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Hi all! Just so Du know, I've catered this Artikel to 2013 - er, 2014 - in America, where I happen to live. So here it goes! (And when I say 'survival' I don't mean of the morbid sort, I mean it as their general well being and success in the world)

Snow White: With her kindness, I'm willing to bet that Snow could make it up to about high school, but after that, her naievity (sp?) and trusting nature could betray her in finding both romantic and business relationships that will help her. While she's good at making friends, it's a guarantee that not everyone would be as accepting as the dwarves.

Cinderella:Cinderella would most definitely be a strong contender for living a great modern life. At the beginning of her tale, it's shown that she can work hard and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, but she's also not afraid to be pampered, so she'd be happy (and if not happy, able to manage) both sides of the spectrum of success.

Aurora: (note: I haven't seen this movie in forever, and it's never been my favorite, so bär with me) Never trust anyone that could put Du into eternal sleep. Aurora didn't know that the witch would hurt her, but like Snow White, this sleeping beauty is just too trusting.

Ariel: I'd have to toss a coin for this one - Ariel is clever and spunky, but she also inhabits the biggest downfall - the 'Oh, look, shiny!'. While she's not necessarily naive, Ariel is too curious for her own good. I'd give her the benefit of the doubt though - she's proven an ability to remove herself from sticky situations.

Belle: Belle is book smart. straße smart? Not so much. But she's proven that cleverness and intelligence can go very far in any time period. Her smarts will carry her successfully into adulthood and farther.

Jasmine: Jasmine's smart, a bit silly (only because I don't want naive to be my buzzword) but her insgesamt attitude will help her be successful.

Pocahontas: Smart. Strong. insgesamt bada**. Enough said.

Mulan: See above. Add adorably clumsy (at the beginning mostly.) Again, enough said.

Tiana: Tiana's smart and hardworking and she can juggle anything like nobody's business. She could totally rock anything anyone throws at her. A+.

Rapunzel: Buzz goes the buzzword. Even though Rapunzel can hold her own, her sheer lack of knowledge of the outside world would be her downfall in the modern times.

Merida: She's tough and spunky in addition to smart. The only bump in the road I can imagine her hitting is something to do with her hotheadedness, but she'll make it far regardless of temper.

Anna: Anna is my Favorit princess, so I regret to write this - Anna would not be terribly well in the modern times. She's clever and brave, sure, but she's a bit awkward and sheltered, especially after living her whole life beyond closed doors. She'd need a better grasp of how to deal with loneliness before she could go anywhere, and while complete selflessness is great in fairytales, she can't continuously risk it all for others in real life.

So, what I've learned from this is that I'm a pessimist and that Disney is slowly but surely creating Mehr strong female characters, with less of 'le buzzword' in their lives.

What are your opinions on the matter? Anything Du disagree with?
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Prologue - Characters

Always wondered just when he finished a Disney movie: What happens next? So I decided to create the Sekunde "generation" Disney, the sons and daughters of some Disney character. I hope Du enjoy.

Luna (Snow White / The Prince)

She is the youngest of the group and sweet. Despite 14 years, appears to be younger. Luna is very reminiscent of his mother, both in appearance and personality. She loves Tiere and Musik as well as the mother she is naive and kind, however proves to be very mature in certain situations. It is the youngest among seven brothers, being the only girl....
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