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Ok so I decided to do an Artikel on what Disney movie that Du Liebe says about the person.SO lets get cracking and I will give a verdict as to what film I sorta relate to as an example.

No particular order.

Tangled-You Liebe to venture out on your own and Du dealt with a man who was like Flynn Rider who really wasn't that bad at all.You Liebe being artistic and Du are rather emotional. Du also Liebe to go off on a boot ride and wish to see the lanterns.

Verdict: Yes I have dealt with a guy in the past that was like Flynn Rider. No he wasn't my boyfriend but we were polar opposites of one another. He was cocky,arrogant and he was a goth. But when he wasn't with his mates I was shocked to discover that the real side of him is that his very friendly and nice. Now his a father to two kids and he ditched his bad habits. I even hit him with my school bag just like Rapunzel hitting Eugene with her frying pan. I only ventured going to Dublin on my own when I was in my 20s and thanks to this movie I even had two dreams fulfilled. I went to DLP for my 21st bday to see the world of colour light show(like Rapunzel yearned to see the lanterns) and I even went to DIsney on Ice Dare To Dream Zeigen to see the face charcthers perform on ice. Also the reason I Liebe this movie is because I am a life long Fan of Mandy Moore and Alan Menken for years so it was great that these two worked in this movie.

Frozen- Du have a sister and Du don't get along with her as she has problems and likes to deal with them on her own. Du easily fall for the wrong man and Du are somewhat clumsy and cheerful.

Pocahontas: Du Liebe nature and your adventurous and loves peace. Du Liebe your man and Du Liebe your family.

Snow White: Du have a wicked stepmother who wants to kill Du and your very sweet and innocent and wants a prince to sweep Du off your feet.

Beauty & The Beast-You had a boyfriend who had a dirty bad temper and Du tried so hard to change him but it was no use. Eventually he settled down. Du Liebe Bücher as Du are a book nerd and Du are a loner who loves your dad.

Sleeping Beauty: Du sleep all the time

Princess & The Frog: Your African/American and Du Liebe all that swing, schaukel and jazz. Du meet a sarcastic ladies man and Du get turned into a frog with him and Du somewhat learn from each other.

Aladdin: Du Liebe your dad but he wants Du to marry someone he picked out for you,in other words have an arranged marriage that Du don't want. Du fall for a guy but his poor and Du don't care.

Brave: Du and your mom don't get along but Du get on like a house on feuer sometimes. Your mother tries so hard to make Du perfect but your sick and tired of letting your mom take control of you.

Cinderella: Du have a wicked stepmother and her two daughters and Du don't get along as she makes your life a living hell. Du are hardworking and loves Tagträumen about being swept off your feet Von a handsome prince.

The Little Mermaid: Du Liebe to sing and Du Liebe swimming. Du long to be part of the world and fall in Liebe with a nice bloke who loves Du for your voice and your charms. Eventually the guy likes Du for your persona.

Mulan: Du are a tomboy who loves hanging out with guys,as Du have no girls as friends. Du have a crush on this hot guy who has good bisceps.

So which film out of the 12 do Du relate to the most and why??
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I have been a Fanpop and Disney Princess club member for two years. Yes, it took me so long to decide on my favourite Disney Princess list. Well, to be honest, I belayed it that much, because 1) I am ridiculously lazy and 2) I hadn't seen some of the movies. Now that I 've watched all of them, here's my (most probably quite unpopular) list.

13. Ariel
In my opinion, Ariel is extremely popular, because her beauty, mermaid nature, voice, drama Queen behaviour, and her expressive and extroverted character stand out and hide all her (uncountable) flaws. She's striking and very charming, no doubt,...
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 Anna relates to Silvermist
Anna relates to Silvermist
Coolsinger198 and I both had the same idea ironically to write a fairy Artikel to the relations of the Elfen to the princesses. But sadly her Artikel had trouble posting, so I want to give her some credit for this since she had the same idea as me.

I watched Tinker Bell: The Pirate Fairy not too long Vor and I absolutely loved it, especially Baby Tic Toc. Then I started noticing some similarities between the Elfen and the princesses in further notice through the film. Quite frankly some even looked like the princesses. Although I caught the indifference through Disney heroines and sidekicks...
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Aschenputtel is my Favorit princess she seems like she really went through alot. I felt bad for her for all the bad things she went through but I feel I shouldn't feel bad for her because she was a strong person she got through it all on her own and strong people don't usually want people to feel sorry for them. They want them to help them get through it and Aschenputtel didn't have help to get through it she did it all on her own and that's the kind of person I want be. I want to be strong, independent, and be able to get through problems on my own and I can do that stuff I just want to get better at it. Aschenputtel is a leader not a follower she inspires people to want to be like her and have the courage she has and take on rensponsibility. I believe everyone can be like their Favorit princess if not even better. :)

Follow your dreams believers. Sincerely Yours Secretlife98
So, it's been a while since I've written an Artikel on here, and even longer since I've written a list, so I decided to do my Favorit soundtracks! This was actually really hard to do, since I really like all the soundtracks, but I'm fairly sure of most of my placements. Anyway, I hope Du guys enjoy!

 Oh, sing sweet nightingale, sing sweet nightingale...
Oh, sing sweet nightingale, sing sweet nightingale...

12. Cinderella
Favorite Song: Sing Sweet Nightengale
Least Favorit Song: Work Song
Sadly, one of the reasons I'm not a big Fan of the movie is that the soundtrack is, for me at least, about as riveting as a bag of doorknobs. It just doesn't...
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Hi everyone, I'm new to fanpop, and everyone just seems to get along so well, so for my first ever contribution I'm going to introduce myself to Du guys. I hope we have a lot in common besides sharing interest in the Disney Princesses. So here we go.

My name is Lady, funny name right? My parents named me after a cartoon dog. I always loved it, but I go my middle name. I prefer for Du guys to call me wither DisneyQueen oder Lady though, only because it's in relation to my passion, Disney. I'm twelve years old, I know I'm too young to sign up but this place just seems so warm and open. It's probably...
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beyond the tralier
Barbie is the figurehead of a brand of Mattel Puppen and accessories, including other family members and collectible dolls...
Die kleine Meerjungfrau
It's the 3rd time I'm Schreiben this article, main reason for doing it again is because I wanted to include Anna and Elsa and also because Within Temptation released a new album almost 2 months Vor aswell as a single with a total of 12 new songs so I'll be using some of those to the princesses, anyway hope you'll Liebe this Artikel :)

Snow White - link

This song actually Suits Snow White quite well, not perfectly, but still it Suits her. The Titel fits her and this could be a song that someone else could sing to her. Pretty much a song that could work in a Fan fiction where the story is almost...
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I've seen a lot of these floating around, and decided to give it a try! Original idea Von the lovely dimitri_.

1. What name would Du change yours to?
Elsa! It's such a lovely and unique sounding name, and like I just have so much want for that name.

2. Which skills would Du like to develop?
Merida's skills of archery, climbing and horseback riding! I already know how to cook and clean, and I'm not so interested in martial arts, but Merida's skills are so cool and nature-ish.

3. Who would Du want for a parent?
James and Eudora. Well, not really certain, but they seem really sweet and...
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Team Four star, sterne and Dragon Ball Z Abridged Fans - feast your ears on something hilarious yet heart-warming at the same time.
do Du wanna build a snow man
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dragon ball z abridged
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Frozen (2013)
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