Anna and Elsa, please sing this song in the sequel!!!
Hi everyone, after Lesen about a deleted song "Life's Too Short". This gave me an idea to write another "deleted" song called Liebe Can't Be Denied which was composed Von Alan Menken prior leaving the project when the movie was under it's original title.
Now, I have been having trouble about who would actually sing this song if it was in the final film itself. Whether it's going to the famous sisters oder Kristoff towards Anna. However, I felt that the song should have been Mehr for both Anna and Elsa, since the lyrics fits them personally especially the latter.
Unfortunately, I have a slight problems with the lyrics because it keeps saying Liebe Can't Be Denied so many times and I just wish that Alan Menken would get a better lyricist to write this song. But the song itself was great and meaningful!
I will keep my opinion short and straightforward, and will post the video here to let Du guys listen and see what Du think about it, as Du may have a different oder same opinions as I do.