want to like Snow as much as I do some of the others, but sometimes the super perky people, also known as Snow White, needs to calm her happy go lucky self dowwwn. I enjoy watching her somedays when I am sad, but otherwise she gets on my nerves.

12. Cinderella
Previously 10

I hate to see Cindy slip yet again on my list. I Liebe watching her. In fact,...
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posted by uploaded900

Favorite Princess: Belle of course! She's intellegent, beautiful, nice, and generous. I don't find her boring oder plain at all.
Runner ups:
2) Mulan
3) Pocahontas
4) Cinderella
5) Snow White

Favorite DP Movie: Beauty and the Beast. Watching it would make my Tag and the plot is really interesting. Not to mention it has GORGEOUS animation!
Runner ups:
2) Mulan
3) Brave
4) The Little Mermaid
5) Aladdin

My Favorit princes are Flynn and Eric. My hottest is Naveen although Eric and Flynn are in my oben, nach oben 3 hottest princes too :)

Favorite Disney non DP movies: The Lion King, Tarzan, Lilo and Stitch
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posted by Straggy
 These bitches better watch out, because srsly, we're gonna steal their men.
These bitches better watch out, because srsly, we're gonna steal their men.
It's been a long time since I wrote an article, but I guess we could say "I'm back".
In honour of Princes month, I decided to write an Artikel on the hottest pieces of ass- I mean, the hottest princes. >.>
This'll probably be fun to read because I'm trying to eat and type at the same time whilst there are a gazillion fireworks going off outside (Google Bonfire Night. :/) which is all helped Von me literally making this Liste up as I go.
SO, yeah, same as always, I'll swear as much as I fucking want, let's go look at those fine men. ;D

9) The Beast
 Turn back. Not because we have beastiality, but because you're ugly.
Turn back. Not because we have beastiality,...
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 Which one will rise to the oben, nach oben this time?
Which one will rise to the top this time?
Here are the long-awaited results of my trailer countdown. I was on holiday, went to Disneyland Paris, couldn't be bothered to make it. Du know how shit happens. Should I put the swearing warning here now oder leave it until later? Actually, who cares?

Ah, yes. Movie trailers. Everyone sits at Home oder in the cinema and sees a trailer. It's that little piece of enticing footage that makes Du go "MUST SEE THAT FILM! MOTHER, BOOK THE CINEMA TICKETS! BOOK THEM NOW!". And as my mum always says, they put the best bits in the trailer so if the trailer sucks then the film does too. oder maybe that's just...
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posted by PrincessAyeka12
 Cinderella's Playlist
Cinderella's Playlist
Zurück Playlists:
Snow White: link

I like making playlists on my ipod for all of my favourite characters from all kinds of media. Sometimes the songs don't fit the characters and are just there to capture the symbolism from objects, Tiere oder magic used in the film. I've made a playlist for a few of the Princesses and it's time I shared them with you. I'll add lyrics that I think relates to them the most.

Symbolism: Attic, Miracles, Sparkles, Dancing, Glass Slippers, alternate universe - shattered dreams

The Attic from A Little Princess Von Patrick Doyle

- We don't know when Aschenputtel became...
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[i]- The Filme are definitely better than the ones from that Chicken-Little era. And they are making money in the theaters after a long period of box-office failure, just like with the Renaissance.

- I guess so. Revival is a good term for it I think.

- I personally believe it started after Bolt because every film that just came out has been amazing. They all have the Disney Feeling oder the Walt Disney Feel to it. The Princess and the Frog was amazing but lame reasons didn't make a lot of money. Rapunzel – Neu verföhnt really pulled it through and was also great. Wreak it Ralph and Frozen were also great. But...
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posted by sweetie-94
Here's my Liste on the smartest DP in my opinion, I'm not going to put pictures on here because I want to explain quickly why they are placed as they are, oh well here we go. I think all of the princesses are smart in their own kind of way, but some are just less smart than others. Please leave a Kommentar (hint: My number 1 isn't a big surprise)!

10. Aurora
The main reason to why she's last is because she isn't featured very long in her movie so she didn't have time to Zeigen any smart skills. She could've been higher if she hadn't met the stranger in the forest and told the Elfen about that, but...
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Snow White pressed her face to the cool window. For the past two hours, she had been crying over the loss of her older sister. Ariel had quit on her, for Snow just kept on crying. She thought it was her fault that Belle didn't get much attention.
"Don't worry, Snow, Belle will come back," Eric had assured her earlier.
"Well, she better!" Adam had barked. He wasn't taking his wife's departure too well.
Snow White cried some more. "I ruined it for everybody," she whined.
She realized that the person she needed most was not her brother.
But her husband.
She hated herself for fighting with...
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Belle crashed against an orange wall. Her face was pressed against its sticky contents.
"Ew, what is this?" she shrieked.
Aschenputtel looked out the window. "Oh, no!"
Belle peered behind her. It looked like they were in a kürbis garden, just outside of a dark manor. A horse was grazing on a patch of grass, when green vines reached out and grabbed it.
"Oh. My. GOD." Belle felt like hyperventilating. "We're in a PUMPKIN?!!!" She was heaved aside when the kürbis started moving.
Aschenputtel looked at her with frantic eyes. "We have to stop this thing!"
"Right away, Cinderelly!" saluted Jaq. He...
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Hella: But I didnt send any fairy to help me.

Fairy godmother: I know dearie, were like Santa Claus, we always watch your every move. The only difference is that we go to that location to help with whatever.
Jackal: See? I told ya Santa was real!

Hella: Why didnt Du come to help me before-

Fairy godmother: (Sounded annoyed)For crist sake, sometimes theres things that we can do and what we cannot do. Like bring someone back from the dead!

Peggy: So, Du know about that royal ball then?

Fairy godmother: Sure do, and I'm gona take Du there wit just a snap of this wand.

Bobby: Wouldnt it break?

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