Hello and welcome to part one of my COUNTDOWN FOR Favorit COUPLE BESIDES PRINCESS/PRINCE! Part one includes the couples that I think are just hated Von most as some of them break up a lovely couple. The couples in this part don't have a lot of redeeming qualities to them. Take a look. Read and comment. Also, I thought it would be fun to make little "reaction photos" to go along with the Foto of the couple.


jasmin AND JAFAR
Jafar wanted power Von any means. When his options were running out, he tried to get power another way. Von marrying Jasmine. Not much of a lovely couple, are they? Had it happened however, despite how unhappy she would have been in such a marriage, I’m convinced that he would have treated her like a queen. Maybe not so much in Liebe and affection but rather, in riches and jewels. Some interesting fanfictions have convinced me so. Jafar would be focused on the power he gained, however he would have acknowledged Jasmine’s presence in his life.

Sparklefairy375 picked jasmin and Jafar:
This one is disgusting and awful, and there's no Liebe in it. Jafar only treated jasmin like a slave.

anukriti2409 picked jasmin and Jafar:
Its disgusting! Jafar wanted jasmin to fall in Liebe with him even though he clearly wasnt. It wasnt just awful becoz he wanted her for lust and power but just to play with her!

tiffany88 picked jasmin and Jafar:
They're not a real couple so...

Actually, if Gaston had redeemed himself and changed like Beast had I think they would have made quite the cute couple. I’m curious to know Gaston’s backstory and why he thinks he’s so entitled to Belle. It’s as if he thinks he owns her. Maybe I’m watching too much of OUAT, but that Zeigen proves that even villains have backstories and reasoning behind their evil actions. I’m certain that Gaston had a troubling past and Belle seems to be the key to undo that. If they had happened, had been married, in time I believe Gaston would have come to Liebe Belle and care for her. Even Liebe can change a typical douchebag.

Silverrose1991 picked Belle and Gaston:
Just terrible. Gaston is always invading Belle's physical personal space. Plus, he wants her for breeding, basically. I feel like their marriage would result in a lot of marital rape.

ntmfan0707 picked Belle and Gaston:
Gaston felt that because he was the most handsome man in the town he automatically deserved the most beautiful girl in the town. He didn't even care about the women's personality, he merely wanted her for her beauty as a means of status/showing off.

MaidofOrleans picked Belle and Gaston:
In no way was this a consensual relationship. It was just Gaston creepily stalking Belle and disrespecting both her and her family.

Sparklefairy375 picked Belle and Gaston:
He just want to marry the most beautiful girl in the village as he felt he was the most handsome man. He never really loves Belle.

Oh Hans, how I despise him. I’m not a big Fan of Anna, in fact she’s my least Favorit princess. However, even I think she deserves better. She’s cute and bubbly, and can do so much better than a guy who only wants her for one thing and will lie straight to her face to get that. I’m a bit biased on Hans. I just feel like we all know a guy like him. I know I do, so I’m glad he Lost in the end.

Angelica_AW picked Anna and Hans:
Hate them as a couple.

anukriti2409 picked Anna and Hans:
He'd have married her! That sucks!
wavesurf picked Anna and Hans:
These are kinda tied for me on the "ew" factor, but I feel Mehr sorrow in Mulan's case, because she's clearly trying to correct the situation and avert a war. Mulan is not aiming for a magical solution. But I really loathe Hans the jerk.

anukriti2409 picked Anna and Hans:
Hans was using her and would have continued using her, into marrying if the situation hadn't changed. Jeeki never forced Mulan, it was sure a relationship of duty and not herz but nothing forced at least.

The thing I really want to say about this couple is this. Imagine Eric was not under a spell. Vanessa shows up at the schloss and she can talk. Still, Ariel can not. Vanessa is beautiful no doubt. But even if it had played out this way, I’m very confident that Eric would have chosen Ariel. If he absolutely had to give up on his mystery girl who saved him and had to choose between Ariel and Vanessa, he would have chosen to live a silent and happy life with Ariel and gegeben up on the mystery hero all together.

Silverrose1991 picked Eric and Vanessa:
She hypnotized him...

Angelica_AW picked Eric and Vanessa:
He's under a spell and she only wants him so Ariel wouldn't win the bet.

MaidofOrleans picked Eric and Vanessa:
He's hypnotized

anukriti2409 picked Eric and Vanessa:
what everyone said...

wavesurf picked Eric and Vanessa:
So many levels of wrong.... Ursula is flat-out cheating.

Prince Jeeki is a character created just for laughs. It’s all he has to offer for the movie. Had Mulan married him in real life, she might have become completely depressed. Ruling a kingdom all Von herself while the Jeeki would be off playing his games. The stress would be too much, even for someone as smart and noble as Mulan.

anukriti2409 picked Mulan and Prince Jeeki:
Mulan was only doing it for her kingdom and saving the 3 princesses, not for her heart. She couldn't have been happy in this.

MaidofOrleans picked Mulan and Prince Jeeki:
Just ugh.

cruella picked Mulan and Prince Jeeki:
Very forced and not happy

Much like Eric and Vanessa, this couple only happens because the prince is under a spell. Unlike Eric and Vanessa, we see how Charming reacts to Anastasia before the spell. I’ve always liked how nice he was about it at least. And I’m so sure that after Charming and Aschenputtel are reunited and married, they both befriend Anastasia. I imagine they would invite her to live with them in the schloss where she then goes on to find her happy ending with the baker.

MaidofOrleans picked Anastasia and Charming:
He was hypnotized so it's basically the same situation as Eric and Vanessa.

Silverrose1991 picked Anastasia and Charming:
Like MaidofOrleans said, he was hypnotized. Weiter would be charlotte and fake Naveen.

ntmfan0707 picked Anastasia and Charming:
I agree with MaidofOrleans and Silverrose1991.

tiffany88 picked Anastasia and Charming:
He is under a spell so...

charlotte AND NAVEEN
Another couple only because one is placed under a spell. Truthfully I think they look good together. charlotte is so cute and such a good friend. If they make a sequel, I hope she gets her prince. She deserves it just as much as any princess.

MaidofOrleans picked charlotte and Naveen:
It's not even Naveen; it's Lawrence in disguise.

Silverrose1991 picked charlotte and Naveen:
Like MaidofOrleans said, it was Lawrence in disguise... plus, kinda awkward, since Naveen ended up marrying Lottie's best friend.

Though we don’t really meet Cinderella’s dad. He has no lines and is only seen once. Twice if Du consider his death bed. We do know that he loved his daughter very much and only wanted the best for her. That’s why it’s so easy to believe that Lady Tremaine was a great manipulator. She acted with a kind herz until her husband’s death then she took what was his. This included Cinderella. Never fret though, Aschenputtel got her happy ending.

lililc picked Lady Tremaine and Cinderella's dad:
Was cinderella´s father out off his mind?

CodyVenusTrent picked Lady Tremaine and Cinderella's dad:
I don´t think Tremaine even loved him.

cruella picked Lady Tremaine and Cinderella's dad:
She likely killed him.

Poor Jaq. The thing about this woman is that she comes off so completely clueless that it’s hard to feel sorry for her. Besides secretly being a different species, Jaq wasn’t into her at all. It’s made so clear. I don’t think the writers gave much thought to her character.

lililc picked Jaq and the Woman:
Poor Jaq,i allways wondered why he didn't told the woman that he already had a girlfriend (he didn't have to say it was a mouse)

ajotma picked Jaq and the Woman:
Not memorable.

Silverrose1991 picked Jaq and the Woman:
He's a mouse.

Sparklefairy375 picked Jaq and the Woman:
I found it's ridiculous that the woman have a crush to Jaq, who actually is a maus that she seems to be afraid of.

I actually like this couple. I prefer her with John Smith out of all her suitors, but Kocoum was a good man and I think he would have been a good husband. He cared for Pocahontas. He would have taken really good care of her. It’s kinda sad that he died actually.

MaidofOrleans picked Pocahontas and Kocuom:
They're not even a couple really.

NO! As some of Du may know, this is the couple I so disagreed with that I wrote a Fan fiction set after the sequel in which this horrible mistake of a couple from the sequel was corrected. John Smith isn’t my Favorit prince. He’s actually kinda low on that list, but I don’t want anyone else but John Smith with Pocahontas. She was the only princess that had so many different suitors and Smith was the only one right for her. Not just because their romance was epic and I adore their Liebe story. But character wise, Smith is much better for her than Rofle.

Funfums picked Pocahontas and John Rofle:
Cmon please, I honestly hate this couple!

fluffyduckling picked Pocahontas and John Rofle:
Not a Fan of them.

Angeelous picked Pocahontas and John Rofle:
I hate John Rofle and the movie