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10. Rapunzel: I just don't think she is pretty. It's mostly the Animation that gets me. Her eyes are huge and she's way too skinny. I don't like her hair either. It's way too long. And when she cuts her hair short she looks worse. Maybe if they made her animated like the rest of the princesses she would be higher up the list!

9. Snow White: I don't exactly find her ugly but I wouldn't consider her pretty either. Her eyes are beautiful though. She would be a lot higher on this Liste if she had longer hair. Her face just looks chubby and her hair is so boring. She's also way too pale.

8. Tiana: I find her pretty. Her eyes are really beautiful and her hair is so cute when it's up in a bun and it looks nice. Her red lips are also really nice.

7. Pocahontas: Pocahontas is just so beautiful. Her hair, her eyes, her smile. Everything about her is gorgeous. Her body is also very nice. She looks so different compared to the other princesses and that's what I Liebe about her!

6. Cinderella: Aschenputtel is beautiful. Her light blue eyes and long eyelashes are so pretty and when her hair is down she looks so beautiful. Though her hair looks kind of weird when it's up she is still very attractive.

5. Aurora: I just Liebe her thick long hair. How it bounces and flows. It's so beautiful. Her eyes are also so beautiful. Her eye color is a pretty velvet-blue. Aurora is absolutely gorgeous. Though her voice doesn't really suit her well.

4. Mulan: It annoys me so much when Mulan is low on other peoples lists. I mean just because she went to war dressed as a male soldier doesn't mean she can't be pretty like the other princesses. I mean her eyes are so beautiful and her long black hair is so cute. She is unique looking and I adore that.

3. Jasmine: I bet you're surprised she didn't get number 1? Anyway, jasmin is absolutely gorgeous. Her eyes, like Rapunzel, are huge but it fits her so well. Her eyes are very pretty. She might be a little too skinny but she still looks great. Her hair is so thick and she is so exotic looking. I also Liebe when her hair is up in a ponytail.

2. Ariel: Many people don't like Ariel because her red hair. I think her red hair is so gorgeous. Her eyes are also so pretty along with her long eyelashes. Ariel is so gorgeous and unique. Her smile is also so beautiful. In some scenes she looks so stunning.

1. Belle: Where do I start first? Her eyes are just lovely, her eyelashes are long and thick, her hair is thick, brown, and long, her lips are a beautiful pink, and her hazel eyes are gorgeous. She is the prettiest of them all. Even her dress is the best out of all the princesses. Belle is definitely my Favorit princess and the prettiest one at that.
"Oh my goodness! Are Du alright?" asked the sobbing girl.
"I'm fine, just help me up," replied Princess Pea. "That damn carpet did that on purpose. It's probably halfway back to Agrabah Von now."
"Oh just a land, a faraway place where the caravan cammels roam. Wow, this room sucks. Du don't even have a Schokolade fountain...I'm Princess Pea, Von the way."
"My name's Cinderella."
"Well, nice meeting Du whatever-you-just-said-your-name-was-but-it's-too-freaking-weird-for-me-to-remember. I gotta go."
"I'm afraid that's impossible," answered Aschenputtel sadly. "You see, my stepmother locked...
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Some sad classic Disney moments, set to Dumo's "Baby Mine", including some Disney Princess Moments ;)
walt Disney
Die kleine Meerjungfrau
princess aurora
princess ariel
Schneewittchen und die sieben Zwerge
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I've decided to take a little break from The Golden gans and sketch the Disney Princesses. While I'm at it, I might as well make one of these lists. Sorry if my Liste is boring and conventional...

10. Briar Rose
 Oh, I'm such a bad girl. I'm a rebel...in my dreams!
Oh, I'm such a bad girl. I'm a rebel...in my dreams!

Briar Rose is lovely and perfect, but her character isn't gegeben any opportunity to shine.

9. Cinderella
 Call me maybe
Call me maybe

Cinderella has a lot of energy, character, and kindness, but she's almost too passive. Still, she shows enough fight in her to be a net positive, which inches her up to the number 9 spot.

8. Snow White
 As long as you're living under your roof, you'll live Von my rules!
As long...
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 What were the chances that John Smith could be standing right in front of her?
What were the chances that John Smith could be standing right in front of her?
Zurück PART


    Pocahontas took a deep breath trying to get her head around who she was looking at. What were the chances that John Smith could be standing right in front of her?
    “This can’t be real,” She thought. “This has to be a dream. Could it really be him?”
    John Smith stood on the edge of the small cliff and stared down. The small town that has come to be built on the Native American land was getting bigger. John Smith had come back to make a life in that small town, but everywhere he looked he got...
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Inking and coloring of my illustration of Anna and Elsa from Disney's Frozen. Now complete with awful audio commentary!
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