Hello, everyone! Here is the compilation of the results of this spring's DP movie countdown. The ranking was based 32 lists: thirty-one Abgeschickt Von Fanpop users link + mine. Click on the link for Mehr information on how this countdown works, but in case Du are wondering, I awarded one point to the first of each list, two points to the second, and so on. Which means that the movie with the least points was the winner of the countdown.

This Artikel includes:

1. The insgesamt ranking;
2. The individual placements;
3. The total of points;
4. Two Kommentare for each film (four for the first place).

Before we start, I'd like to thank all those who have taken the time to Abschicken their lists:



oben, nach oben Rankings (1-4):
truth76 (1)
magnoliainmay (2)
sarchasm (4)
Beastlysoul25 (4)

Middle Rankings (5-9)
Aang_Lite (5)
pretty_angel92 (6)
Shiluoih (7)
PrincessAyeka12 (7)
Silverrose1991 (9)
PrueFever (9)
reflection11 (9)

Bottom Rankings (10-12)
cruella (10)
zazi963 (10)
tiffany88 (10)
waversurf (10)
KataraLover (11)
JNTA1234 (11)
uploaded900 (11)
Siren-Lamia (11)
ntmfan0707 (11)
audreybrooke (11)
MalloMar (11)
Portia0623 (11)
dimitri_ (12)
disneymagic93 (12)
sweetie-94 (12)
BraBrief (12)
fiina (12)
Swanpride (12)
fadake1234 (12)
AaronHaley4ever (12)

"A thrilling adventure with a heartwarming message to boot, I Liebe this movie the whole way through. The relationship between Merida and her mother is amazing, as is the character growth she goes through." - Aang_Lite
"Brave is the one Disney movie which really offends me. The Scottish stereotypes and the sexist portrayal of the male characters are so bad that it surprises me that the movie doesn't get called out on it Mehr often." - Swanpride

Score: 294


oben, nach oben Rankings (1-4)
PrincessAyeka12 (1)
pretty_angel92 (2)
sweetie-94 (3)
Siren-Lamia (4)

Middle Rankings (5-9)
zazi963 (5)
uploaded900 (7)
Portia0623 (7)
fadake1234 (7)
AaronHaley4ever (7)
reflection11 (8)
dimitri_ (8)
BraBrief (9)
fiina (9)
tiffany88 (9)

Bottom Rankings (10-12)
audreybrooke (10)
Beastlysoul25 (10)
magnoliainmay (10)
cruella (11)
PrueFever (11)
Aang_Lite (11)
disneymagic93 (11)
truth76 (11)
Shiluoih (11)
Swanpride (11)
Silverrose1991 (12)
KataraLover (12)
JNTA1234 (12)
sarchasm (12)
ntmfan0707 (12)
MalloMar (12)
waversurf (12)

"Honestly, a big reason for this placement is all the hype this movie has. But I used to be a huge Frozen fan, and now I've realized that this movie is just kind of utterly mercantile and commercial, at least in my opinion." - sarchasm
"It's so underrated on Fanpop yet so overrated outside the Internet... It was good and had an amazing soundtrack, but it could have been done so much better. I hated the plot twist, not just because I wanted to hit Hans." - dimitri_

Score: 280


oben, nach oben Rankings (1-4)
audreybrooke (3)
tiffany88 (3)
magnoliainmay (3)

Middle Rankings (5-9)
PrueFever (5)
dimitri_ (5)
Shiluoih (5)
Beastlysoul25 (5)
waversurf (5)
uploaded900 (6)
Aang_Lite (7)
truth76 (7)
sweetie-94 (7)
MalloMar (7)
fiina (7)
cruella (8)
KataraLover (8)
disneymagic93 (8)
fadake1234 (8)
sarchasm (9)
ntmfan0707 (9)

Bottom Rankings (10-12)
JNTA1234 (10)
Siren-Lamia (10)
Pocahontas (10)
AaronHaley4ever (10)
Silverrose1991 (11)
BraBrief (11)
zazi963 (11)
reflection11 (12)
pretty_angel92 (12)
Portia0623 (12)
PrincessAyeka12 (12)

"I don't find it interesting at all. Its very bland to me. The only character I Liebe is Meeko. I find the plot to be boring, the script to be bland, and the whole movie to be half-hearted. Of course the Musik is fantastic, and the Animation is quite gorgeous, but it isn't enough to save this movie." - reflection11
"I understand how this movie is insulting but I try to ignore those issues and it's actually pleasant to watch. People usually say the characters are boring but I like most of them. The soundtrack is oben, nach oben notch and it has a poignant ending." - dimitri_

Score: 247


oben, nach oben Rankings (1-4)
PrueFever (2)
zazi963 (2)
Beastlysoul25 (2)
PrincessAyeka12 (4)

Middle Rankings (5-9)
magnoliainmay (5)
reflection11 (6)
JNTA1234 (6)
MalloMar (6)
fiina (6)
Swanpride (6)
Portia0623 (6)
waversurf (6)
Silverrose1937 (7)
cruella (7)
pretty_angel (7)
audreybrooke (7)
truth76 (8)
Shiluioh (8)
tiffany88 (8)
AaronHaley4ever (8)
uploaded500 (9)
disneymagic93 (9)
Siren-Lamia (9)

Bottom Rankings (10-12)
KataraLover (10)
dimitri_ (10)
Aang_Lite (10)
sweetie-94 (10)
sarchasm (10)
ntmfan0707 (10)
BraBrief (10)
fadake1234 (10)

"The plot is a bit slow to pick up, and the characterization needs work, but it’s still a sweet, uplifting movie. While I see why most people think they’re annoying, I liked the scenes with the mice, and I Liebe the themes of resilience and kindness." - AaronHalley4ever
" Aschenputtel is one of the most boring Disney Filme ever. For the first half of the movie Du are watching mice being chased Von a cat. This movie spends way too much time with the mice in general. The soundtrack is not very good. The mice annoy me, especially when they start singing. Most of characters in this film are dull. Lady Tremaine is a lame villain. I think if this film spent Mehr time with Cinderella, it would have been a much better movie." - disneymagic93

Score: 233


oben, nach oben Rankings (1-4)
Cruella (1)
sweetie-94 (1)
pretty_angel92 (1)
zazi963 (1)
sarcham (2)
fadake1234 (2)
PrincessAyeka12 (3)
Silverrose1991 (4)
PrueFever (4)
JNTA1234 (4)
Ntmfan0707 (4)

Middle Rankings (5-9)
truth76 (5)
AaronHaley4ever (5)
disneymagic93 (6)
BraBrief (6)
KataraLover (7)
Beastlysoul25 (7)
Swanpride (7)
uploaded900 (8)
MalloMar (8)
dimitri_ (9)
waversurf (9)

Bottom Rankings (10-12)
reflection11 (10)
Shiluoih (10)
Portia0623 (10)
fiina (11)
tiffany88 (11)
magnoliainmay (11)
Aang_Lite (12)
Siren-Lamia (12)
audreybrooke (12)

"I think I've only watched this movie once and every time I do I just can't make it through to the end. Way too much focus on the dwarfs, and even though I know this movie was a hallmark of it's time, it's just not for me." - Aang_Lite

" It's such an amazing timeless masterpiece. - cruella

SCORE: 215


oben, nach oben Rankings (1-4):
sarchasm (1)
tiffany88 (2)
uploaded900 (3)
MalloMar (3)
Beastlysoul25 (3)
AaronHaley4ever (3)
cruella (4)
KataraLover (4)
Shiluoih (4)

Middle Rankings (5-9)
Portia623 (5)
PrincessAyeka12 (5)
truth76 (6)
sweetie94 (6)
ntmfan0707 (6)
audreybrooke (6)
PrueFever (7)
Siren-Lamia (7)
magnoliainmay (7)
Silverrose1991 (8)
JNTA1234 (8)
Aang_Lite (8)
BraBrief (8)
zazi963 (8)
pretty_angel92 (9)
Swanpride (9)

Bottom Rankings (10-12)
disneymagic93 (10)
fiina (10)
reflection11 (11)
dimitri_ (11)
waversurf (11)
fadake1234 (11)

"At least they were trying to do something different. The result is just fairly incoherent." - Swanpride
"The Princess and the Frog is like one of my ultimate feel-good Disney movies. It's got a combination of humor and emotion as well as an engaging plot and developed, relatable characters that make it a really good movie for me to watch when I'm sick oder in a bad mood." - sarchasm

SCORE: 214


oben, nach oben Rankings (1-4)
Silverrose1991 (1)
audreybrooke (1)
Swanpride (1)
sweetie-94 (2)
Aang_Lite (3)
ntmfan0707 (3)
BraBrief (3)
dimitri_ (4)
disneymagic93 (4)
truth76 (4)
zazi963 (4)
MalloMar (4)

Middle Rankings (5-9)
Siren-Lamia (5)
Beastlysoul25 (6)
magnoliainmay (6)
refletion (7)
JNTA1234 (7)
sarchasm (8)
fiina (8)
waversurf (8)
cruella (9)
KataraLover (9)
Shiluoih (9)
Portia0623 (9)
fadake1234 (9)
AaronHaley4ever (9)

Bottom Rankings (10-12)
PrueFever (10)
pretty_angel92 (10)
PrincessAyeka12 (11)
uploaded200 (12)
tiffany88 (12)

"Beautiful Animation but boring. Although I do Liebe Maleficent." - cruella
"Sleeping Beauty is a class of it's own. There is no other movie out there which comes even close to have this "moving painting" effect they achieved with this movie. Every single frame is a masterpiece. Of all the Filme Disney made this is the one which will most likely stay unique forever. No one will ever even try something like it. I also consider it the most feminist movie Disney every made. It has a mostly female cast, it has three old and "ugly" ladies as heroines and while the bicker with each other there is nothing of the unreasonable jealously which is often randomly written into the female relationships" - Swanpride

Score: 209


oben, nach oben Rankings (1-4)
Aang_Lite (1)
truth76 (2)
Siren-Lamia (2)
Silverrose1991 (3)
dimitri_ (3)
disneymagic93 (3)
Shiluoih (3)
Swanpride (3)
sweetie-94 (4)
audreybrooke (4)
wavesurf (4)

Middle Rankings (5-9)
KataraLover (5)
reflection11 (5)
uploaded900 (5)
pretty_angel92 (5)
BraBrief (5)
fiina (5)
fadake1234 (5)
sarchasm (7)
tiffany88 (7)
ntmfan0707 (8)
Portia0623 (8)
PrincessAyeka12 (8)
JNTA1234 (9)
MalloMar (9)

Bottom Rankings (10-12)
Beastlysoul25 (11)
AaronHaley4ever (11)
cruella (12)
PrueFever (12)
zazi963 (12)
magnoliainmay (12)

"While technically well done and far better in many ways than Frozen, I have so many issues with Tangled. The Animation is pretty, yes, but lacking originality. The soundtrack is one of the most lackluster (at least some of Frozen's was catchy). The two 'heroes' are mainly motivated Von selfishness for all they do and neither of them have original personalities, particularly the princess. Flynn is less than ideal as a role model for boys (until the very end) but at least he has a little depth to his character and isn't a Sue. Maximus is one of the most irritating sidekicks I've ever seen and is just not funny. Pascal is cute but kind of useless until the last minute. Gothel is the only remotely interesting, entertaining character but she's the bad guy who must get her comeuppance. The thugs are ridiculous- so because they have big dreams and like pretty blonde girls they're good? Yes, so did Hitler (sorry for the bad comparison but that's just poor logic). It's got a true Disney feel to it, which IMO is its best quality, but insgesamt it's just a knockoff of Dreamworks from the humor to the modernization and is just a moving Disney Princess advertisement." - AudreyFreak
"I've watched this movie Mehr times than I can count and probably Mehr than any other Disney movie. I think it embodies the spirit of all three eras to perfection, with memorable songs, likable characters, a conniving villain, and beautiful animation." - Aang_Lite

Score: 199


oben, nach oben Rankings (1-4)
reflection11 (1)
JNTA1234 (1)
Siren-Lamia (1)
tiffany88 (1)
Shiluoih (2)
fiina (2)
cruella (3)
PrueFever (3)
KataraLover (3)
Portia0623 (3)
wavesurf (3)
uploaded900 (4)
BraBrief (4)
magnoliainmay (4)
AaronHaley4ever (4)

Middle Rankings (5-9)
disneymagic93 (5)
sarchasm (5)
ntmfan0707 (5)
MalloMar (5)
dimitri_ (6)
Aang_Lite (6)
zazifan963 (6)
fadake1234 (6)
pretty_angel92 (8)
audreybrooke (8)
Beastlysoul25 (8)
Swanpride (8)
PrincessAyeka12 (9)

Bottom Rankings (10-12)
Silverrose1991 (10)
sweetie-94 (11)
truth76 (12)

" I still like it but not as much as I did when I was a teenager. I only get a few of Genie's jokes." - PrincessAyeka12
"Aladdin, it's the most well rounded DP movie. It has comedy, action, adventure, romance, Fantasy and even a little drama. The characters jump off the screen with their personalities. The soundtrack is well done, the plot twists don't complicate the story and the comedy, while not for everyone, is very well done. It's easily one of the funniest, most entertaining, most exciting films in all of Disney." - JNTA1234

Score: 162


oben, nach oben Rankings (1-4)
uploaded900 (1)
BraBrief (1)
Beastlysoul25 (1)
AaronHaley4ever (1)
Silverrose1991 (2)
cruella (2)
KataraLover (2)
AangLite (2)
disneymagic93 (2)
ntmfan0707 (2)
Swanpride (2)
Portia0623 (2)
pretty_angel92 (3)
sarchasm (3)
reflection11 (4)
fiina (4)
tiffany88 (4)
fadake1234 (4)

Middle Rankings (5-9)
tiffany88 (5)
PrueFever (6)
dimitri_ (7)
zazi963 (7)
waversurf (7)
Siren-Lamia (8)
sweetie94 (9)
audreybrooke (9)
magnoliainmay (9)

Bottom Rankings (10-12):
truth76 (10)
MalloMar (10)
PrincessAyeka (10)
Shiluoih (12)

"If not for Animation snafus this would be my number one but it always frustrated me that they came so close to create the perfect movie but then rushed the production so much." - Swanpride
"I Liebe everything about this movie! The story is entertaining and well-paced. All the characters are well-developed, interesting, and have believable motivations for their actions. The songs and Animation are beautiful, and it has one of the best messages in Disney history." - AaronHaley4ever

Score: 159


oben, nach oben Rankings (1-4)
PrueFever (1)
disneymagic93 (1)
KataraLover (1)
ntmfan0707 (1)
dimitri_ (2)
BraBrief (2)
MalloMar (2)
waversurf (2)
PrincessAyeka12 (2)
AaronHaley4ever (2)
reflection11 (3)
JNTA1234 (3)
Siren-Lamia (3)
zazi963 (3)
fiina (3)
fadake1234 (3)
Portia0623 (4)
Diamela (4)

Middle Rankings (5-9)
cruella (5)
sweetie-94 (5)
audreybrooke (5)
Swanpride (5)
Silverrose1991 (6)
Shiluoih (6)
tiffany88 (6)
magnoliainmay (8)
AangLite (9)
truth76 (9)

Bottom Rankings (10-12)
uploaded900 (10)
pretty_angel92 (11)
sarchasm (11)
Beastlysoul25 (12)

"I think a contributing factor to this placement is that almost all the individual aspects of this movie — princess, prince, soundtrack, Animation — are pretty low on my lists." - sarchasm
"The first cartoon I remember seeing when I was a little boy, was The Little Mermaid. I remember being completely mesmerized Von it! It just blew me away! I was so fascinated Von the songs, the characters, the story, all of it! And my Liebe for the film is still as strong as ever! I will always Liebe The Little Mermaid. It will forever have a special place in my herz <3! Some say, the Mehr times Du watch a movie, the Mehr Du will begin to like it less and less. Well, that's not happend to me and Mermaid. Quite the reverse, actually. I just Liebe it Mehr and more! There is just something magical about it! It brings back great memories from my childhood. The voice talent, the songs, and the good cheer just elevated it to greatness, along with the sheer imagination of co-directors/writers Ron Clements and John Musker. And most importantly, Alan Menken and Howard Ashman were at the oben, nach oben of their form in the film, and I still enjoy it immensely today." - PrueFever

Score: 150


oben, nach oben Rankings (1-4)
dimitri_ (1)
Shiluoih (1)
MalloMar (1)
fiina (1)
Portia0623 (1)
wavesurf (1)
fadake1234 (1)
magnoliainmay (1)
reflection11 (2)
JNTA1234 (2)
uploaded900 (2)
audreybrooke (2)
truth76 (3)
Aang_Lite (4)
pretty_angel (4)
Swanpride (4)

Middle Rankings (5-9)
Silverrose1991 (5)
tiffany88 (5)
cruella (6)
KataraLover (6)
Siren-Lamia (6)
sarchasm (6)
PrincessAyeka12 (6)
AaronHaley4ever (6)
disneymagic93 (7)
ntmfan0707 (7)
BraBrief (7)
PrueFever (8)
sweetie-94 (8)
zazi963 (9)
Beastlysoul25 (9)

Bottom Rankings (10-12)

"While I didn’t think the Animation and songs were as good as the other Filme from the same era, I Liebe its unique storyline, well-developed characters, and message of staying true to yourself in the face of adversity." - AaronHaley4ever
"This movie is hilarious and exhilarating. Du feel close to Mulan her entire adventure and with the soldiers and Mushu there is never a dull moment. Plus all the times when Mulan is almost discovered are amazing." - Aang_Lite
"Action packed, humor packed, makes me invested in what happens to Mulan, makes me CARE what happens to Mulan" - waversurf
"Great characters, music, and animation. Diversity in genre with elements of drama, action, humor, adventure, AND romance while still focusing on a familial relationship and friendship. I Liebe it beyond words. It is what got me into Disney and Reflection is my childhood song, and my current Favorit song. - reflection11


Thank Du for reading, and until Weiter time!