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Dear Snow White,

Its only been a Tag oder two of lonelyness. One Mehr Tag and I get to hold Du tight in my arms again. I miss Du so much that I feel like I am dying in a way. Its the same as taking the air from the skies. I really can't do without it very long. I'm so used to it that Friday night, I caught myself getting ready to come pick Du up and than I remembered. It hit me like a ton of bricks too. I finished putting on the hemd, shirt I was going to hose down with axe cologne because I know Du like it so much and then I flopped down on my bett like I'd just been shot and remembered. When I drive, I put my hand in your sitz and imagine that your there to hold it like Du do. When I see a slug bug, I hit your sitz imagineing that your there to flirt with. Sometimes when I turn a corner I catch myself going off the road because one arm is occupied being around your shoulders (the head rest), and and my wheels go straight when I take my hand off the steering wheel to shift. Maybe I'm selfish but I want Du back here with me. Du spoil me so much with your kisses that its an addiction. And this, I know has got to be worse than trying to quit smoking. Sorry I am being such a drag in the note. Anyway, the last note Du wrote me really struck home. The way Du talked about decorating our house and mentioned getting married made the sun brighter. I could never ask for Mehr than your herz in marriage. I'm so excited to get married and I almost the same excited for Du to get back from Disneyland. I'll be missing you.

Liebe Prince
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Okay, so we've literally been working on this collab for Mehr than four months, so all of our lists are super outdated, but Macy made such incredible pictures that we couldn't just give up on this! So yeah, I hope Du enjoy Lesen this and all picture creds go to the incredible MacytheStrange. It was super fun doing this with both Du and Prussia :)

13. Ariel

dclairmont: There are points in the movie I think she can look beautiful, namely during "Part of Your World", but other times, she can look poorly animated and I bit ditzy. Also, I prefer Merida's hair color. Ariel's hair looks Mehr artificial....
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So, I made my "Favorite DP List". I know it's a mess but I'm not good at Schreiben these kind of stuff and my Liste changes quite often. Hope Du won't find it boring.
This are just my opinions and everyone is free to agree oder disagree with them.
BTW I know that the Fotos with the captions sound stupid, but I added them because this Liste without Fotos would be even Mehr boring to you.

13.Snow White
Poor Snow! She made it to the bottom of my list. I'm not being biased. I like her I really do but I like the other princesses more.
I like that she is an optimist, cheerful, and cares about people and...
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Ariel is a fun girl who goes for her dream. She has been my fave from age nine. Though age 3-5 was Cinderella, Ariel just reminds me of, well... me! She has red hair, my hair is almost red, (more of Anastasia's hair from the Anastasia fuchs film) so me and Ariel are almost the same. I would Liebe Liebe Liebe to be her if they were going to make a remake. She has a great way of getting her man without a voice. When she fell her caught her and offered her to stay. She could even get her father to understand. Her floppy bangs are so ADORABLE. She is known to be the only Disney princess (in...
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