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 Princesses in peasant clothes hanging out.
Princesses in peasant clothes hanging out.
I've sagte before that I can't make a ranked Disney Princess Liste because I Liebe oder like all the princesses to a certain extent, so it's impossible to put them in a strict 1 to 13 order. However, some have requested that I just write my thoughts on each one, so I'll do that here. I'll Liste each princess in order from when she came out.

Snow White - I feel pretty neutral about her. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves was one of the first Disney princess films I saw since I got it for Weihnachten at age three. I liked the movie, but truthfully Snow White never made an impression. She was just kind of there when I was little, and just kind of there now. I went through a phase of hating her when my mom "revealed" the Disney princesses were sexist (though that has been a subject of Debatte for many people) and while her high chipper voice, too-good-to-be-true optimistic attitude and desire to wait for her prince to come don't do much for me (though to her credit, she's perfectly happy with her life and her Friends in the mean time, it's not like she's hanging on the windowsill every second), they don't do anything to make me dislike her either. She's just a sweet, nice princess with a sweet, nice personality.

Cinderella is a princess I really liked as a kid since she was generally nice and had a pretty Singen voice. I relate to her now though since I actually did grow up with a spiteful stepmother that put her children (half-siblings) first. I also admire how she manages to stay patient, classy, and elegant in the face of such degradation. I absolutely Liebe the way she stands up to herself to her step family. When the step sisters make fun of her for being a chamber maid ("I'd be honored, Your Highness, would Du mind holding my broom?") she doesn't get upset oder run away crying. She lifts up her chin, steps vorwärts-, nach vorn and says "Well, why not? After all, I am part of the family. And the invitation does say: 'By royal command, every eligible maiden is to attend.'" I know from personal experience how hard it is to stand up to mentally abusive relatives because Du leave yourself open to being torn down, but Aschenputtel not only goes for it, but doesn't let their words get to her. She doesn't give them the satisfaction of seeing her upset oder dragged down to their level. She calmly but classily stands up for herself, puts down their attempts to upset her (like when Lady Tremaine tries to rub salt in the wound Von insincerely telling her there will be other balls, and Aschenputtel says: "Yes, I know. Good night") and always keeps her head high. I think she's a little Mehr idealized than realistic, but in a way that's a good thing because she is a role model for girls to look up to as well as relate to.

Aurora was my Favorit princess when I was very little because I thought she was the prettiest, had the best scenes, and could dance like no one's business. This was before I realized what a jip it was that she only got 15 Minuten of screen time in her own movie, and how robbed she was of development since the filmmakers could have explored her individual relationship with each of the three fairies, instead of having her talk to all three collectively very briefly, only twice in the film. They could have fleshed her out Mehr and made her movie Mehr interesting with her in it. Oh well, no taking it back now. I'll admit she's not one of my Favoriten now because she's still chiefly interested in romance, which I can't relate to (EW! Love! Get it off!), and she breaks down crying over the boy she just met. She also doesn't really commit to one course of action one way oder another. She doesn't refuse to become royalty, but also just cries when gegeben the crown, which gives me a knee-jerk annoyed reaction every time. I like her now Mehr than the "Disney Princesses are anti-feminist" phase, but still not quite.

Ariel is my least Favorit princess. I honestly never liked her as a kid, but couldn't figure out why. After seeing it again as a teenager, I realized I thought she was very selfish and inconsiderate, and that's putting it diplomatically. I hate how she is reckless, thoughtless, careless, inconsiderate, ungrateful, etc. Ariel just always rubbed me the wrong way. I didn't want to be her as a kid and I don't like her now.

Belle is a character I did not appreciate as a kid but relate to very much now. To be honest, as a kid, Beauty and the Beast scared the stuffing out of me (which is strange since I watched works like The Great maus Detective, Batman the Animated Series and Gargoyles without issue) so I didn't get into it till I was older. Belle is both the most like me and the least like me. I can relate to her Liebe of books, longing for adventure, boredom with everyday life, and wish for someone to connect and talk to. Her talk with the baker pretty much sums up my interactions with most people.

Baker: "Good morning, Belle!"
Belle: "Good morning, Monsieur!"
Baker: "Where Du off to?"
Belle: "The book shop. I just finished the most wonderful story, about a beanstalk and an ogre and..."
Baker: "That's nice. Marie! The bagettes! Hurry up!"
Belle: puts her book away, shrugs and walks away.

Story of my life, really.

She's less like me in that she's unfailingly patient, polite, and articulate in everyday conversations. She knows exactly what to say and how to handle Gaston's unwanted advances without being overtly rude, knows how to stand up for herself at all the right times, and tells off a ten-foot monster without flinching. I get terribly tongue-tied and never know when's the right time to stand up for myself. She's also quietly determined, confident, and sure of herself. When she wants to do something, whether save her father's life oder explore the West Wing, she does so without hesitation. She's very loyal, considerate, and compassionate though. Even though she wants things so much it hurts, she'll still put the people she loves first, and that's always something to admire.

Jasmine is the Disney Princess that reminds me most of my mom. She's sweet, smart and fun... and has the temper of a tiger. Even as a little kid, "shrew" and "harpy" often came to mind when I thought of her. I even wondered why Aladin liked her since she just got mad and yelled all the time. I'm starting to appreciate her as an adult though. I've noticed that women in the fiction tend to either be portrayed as super sweet good girls that never lose their tempers, oder evil temperamental harpies with no redeeming qualities. jasmin defies the mold Von being angry and temperamental sometimes, but still ultimately a kind, smart, fun, helpful person who is always worthy of love. She's also comfortable enough with her sexuality to use her looks to distract Jafar, and quick-thinking enough to come up with the idea at a moment's notice when she spotted Aladdin, which I think is amazing. jasmin defies the good girl/bad girl dichotomy Von having characteristics of both. She can be angry, temperamental, and willing to use her sexuality to trick men she doesn't like, but she's ultimately good, kind, fun, loyal, independent, compassionate (like toward the child she gave an apfel, apple to and distraught for "the boy in the market" she thought she was responsible for killing), quick-thinking, quick-adapting, and a valuable ally on anyone's team.

Pocahontas is a character I loved as a kid, but feel a little Mehr neutral toward now. First off, no historical accuracy. (I read that earlier film drafts would have modeled her after Tiger Lily, till they decided to go for a Mehr "mature" tone for the film.) I also feel her characterization is a little all over the place. She's playful and free-spirited, but also wise, diplomatic, peace-loving, and instantly becomes responsible enough to try to unite the fighting factions? I don't know, that could be character development, but still. I also don't really see the point in making her older and sexier since it's not historically accurate and doesn't really serve any purpose but to make John Smith stay his gun when they first meet. Even that could have been re-written. Her hyper-sexualized appearance doesn't really serve any story purpose (at least Jessica Rabbit's beauty was intentionally over-the-top), so would it have really killed them to make her younger and Mehr realistic? Please? I need to watch the film again though, so I'll hold off on further commentary till then.

Mulan is another character that is both a lot and nothing like me. She's clever and resourceful, but lazy, habitually late, socially awkward, and something of a screw up. I've also noticed that Mulan is rather quiet and introverted. She talks plenty when it's just her and the animals, but as soon as she's around other people (her family, the matchmaker, the soldiers, even Mushu), she becomes quiet and lets the people around her do most of the talking. I think that's one of the most subtle but accurate depictions of quiet people in fiction. I also related to her most growing up because I was also socially awkward and struggled to fit in with society's expectations, just like Mulan, as she sings about in "Reflection." She's also something of a tomboy in that she's okay with wearing pretty dresses but isn't interested in it and doesn't feel comfortable getting all gussied up. She was the role model I needed growing up, though her first meeting with Shang is still physically painful because that's EXACTLY how I talked when I was little. (I thought it was cool seeing someone blunder through answering Fragen like me when I was a kid, now I cringe and avert my eyes.)

Tiana is my Favorit Disney Princess because she has all the virtues I most admire while embodying the flaws I'm most okay with. I admire how she's tenacious, hard-working, and goal-driven because I am lazy, unmotivated, and a huge procrastinator. I also Liebe how she's not at all interested in romance because I could also care less about romance. (Actually, mom and my conversations sound a lot like hers and her mama's.) I can also relate to her fear of trying something new (like dancing in her case) and opening up to Liebe because of her fear of being vulnerable to embarrassment, disappointment, and heartbreak. I also avoid doing things I fear I'll be bad at for the same reasons. Over all, I just Liebe Tiana. I both relate to and admire her.

Rapunzel is a princess I like but don't feel too invested in. She's cute, sweet, pretty, talented, artistic, etc. Although I like how she's so unabashedly girly in an age that says girly princesses are "anti-feminist." She also has a lot of hobbies I love--reading, painting, cooking, baking, ballet, chess, ventriloquism, sketching, etc. (I used to be interested in knitting and sewing until I actually started doing it, now I will pay people to never have to do it again.) I feel like the film went a little overboard in Wird angezeigt her many accomplishments, but at least it gave a plausible reason for them. She's stuck in the tower and has literally nothing to do but perfect all these hobbies to pass the time. I also like how the film shows that being girly is not a bad thing. Enjoying sewing, baking, etc. doesn't make her insipid, vain, oder shallow, it makes her creative, resourceful, talented, and competent. As for her weapon of choice? In the words of Flynn Rider: "Oh mama, I have got to get me one of these!" and "Frying pans! Who knew, right?" Over all, a good princess, a good movie.

Merida: I can't like her for the same reasons I can't like Ariel, but I feel a little Mehr neutral about her because she learns and apologizes for it. Although, I honestly think I would have loved her as a kid because she's interested in a lot of the same things I was when I was young. I used to ride Pferde and even though I didn't like it, I could have understood her Liebe of riding because of the freedom she associates with it. I also LOVED archery and would have been mesmerized Von her Liebe of archery too. I also hated studying and loved running wild, climbing trees and being a general tomboy as a kid. In the words of King Fergus: "I don't want to get married, I want to stay single and let my hair flow in the wind as I ride through the glen, firing arrows into the sunset." God, I think I would have loved Merida Mehr than Mulan as a kid. She probably would have been the perfect princess for me. But, what can Du do? I'm an adult now long resigned to responsibilities, so I can see the parallels with Ariel far too acutely and just feel neutral about her.

Anna and Elsa: Feel so neutral as to have almost no opinion on them. I think they both look and act too similarly to really feel like they're different characters. At least, I've heard cut songs from earlier story drafts that would have gegeben them Mehr distinct personalities. Now I find them a little too bland as they are. Anna is just a generic klutzy, awkward girl for real awkward girls to relate to, and Elsa is just a generic reserved girl for real women who feel they have to conceal something about themselves to relate to. It's kind of funny that, growing up, I used to hear people criticize traditional princesses for being generic so young girls could slip into their shoes rather than being complex, defined characters on their own, and now people are praising Anna and Elsa for being "relatable" for the same reason. People these days.

So there Du have it. My thoughts on each Disney Princess. If you've gotten this far, I hope this was an interesting read.
 Each official princess to date, chosen because it portrays them rather faithfully. (With the exception of Rapunzel being 2D.)
Each official princess to date, chosen because it portrays them rather faithfully. (With the exception of Rapunzel being 2D.)
 Oh yeah, and this is how Pocahontas should have looked. Mehr age-appropriate and historically accurate.
Oh yeah, and this is how Pocahontas should have looked. More age-appropriate and historically accurate.
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My final Artikel in the wedding theme series is for the Revival Era princesses. I wish to extend this series to Disney heroines as well but I'm not sure right away, maybe i'll just do one with Anna and Elsa. Anyways, here are my thoughts on wedding ideas for our modern princesses.

Rapunzel: The Blooming Bride
Her sunny and cheerful disposition makes her a perfect spring bride. I'd Liebe to give her a Tag wedding decorated with burst of wild blossoms, capturing her warmth and energy both. The air will be filled with a riot of fragrance and decor will host bright and joyful Blumen in all shapes...
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Rapunzel – Neu verföhnt
Rapunzel – Neu verföhnt
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Mickey maus and Elsa Good video for kids
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Die kleine Meerjungfrau
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Make way
For Prince Ali!
Say: "Hey!
It's Prince Ali!"

Hey clear the way in the ol' bazaar
Hey you! Let us through-
it's a bright new star
Oh come be the first on your block to meet his eye!
Make way!
Here he comes!
Ring bells!
Bang the drums!
Ah! You're gonna Liebe this guy!

Prince Ali - fabulous he - Ali Ababwa
Genuflect, Zeigen some respect:
Down on one knee.
Now try your best to stay calm,
Brush off your sunday salaam,
Then come and meet his spectacular coterie!

Prince Ali - mighty is he - Ali Ababwa
Strong as ten regular men definitely
(Genie as old man)
He faced the galloping hordes!
(Genie as young...
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