Elsa, is my Favorit DP currently and I thought of Wird angezeigt my opinions about her.

We first meet Elsa when she is sleeping and Anna wakes her because "the sky is awake" and they have to play.
She first hesitates and tells her to play Von herself but when her sister asks her to build a snowman she can't resist.
This part shows Elsa's personality before being isolated. We can see that she is the elder sister and tends to act Mehr mature and calm, but she enjoys being with her sister and shows her playful side.
And we can also see that she isn't afraid of her powers and likes to use them.
"Shshshsh!!! Anna, can't Du stay calm for a minute?"

Then, accidentally she hits Anna with her powers because Anna doesn't listen to her when she tells her to "slow down!"
I think she was 8 years old at that time. She's so young and she almost kills her sister. What could be Mehr traumatic?

"Daddy what is that troll saying? He is scaring the hell out of me!"

And if that wasn't enough, that wise (stupid) old troll scared the hell out of her Von saying "your power will only grow" and that there is great danger.
Her father supports her but saying "She can learn to control it, I'm sure" . But her parents somehow misunderstand the troll and think that if they lock her she will somehow learn to control her powers. While it would definitely be better if they let her be herself and be loved.
They think that if she tries to hide her emotions she will learn to control her powers.
And Du can clearly see that she looks up to her father a lot and believes every word he says is right.
Like father like daughter.

What people blame her for:
1) They blame her for being selfish
What would Du do if your biggest secret was reviled and Du were called a monster and Du would see a bunch of people who are scared Von you? Would Du stay calm and try to talk to them and explain? I doubt it.
She was thinking that the only way for her to rule is to hide her powers. How would she supposed rule if people were afraid of her? Besides Anna is there so she could be the Queen after three years. Until then the kingdom would be the same like it was before she was crowned (Strangely without a ruler).
"Oh no!... Now everybody knows who I am. I'm a Monster! Too much pressure! What should I do? I'll run away where nobody will find me. That way everyone can forget me and Arendelle will be safe."

They say she is selfish because she doesn't try to control her power. That is totally wrong. Trying wouldn't really do anything good in this case. All she needed was love. The old troll told her that fear will be her enemy but she couldn't control her fear. She feared that she would hurt people like she hurt Anna. Du can see that she constantly says "Just stay away from me!!"
She believed that her power was stronger than she is and that nobody can help her.
When Anna comes to her schloss she seems happy about that. Even introverts wouldn't be all happy to be all isolated from the whole world and the ones they Liebe .But she knows that Anna can't stay there oder she'll be hurt that's why she tells her to "go enjoy the sun and open up the gates". She thinks that her sister's life would be better if she wasn't part of it.
When she hits her and freezes her herz she doesn't see that. If Anna told her that she hit her with her powers she would definitely try to help her sister, and she would probably panic and make it even worse. It's not that she knew what she did to her and didn't care.
She creates marshmallow only to send them always not to "kill them". She knows that marshmallow won't hurt them because she created him and gave him the order to send them away.
After Anna tells her that Arendelle is frozen, she tries to calm herself and says "Don't feel! Don't feel!" Which means that she truly care for Arendelle.
Remember when she says "I'm such a fool I can't be free!" well that was the only thing she wanted, she wanted to be free, but when she found out that she was still hurting people she understood that she can't be free.
She says "Anna, please you'll only make it worse!" because she would make her panic even more.
"My sister's here!! Oh wait, I could hurt her. I have to tell her to go away."

They say that she didn't want Anna to marry Hans because she didn't want her to be happy. What?
She just doesn't want her sister to get hurt in case he is not the right guy. Plus she wants to talk to Anna alone. Who knows, maybe she was going to tell her the real reason why she sagte no.
She does the same thing with Kristoff, because she is afraid her sister might make a mistake again just like with Hans but then she realized that it wasn't the best moment for that and that her sister should just get away.
In the end she says to Hans "Just take care of my sister!" because she's too desperate to think like she did during the party. She just wants to make sure her sister is safe, sicher and she says that to him because at least her sister looked happy with him. She knew that her sister would feel lonely if she was Von herself.
"Really Anna? Du want to marry a man Du just met and invite all twelve of his brothers to live here when I was locked in my room for Mehr than 13 years? You're so naive little sister. Sooooo naive."

2)They say she has not personality and that her only purpose was for Anna to have something to deal with.
Well she is a deuteragonists. It's obvious that Anna has Mehr screen time and we know Mehr of her.
But I think she has Mehr personality than jasmin and Aurora. For me she has Mehr personality than the Classic Princesses.
I think she did as much for the plot as Anna did. It's only that Anna's duty in the plot was to go after her sister while her duty in the plot was to run away, protecting Arendelle.
Sure, we don't know any of her hobbies but is there a need for that? We don't really know what Jasmine's hobbies are either (except that she probably spends time with her tiger friend).
And do we know what Anna does during the time she is locked in the castle? No. Why doesn't anybody complain about that? All we know is that she probably talked to the pictured on the walls.
I too would like to know Mehr about her and what she does in her free time but as a true Fan of her I Liebe her the way she is.
Beside, I like to use my imagination. Maybe she likes math and architecture, since she is really good at schloss building.
Also one thing about her personality that people don't really mention is that she is quite curious.
Du can see she clearly is curious when she is looking at the window as a child and being amazed Von her powers. The same thing happened when she was finally using her powers to build the schloss and when she found out that she could give life to a snowman. She just doesn't Zeigen her curiosity as much as the other princesses.
I almost forgot to say that the Animation in Frozen is breathtaking and Du can notice Elsa's emotion just Von looking at her face.
"What? They say I'm boring and I don't have personality?"

Why would Du say she has no personality? She is calm, mature, poised, playful, curious when she wants, caring and motherly and worries a lot. If that is not what makes a personality then what does?

I already told why I Liebe her and why she is my favorite. I Liebe how she is feminine and menages to be Merida - Legende der Highlands and defend herself in a feminine way. She also has a good herz and wouldn't want to hurt anyone but she doesn't hesitate to protect herself.
I think every DP has a personality, even Aurora. If she didn't have personality then I wouldn't relate to her. I relate to her because how she seems cold to strangers but when she warms up to people she shows that she is caring and and a really sweet person.
What makes me Liebe Elsa even Mehr is that if Frozen and Elsa didn't exist I would probably never know about Idina Menzel and Broadway that are a huge part of my life right now.
Frozen came out exactly when I needed Elsa. She helped me a lot with my problems and I'm be grateful forever.

I'm sorry for this extra long article! If Du read it I hope that Du like and and think that your time was worth for Lesen it. If Du don't like it then I'm sorry! I just wanted to share my opinion.
And sorry if I made any mistakes while writing!

To tell the truth, I'm hoping that this Artikel might change someone's mind and put Elsa higher on their list, because I think she deserves it. But I understand that everyone has their own opinion and Du have the right to dislike her if Du want.

All hail Queen Elsa!