Team Moana?
Hi guys, since I have seen both films, what I'm going to write are famous Filme on how are they connected to each other and how they inspire millions of people today! In terms of story-line and songs.


When I first watch this movie on the big screen with my younger brother, I initially thought that Elsa would be like Darth Vader and the film will be copycat of the star, sterne Wars movie. But, I guess not! The film itself actually promotes forgiveness and sisterhood on which British actress Lily James mentioned the latter in one of her interviews shortly after the release of Cinderella.
The songs are amazing, especially the Godly overrated 'Let It Go'! I just couldn't shrug it off that in fact, I need it for my driving sometimes.


I Liebe how they kept traditions with Frozen, in which we are introduce to Scandinavian culture. In this film, we're introduce to Polynesian culture, initially I thought that the film was going to be a copycat of Frozen. But, I guess I was wrong in the end!
To be honest, I think 'How Far I'll Go' is now my no. 1 favourite, beating to Let it Go which goes to 2nd place in my favourite Disney song countdown! In fact, the song has received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Original Song. Let's all pray that it will win!
The film promotes Teamwork and Forgiveness, especially the scene when Maui came back to help Moana on her Sekunde attempt to stop Te Fiti.

Team Moana oder Team Frozen?

So, do Du agree with my points on both films? If Du haven't, go ahead and watch them!
Team Frozen??