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I'm just going to write a factual Artikel detailing the jobs I have to do in Fantasyland.

There are 9 Attractions in Fantasyland- 2 are just new, from last week, during the phase one opening of New Fantasyland. (Dumbo & The Barnstormer: not new rides, but in a new location.)

I operate link, which is a 3D movie, and link.

I'll discuss Philharmagic first.

Philharmagic Stand Von Greeter
All I do here is check people's fastpasses and send them through either the regular line oder the fastpass line, as well as direct wheelchairs and people with guest assistance cards.
This position is fine during...
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posted by sweetie-94
This is an Artikel about my Favorit DP eyes, I'm going to tell Du this now, but I know that many of Du are going to disagree on my number 1, but other than that, have a wonderful Lesen time and don't forget to comment!

10. Mulan

It's no surprise that she is number 10, don't get me wrong her eyes are okay, but the shape is weird and there is no color in them (I know that this is what Chinese eyes are supposed to be like, but I'm not a Fan of Chinese eyes).

9. Pocahontas

She is higher than Mulan because her eyes have a better shape and there is some color in them, but the eyes are...
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posted by cromulanfav
So, this is probably the last thing I'm going to do for Mulan Monat : A review, oder ,in another words, my praise to Mulan.

Here are some Zufällig thing I noticed while I was watching the movie for the 7th time this month.

 I'm bad-ass
I'm bad-ass
The movie starts with the Merida - Legende der Highlands Chinese soldier. He lights the fire, which is for some reason, very risky. Many people complain how in this movie, Chinese nation is obsessed with honor, pride and things like that, but I don't see nothing wrong about. It's a positive thing, they are portrayed nicely, better than being portrayed as violent, ignorant and with no...
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this is an Artikel to Zeigen which Disney princess represents each Olympic values such as
Rapunzel is a great example for determination
sadly theres only 7 values so only 7 Disney princesses will be chosen
BTW this is my opinion
I hope Du enjoy Lesen this article

first up    

Being Courageous is standing up for Du believe in and being Merida - Legende der Highlands at difficult times and in my opinion princess jasmin is a perfect example for courage as she stands up for herself and what she believes in. jasmin try’s her best to remain calm and Merida - Legende der Highlands when her father objects to what she says...
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One of the reasons to why I Liebe most of the Disney Princesses is because I can relate to them so I decided to make a Liste of that, hope you'll like this article

11. Merida

She's the only Disney Princess that I can't relate to AT ALL, the closest would be that we both enjoy being outside and long for freedom and the relationships between our mothers is sort of similar in the beginning, but after Elinor became a bär she and Merida's relationship became so different from me and my mother's. But other than that we're each other's total opposites, Merida wants to break traditions, I sometimes...
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posted by hajirah4
 The Short Song
The Short Song
10. Someday My Prince Will Come

I Liebe this song I really do!!!....but....just like everyone it sounds too high pitched and when I first heard it I thought she was unhappy, because it seemed as if she was avoiding her tears while singing. Snow White's voice is adorable really but too high pitched and it doesn't suit her at all except for the lyrics and gender, unlike Justin Bieber.
 See the difference?
See the difference?

However I don't see what's so annoying about her voice anymore.

However it's a nice song. Since Snow White always wanted a prince, tada! Here's a song about it!!! Also I felt it was a little...
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posted by dimitri_
This was Dreamygal's idea of an article, enjoy!

Snow White
I used to have Snow White low on my Liste because I had a hard time connecting with her. I thought she was too cheerful, old-fashioned, unrealistic and not a very well developed character. Her character definitely isn't all that layered, but I started liking her simplicity. I Liebe how she is like a bossy mother to the Dwarfs and how she always makes the best out of a bad situation. I also think she's funnier than gegeben credit for.

Favorite Outfit: Princess Dress with a cape- It looks complete with the cape.
Favorite Physical Feature...
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So in this rant i'll be defending all the Disney Princesses on how "perfectly perfect moms" say bad things about Disney Princesses.

Also Disney in general Von the way...and i'm telling Du there's full Auszeichnungen when i'm angry so if Du hate them then don't read this article.

P.S This is Artikel contains defending of reasons why Disney is not sexual, bad, racist, stereotypical, and/or anything unpositive, so if Du are not comfortable with stupidity please do not read this.

Warning... this Artikel contains extreme stupidity from people. Du have been warned......
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My Weiter Interview is with the Characters from Disney’s Pocahontas. Pocahontas requested the interview be held at Grandmother Willows baum (something about her being able to make everyone understand each other) and I consented, as long as the critters leave us alone. Kocoums spirit is also going to Mitmachen us for a moment, but John Rolfe is busy in London and could not come. Radcliffe was also banned from this interview. John Smith is coming with his friend Thomas and Pocahontas is bringing Nakoma. I am hoping for another calm interview, but we shall see.

(When I arrive Pocahontas and Nakoma...
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posted by SarahCorine
All these cool Artikel on here and I haven’t written one, so I just had to. I noticed that no one wrote an Artikel about Liebe stories and let’s face it, that’s one of the reasons why we Liebe them. Because of their amazing Liebe stories that we ourselves could never get unless we go to war, lose a shoe, trade our voices, play dead, oder become a prisoner. Keep Lesen to see who made it to the #1 spot and check out the added bonus at the end. (Princess and the Frog not included)

Coming in dead last was Mulan’s Liebe story. Personally it’s not my least favorite,...
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Again, I'm not an expert on this but I'm trying my best to analyze each princess from a feminist standpoint. Trying to figure out which princess is the most feminist, taking into account their actions, their stories, their portrayals and their accomplishments. Well, now it's time for part two, with the middle three and this one might cause quite a bit of disagreements since this part has very polarizing princesses. And be sure to critique because this is the part I'm the least sure about.

6-7. Ariel
She's tied with Rapunzel. I have a hard time deciding. There's no denying Ariel's a groundbreaking...
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Yesterday, I posed a Frage to myself: if all the princesses had special powers like Elsa and Rapunzel, what would they be? I thought the answer would make an interesting article. Thanks to Silverrose1991 and zikkiforever for their suggestions.

Snow White - Talking to Tiere

Snow White can be observed communicating with Tiere plenty of times in her movie so Du can't deny that she could have 'talking to animals' as her power. The only thing debatable here is whether oder not Du consider that a power. But hey: If Aquaman talking to fisch is a power, so is Snow White talking to animals.

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posted by Renegade1765
 I guess Elsa is now the mother of Olaf,Marshamllow and the Snowgies.
I guess Elsa is now the mother of Olaf,Marshamllow and the Snowgies.
I'm not actually analyzing the full short,just the beginning.
Ever since Frozen Fever came out I wanted to do this analysis but I didn't have time,but now I can so let's do this.And what better choice for my analysis on this short than the first thing that happens when it begins.
When Frozen Fever begins,the very first thing we see is Elsa changing and deciding on the ice topping figures for the cake.She changes them three times before she decides on the perfect one.When I first saw the short,I quickly recognized the posses of each figure from moments in the movie oder from printed media and...
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 Who really is the best?
Who really is the best?
Here is my first article! I'm sorry if there are any spelling and grammar mistakes, english isn't my first language, but I'm very good at it. This is all in my opinion. I decided to combine these two because I wanted to try something new.

Prettiest: Pocahontas
I have never found her pretty! The only thing that I like about her is her body, it's realistic and athletic, but I don't like her face at all. Her hair looks like paper, her mouth looks like the mouth of a fish, her eyes are too small. If they made her looking like the other princesses she would be higher.

Favorite: Pocahontas
I love...
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posted by Swanpride
This time around, Mulan is not listed - although the movie insgesamt is very down to earth, there is a little bit magic, mainly Mushu's transformation from stone into flesh. But those sequences are too short to be considered here.

9. Princess and the Frog: There is a lot of magic going on in Princess and the Frog – but since the magic of Facilier belongs into the category villain song, only the transformations at the very end (Ray to star, sterne and Tiana and Naveen into humans) will be taken into account here. And it’s at the bottom of the Liste for a simple reason: They are not memorable....
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An argument that I often hear against Aurora is that she doesn't have many flaws oder that they aren't shown very prominently. I've been thinking about it for a while, and decided to compile this Liste together of Aurora's flaws. I hope Du all enjoy, and as Du know this is in no way to bash Aurora, she's my favorite, it's to Zeigen that she's Mehr dimensional and flawed than some think.

Aurora Is A Pessimist

The first flaw of Aurora is her pessimism. Think about it, when getting the news that she was a princess, instead of jumping for joy like an optimist would do, she cries about it. Instead...
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posted by MissCassecou
Bonjour! In my last Artikel I defended both Aschenputtel and Snow White. Now I'm going to defend Aurora and Ariel.

Aurora -

Most people either have a Liebe oder hate relationship with Aurora. I Liebe her, but she's not my favourite. Everyone complains that she has an underdeveloped personality and she does nothing, but most of all, people are frustrated about the fact that her eyes change colour.
In contrast, I don't believe she has an underdeveloped personality at all. Out of all the Disney Princesses, she has the least screen-time, (I think it was eighteen Minuten oder something) and I think Disney...
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So I've been doing a Umfrage on this for the last couple weeks oder so, and here are the results. Thanks to everyone who participated in the Umfrage and for the people who gave me their impressions in the Antwort section! This countdown did not include Anna oder Elsa.

11. Ariel

I was actually surprised to see that Ariel got eliminated first, but I can see why. People sagte that that she seems like an irresponsible, careless girl who misses her father's recital. Others sagte that while she seemed a bit irresponsible, she seemed fun and adventurous.

"What we see of her is an irresponsible, careless girl...
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when I watched Aschenputtel 3 (a twist in time), alot of reasons made me dislike the movie.... one of them that Disney all forgot about the first movie (which is one of my favorites).

First in the beginning of the movie u can see that the ugly step sisters are SINGING, and their Singen was NOT bad.

And as we all remember from the first movie, their Singen was awful (when the sang sing sweet nightingale).
Besides the two ugly step sisters should be evil and selfish, why did anastcia become a good one and left the prince for Aschenputtel when she had the chance to marry him??!!

The way cinderella...
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In order as they voted on fanpop:
 Simple and comfy
Simple and comfy

9.Pocahontas: The main flaw of this ocher dress is that it is very simple. Well it has to be since she lives in nature, runs all the time and jump into the river. Perhaps Pocahontas doesn’t have huge, amazing gown, but she have nice and comfy dress and she sure had better time in it then some other princesses in their dresses.
 rosa and puffy
Pink and puffy

8.Ariel: I mean, what were they thinking?! Red hair and rosa dress. No, no, no! Were those who draw her dress lazy, oder was the royal wardrobe empty, I don’t know. However, the dress clashes...
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