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Dear Snow White,

Its only been a Tag oder two of lonelyness. One Mehr Tag and I get to hold Du tight in my arms again. I miss Du so much that I feel like I am dying in a way. Its the same as taking the air from the skies. I really can't do without it very long. I'm so used to it that Friday night, I caught myself getting ready to come pick Du up and than I remembered. It hit me like a ton of bricks too. I finished putting on the hemd, shirt I was going to hose down with axe cologne because I know Du like it so much and then I flopped down on my bett like I'd just been shot and remembered. When I drive, I put my hand in your sitz and imagine that your there to hold it like Du do. When I see a slug bug, I hit your sitz imagineing that your there to flirt with. Sometimes when I turn a corner I catch myself going off the road because one arm is occupied being around your shoulders (the head rest), and and my wheels go straight when I take my hand off the steering wheel to shift. Maybe I'm selfish but I want Du back here with me. Du spoil me so much with your kisses that its an addiction. And this, I know has got to be worse than trying to quit smoking. Sorry I am being such a drag in the note. Anyway, the last note Du wrote me really struck home. The way Du talked about decorating our house and mentioned getting married made the sun brighter. I could never ask for Mehr than your herz in marriage. I'm so excited to get married and I almost the same excited for Du to get back from Disneyland. I'll be missing you.

Liebe Prince
Ever since information about Giants came out, people have been looking up information about all the characters, including Angelina. Many people on the Disney Princess wikia have been saying that she may become an Official DP in 2017, after Giants comes out in 2016. Well I hope this information is true.

I know it is way to early to see if she will become a DP oder not, and yes I know Anna and Elsa aren't even inducted yet, but I still gave this topic some thought.

Based on the information we know about Giants and Angelina, the movie is sagte to take place in Italy. Angelina will probably be...
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Now on to Part two of how the Disney Princess Stories got their start. I hope Du will enjoy this informative Artikel as much as the last one.


If Disney had not changed up this tale then jasmin would not have had such a big role, so I am glad they put a different twist on it. Oddly enough it was a French man who added the Middle Eastern folk tale to the Arabic book The Book of One Thousand and One Nights. Antoine Galland translated the book and published his work between 1704 and 1717. Well Disney kept Aladdin’s name and the fact there was a genie, evil sorcery, and a Princess,...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
Sadly, Spring Break has once again come and gone. If Du asked me, they should expand it to at least two weeks...I'm just saying. Normally, I stay at Home and just relax. But this year, I was pretty busy! I took my cousin Jade to Magic Kingdom last week! She is 13 now, but hasn't been to Disney World since she was 4, and she didn't remember much. I was so excited for her and looking vorwärts-, nach vorn to her experiencing everything the park has to offer. Even though there were about 1.3 million people there, ridiculously long lines (110 Minute waits for Space, Splah and Thunder Mountains!), and high prices...
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 Please don't leave me.......I Liebe Du
Please don't leave me.......I love you
My Favourite Princess Line Up

As much as I Liebe the Disney Princess I decided to do an Artikel on the ones I like. Please enjoy and rate my article. Thanks guys.

6. Snow White

Snow White was the first Disney princess to have her feature length movie Von Walt Disney way back in 1939. What I like about Snow White is her kind herz and her sweetness. My only downside to Snow White is that she can be a huge pain to try and listen to as she has this sweet sickly personality that will make Du either like her oder loathe her.

And we will live happily ever after.

5. Pocahontas

A native princess who falls...
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"Okay what just happened" asked Belle. "oh nothing just an evil witch who has our princes in her evil schloss and we are stranded in a world of darkness all of our worlds have been taken over Von her and she joined forces with all the villians and the evil witch will try to take all the magic of the world and oh yes THE MERMAID" awnsered Jasmine. "Okay now lets calm down and find out what we are gonna do because we are are not gonna get nothing done Von just complaining" sagte Tiana. "Yeah we need to find a way out a plan now" sagte Ariel. "Okay I have a plan" sagte both Snow White and Aurora. They...
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