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Despite I was against making bunch of "Favorite Princess" articles, I realized that I just can't resist, and I see why people are making them . Voicing opinion for a person is a need, and needs have to be fulfilled.

Now, before we start I will say one phrase that became kind of cliche, but it's true: I Liebe all princesses, and there for, don't be offended if Du find your Favorit at the bottom of the Liste because someone's Favorit has to be the other one's least favorite.

I always appreciate Kommentare and critics, so please, dig on. I would also like to hear which collage Du like the most, or, at least- dislike the least.

Now, I like to be little different than the others, and therefor I'll give points for different things I appreciate about princesses.
For personality and their actions they will gain Mehr points, and for looks, only 1 oder 2, because appearance is not what I appreciate much.

"What Du mean is-not like you."

I really hate that she is the last on my list. I never really liked Pocahnotas, that is- she was never among my favorites, but I'm quite disappointed that Disney portrait her like that. She could be fun, daring, awesome, smart, funny, and easily my Favorit princess, but she isn't anything of that. She doesn't do anything that makes me Liebe her, and that's why she is last.

+daring, nature- loving +2 points

-boring, bit hypocritical, totally lost, undecided, dull, -5 points

-How much can I relate to herI can't really relate to her, she seems like she doesn't know what to do , which is totally opposite of me, she also did and sagte some thing I never would, no points here

-Looks: I never find her pretty, and I probably never will. She is 6th on my list, and middle princesses get +1 point.

-Clothes: I really like her dress, simple and pretty, +1 point here

-Songs: Awesome songs where she says lots of smart stuff and is actually fun. That's the part when I like her- +5 points
-Romance- really hot relationship, together with songs, makes whole movie Mehr interesting- +3points
- Story: I'm not really familiar with whole American native history, and therefor, I never had time to Liebe this story, 0 points
-Importance for my childhood: Haven't seen this movie when I was kid, no points here

Total points; 7

8. Aurora
"Oh, dear. Why do they still treat me like a child?"

She moved from last place. I realized that she does have a personality, and she even amuses me at the moments. The reason why she is higher than Pocahontas is because she had only 18 Minuten to impress me, while Pocahontas had whole damn movie, and Pocahontas kinda failed.

+Graceful, elegant, kind, sweet, romantic +5

-Naive, dull at the moments, cries for no reason -3

-How much can I relate to her Not really, naive and very kind person that trusts almost anyone.

-Looks: She also moved higher on my prettiness list, she is 4th now, +1 point
-Clothes: The hottest peasant dress I ever saw, ball dress is ok- +2 point

-Songs: I like the lyrics, but they don't reveal anything about the princess, plus, I don't find them pleasant to listen- 0 points
-Romance: totally satisfies my standards of good romance +2 points
- Story: I Liebe her story, it was one of my Favoriten when I was younger +3 points
-Importance for my childhood: Haven't watch her movie when I was kid 0points

Total points; 10

"I want adventure in the great wide somewhere. I want it Mehr than I can tell. And for once it might be grand, to have someone understand... I want so much Mehr than they've got planned. "

For long time I lived in delusion that Belle is similar to me, but I never really loved her, and that's when I realized somethings wrong. After rewatching her movie, I was actually shocked that after 1 and half hour, she didn't left any impression on me. It was like I stared at black screen. And than I realize she isn't that much like me. She is a bookworm, but I would never read literature she did, I am kinda weird and outcast, but that's because I'm totally crazy and always voice my opinion, that people aren't very pleased to hear, and she is, well, just weird.

+love for her father, sarcasm (Gaston: Plenty! Here, picture this: A rustic hunting lodge, my latest kill roasting on the fire, and my little wife massaging my feet, while the little ones play on the floor with the dogs. We'll have six oder seven.
Belle: Dogs?
Gaston: No, Belle! Strapping boys, like me!
Belle: Imagine that.), not afraid to be different, kind, doesn't judge people Von look, loves to read ( no matter how much I dislike those books), curiosity +7

- tabula rasa, bore, unsatisfied with what she has, lack of ambition -5

-How much can I relate to her: Well, we both Liebe to read, just different things, and we are kinda outcast, only for different reasons, +2

-Looks: 3rd on my list, wonder is that because she has same face scheme like me (hazel eyes, brown hair, plain) +2 points
-Clothes: I dislike her green dress, blue and rosa are nothing special, yellow is great +1 point

-Songs: aren't special at all to me 0 points
-Romance: ok, but it doesn't trill me +1
- Story: I like her story very much +3 points
-Importance for my childhood: I never appreciated her when I was younger
Total points; 11

"If only I could make him understand. I just don't see things the way he does. I just don't see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad. "

Ariel was always in a race with Belle for the spot on my list. After re-watching her movie, I realized that she entertains me much Mehr that me Belle, and she has Von far Mehr interesting personality.

+fun, entertaining, brave, determined, romantic, adventurous, mermaid + 7

- leaves family for a dude (-2 points here), wrong decisions, naive at some points, reckless -5 points

-How much can I relate to her Well, although things she did and decisions she made do irritate me, I can still understand her longing for something and doing everything to gain it. +2 points

-Looks: she moved down, she is fifth now on my list, Meerjungfrauen should be gorgeous +1 point
-Clothes: she fails here, I dislike all her outfits- 1

-Songs: Also awesome song that reveal Mehr about her +3 points
-Romance: like it +2 points
- Story: It a story about MERMAID! +5 points here
-Importance for my childhood: well, when I was younger, I didn't Liebe her that much, my sister adored her, and that was back off for me -1 point

Total points; 13

5. Snow White
"I'm awfully sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you. But Du don't know what I've been through. And all because I was afraid. I'm so ashamed of the fuss I made. "

I absolutely adore Snow White, it was first cartoon I ever watched, and I liked it Mehr than Lion King, that says much.

+Sweet, endlessly kind, funny, caring, animal-lover +5

-naive and a bit stupid -2

-How much can I relate to her
Well, I can't relate to her at all, I doubt that anyone can
-Looks: I find her least pretty, but that doesn't matter to me
-Clothes: Her dress in main color is lovely, those rags, well, they are suppose to be rags +2

-Songs: Sweet songs, but nothing Mehr +2 points
-Romance: baby love, not much attractive +1point
- Story: my Sekunde Favorit fairy tale + 3points
-Importance for my childhood: I adored her movie, and it brought me to other princesses. +4 points

Total points; 15

4. Tiana
"Daddy never got what he wanted... but he had what he needed: love! He never gave that up, and neither will I! "

Although many people consider she has lacks sense of humor, I find her one of the princess with most sense of humor, actually she is the only princess we can hear joking.

+hardworking, determined to fulfill
her dreams, funny, really loves her father, ambitious, smart, never gives up, doesn't run from reality + 7
- can be annoying -1

-How much can I relate to her
After Jasmine, I relate to her the most. Being not so wealthy just like she was, I have to work hard if I want to succeed, I also have some problems with my background- talking about nationality and political circumstances here + 4 points

-Looks: She is 8th on my list, I find her too cartoony
-Clothes: so-so, some outfit are great, some not +2 points

-Songs: nothing special - no points
-Romance- I Liebe all that bickering between them and how she realize that she needs Liebe +3 points
- Story: well, I know for different version, and that one was never exciting to me +1 point
-Importance for my childhood: obviously, I haven't watched that movie as a kid

Total points; 16

"So this is love. So this is what makes life divine"

This the princess whose movie I'm going to play to my daughters, because Aschenputtel is pretty much the person I want them to be, at least, when I can't be.

+kind, pleasant, romantic, never stops hopping, smart, patient, elegant, graceful +8

- no bad things

-How much can I relate to her
Not really, but I really admire her ability to be endlessly kind, she even thanks to the stepmother after all the torture.

-Looks: the prettiest one, others aren't even close +2 points
-Clothes: Awesome ball dress, the prettiest princess dress of all +2 points

-Songs: very relaxing, and pleasant, my Favorit princess voice +2
-Romance: not much, although she is romantic person, prince screws it all +1
- Story: My Favorit fairy tale ♥ + 5points
-Importance for my childhood: well, I din't like her as much as Jasmine, but I really liked her movie +1
Total points; 21

"Please, try to understand. I've never done a thing on my own. I've never had any real friends. "

Ah, the princess that is probably the most similar to me. When I was younger, she was my favorite, while others adored Ariel and Belle, I adored her, it was Liebe on first sight.

+smart, determined, self-confident, self-conscious, sticks to her opinion, firm but very kind, +7

-no bad things

-How much can I relate to her: Very much- her way of thinking is very similar to mine +5


-Looks: Sekunde prettiest +2
-Clothes: slutty, but it's all in same style: +1

-Songs: The only song she sings is "A whole new world", and I don't really like that song
-Romance: although my Favorit couple, romance between them isn't that trilling, does this makes sense? +1 point
- Story: I loved Aladdin, and from my dad's telling it sounded even Mehr awesome +2
-Importance for my childhood: it was my Favorit princess and my role model, + 5 points

Total points; 23

1. Mulan
"How 'bout a girl who's got a brain Who always speaks her mind?"

Well, most of Du saw this one coming. Mulan is... just awesome. I Liebe her, and Liebe is often irrational , so I don't have to explain much. But I will. I Liebe every single thing she did in the movie: the way she did her chores, the way she won in that game (whatever that is) and put that man on the ground, how she took a doll from little boy that bullied girl, but most of all, I like her endless Liebe toward her father, and although she says that maybe she did all for herself, her motives weren't like that in the beginning , she did many thing to make her family proud.

+ smart, brave, quick-thinking, creative, insecure, her Liebe for the family, determination, respect for traditional values, her relationship with other people,all funny moments, subtle sense of humor, pure awesomeness +12

-Of course there is no bad thing (me- being biased).

-How much can I relate to her
Pretty much,I understand her Liebe for family, and I would probably make similar choices. +3
-Looks: nothing special, 7th on my list
-Clothes: I actually like it, it's all in same style +2

-Songs: are ok, but not Mehr than that, in all of them she shows part of her self +3
-Romance: well, nothing
- Story: I was really trilled when I heard that actually exists legend about woman that actually did all those things +4
-Importance for my childhood: I haven't seen this movie when I was kid.

Total points; 24

Thank Du for your time(in case Du read all), and don't forget critics!