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posted by dee389
 Hello Anna and Elsa, we meet again!
Hello Anna and Elsa, we meet again!
Hi everyone, I just watched the 2015 Disney Reboot of the classic Aschenputtel story with my younger brother today and I was very impressed with the movie. Here are my thoughts and opinions, I'll write as much as I can like what I did for Frozen, Merida - Legende der Highlands and Maleficent, I'll also write on the short Frozen Fever sequel review and what I think about it.

Frozen Fever

Everyone here has been talking about it, and I have seen Fotos of here on Fanpop. Despite that it was short, I was really glad to see all of the characters, including their original voice actors and Schauspielerinnen reprising their respective characters.
Elsa was really cute during the whole scene, but I kinda feel bad for both the Birthday girl Anna and her, as she tries to tell her big sister to rest as Elsa is sick. But at the end of the series, she managed to do that and I'm very happy for both the sisters! It also teaches us to look after one another, even on your birthday!


The Scenery

Ok, the scenery was remarkable and breath-taking, it was like Frozen has been shot to live and we see our favourite Frozen characters coming up! The royal palace in fact is an imitation of the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria. Inside it was like a real-life fairy tale that every girl always dream of.
The house is also very majestic and I would Liebe to have those kind of gardens in the house. They must be very rich to do that. In fact, it reminded me of my old house prior relocating to a small but beautiful house here in Meru Valley.

The Casting

I was really amaze to see Lily James playing the Titel character, surprisingly enough, throughout the movie, I always thought it was Elle Fanning playing the role, and I was like "Why has Aurora suddenly become Cinderella?" But then, I have to say that she's really another favourite actress tied with Elle Fanning. She really convince everyone that she plays a strong-willed character and my mum is a Downtown Abbey fan. I'll definitely start watching that! Also, she looks like Elle's eldest sister. Not only that, we get to see her parents and how they died of. Her father on the other hand, his demise was so different from his animated counterpart.
Although she played a minor role in this movie, Helena Bonham Carter is another one of my favourite British actress and she has a whimsical side to her. While watching, I thought it was Bellatrix Lestrange oder Madame Thenadier in Aschenputtel (I always thought it was the latter as both stories are set in France). She was very comical and cheerful as the Fairy Godmother! I'll always think of her whenever I'm down oder stress with my work.
Ok, moving on to the Tremaines, my mother actually likes Cate Blanchett because she's very classy, wicked and very Sue Sylvester! The two stepsisters on the other hand also provide some comic relief and I just can't stop laughing at them every time they come into a scene! Although I feel pity for them in the end, it was also very interesting to see that Lady Tremaine has been plotting with the Grand Duke.
The Prince on the other hand, I find him a very interesting character for me, because I always thought that it was James Marsden who played him, but it's not. It was another crossover moment when I thought "Omygosh, I bet he's going to sing True Love's KISS from Verzaubert to Cinderella!"

Familiar Scenes

There were several scenes that reminded me of Zurück Disney movie, first it was the scene right after the ball and when the Prince shows Ella the swing, it reminded me a lot of Hans & Anna's moment during the 'Love is an Open Door' number, coincidentally the Prince's outfit strikes a resemblance to Hans' outfit in the mentioned number.
Madame Tremaine reminds me of both her namesake animated counterpart and Mother Gothel from Tangled, they both have manipulative and cunning tendencies. It was also very daring of her to destroy the spare glass slipper!
The final wedding was another Royal Wedding moment, her wedding kleid reminded me of Grace Kelly's wedding kleid when she wedded Prince Rainer of Monaco.
The scene where Aschenputtel meets the Prince resembles to the first instalment of the Sissi trilogy with Austrian actress, Romy Schneider when Sissi meets Emperor Franz Joseph while they were hunting.

The Costumes

While the story is set in either Victorian oder late Georgian Era France, there are some minor themes closer to the roaring 20's. Such as Lady Tremaine's ball gown, which I guess it looks very classy on her. Cinderella's kleid was also classy, I guess they didn't want to make it like her animated counterpart.


Overall, the movie was 10/10 because I truly enjoy it and while I Liebe the 1950 classic and this one. I remain neutral with both of them, however I wish that they could put some songs in it.
 Which royal couple do they remind us of?
Which royal couple do they remind us of?
 My favourite poster!
My favourite poster!
 Liebe is an Open Door!!!
Love is an Open Door!!!
 A real life Grace and Rainer.
A real life Grace and Rainer.
 See what I mean!
See what I mean!
This is not my video! Credit: Disney.
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