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I was inspired Von the 2013 pop songs for Disney character article, so I decided to make an Artikel similar to that except for most of these songs aren't 2013 pop songs and I used songs that I actually liked. I apologize if my choices for songs were pretty bad and my explanations sucked, but I really couldn't think of any other songs that I loved that matched these characters. Anyway tell me what Du think of the songs Von commenting below!

Snow White: schmetterling Von Smile dk

Let's start with Snow White. I think this song fits her perfectly. Its happy and optimistic just like Snow White is full of life! "I've been searching for a man all across Japan just find my...sumarai" Doesnt it sound like "Someday My Prince Will Come?" Although instead of Japanese references, it would have references from Snow White's kingdom! She's looking for her prince!


Cinderella: This is the Night Von Amber

I apologize for another 90's song, but it seriously reflects how Aschenputtel felt on her special night when the fairy godmother took her to the ball. "This is your night dancing free until the morning night", well Aschenputtel was dancing free and enjoying her night until 12 in the morning! Ignore the strange Bilder in the video. The song fits Cinderella's night perfectly!


Naveen: Mi Chico Latino Von Geri Halliwel

I know that Naveen's ethnicity is made up and debatable, but I believe he's Latino. (the accent, his looks, believe me!) He's like a latin God! He's really sexy (my most attractive animated character BTW) and he's definately the hot, exotic thing Geri sings about in the song!


Belle and the Beast: I Wanna Know Du Von Joe

I imagine the beast Singen this to Belle. He wants to know how to please her, so that she can Liebe him. He must be wanting to sing this song to her, but he just cant express his feelings to her!


Pocahontas: Only Teardrops Von Emmelie De Forest

Now with 2010's songs! The song reflects how Pocahontas feels about how she feels about the clash of her people and the British. The song also has a spiritual sound to it, just like Pocahontas spiritual soul! Just listen to it!


Anna and Elsa: Zeigen Me Liebe Von the Wanted

I can totally imagine Anna Singen this to Elsa! Anna and Elsa would of done great things together and live in harmony if Elsa would of just shown her love.


Hans: Demons Von The Wanted

I'm sorry to bring another song Von The Wanted, but this really fits Hans! "All this time the saint was sinner...a stone cold killer" Hans looks and talks like an angel, but he's a devil in diguise! (Yes I was referencing an Elvis Presly song)

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Note: Frozen is owned Von Disney.

Anna and Elsa hadn't fought crime as Super Schokolade Lover and Super Icicles in a few months. There were lesser crimes going on so the 2 sisters took a break from fighting crime.

It was early in the morning. Anna danced into the living room and sagte "I have news."

Elsa asked "What's going on?"

Anna replied "It's been reported that some Gold nearby has stolen."

Elsa stated "Well I'm sure the police will take care of it."

Anna sagte "Instead of just waiting for Heroes to come save the Gold we should be the heroes."

Elsa asked "You wanna fight crime in those Captain...
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“Evermore” from the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack is available now: Download: link Streaming: link
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