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posted by dclairmont
I've already made an Artikel like this for link, link, link, and link, and thought it was only right to do one for the amazing Pocahontas. Pocahontas has gone through a roller coaster on my list, most recently being 10th on my list, but I've always loved her. When I first came to the club, Pocahontas was my Sekunde favorite, and she's finally joined back into the oben, nach oben 5, now coming in at 4 (3 if Du don't count Elsa). Well anyway let's get starting with me talking about why I Liebe Pocahontas!

Pocahontas is great in many ways, but I think there was one instance that really struck me as remarkable, and solidified my Liebe for her. That scene is the one when Nakoma tells Pocahontas that she sent Kocoum after Pocahontas, which ultimately got Kocoum killed, and John Smith sentenced to exile. Pocahontas could've back-lashed, but instead she says, "This is all my fault!" I find that extremely admirable, and something that is often over-looked when people describe her. It's a unique trait to Pocahontas, since most princesses would've either back-lashed, oder cried, Pocahontas admitted that she was the one that got everyone into this, and wasn't in the least mad at Nakoma. I found that astounding, and oh so refreshing. Also, even after this mess, Pocahontas just doesn't mope around. She takes responsibility, and realizes that she's the only one that can stop this. She's very proactive, even if a bit slow to get there.

Nakoma in general just brings out the best in Pocahontas. I absolutely Liebe the opening scene we see of Pocahontas, where she's standing on the rock, having one of her infamous dramatic poses, and dives down into the water. It shows how adventurous and fun she is. Then, we get to see her spit water at Nakoma, which I loved seeing. I Liebe how her relationship with Nakoma is light-hearted and fun, yet they can rely and trust each other, and they know what's best for one another. I Liebe how there are so many traits to Pocahontas. She doesn't fit into the cookie cutter "fun" princess, but neither does she fit into the "serious" type princess. She has characteristics of both, which I find really fun and interesting to watch. Pocahontas handles herself with such elegance and grace, but at the same time jumps off cliffs, how awesome is that? Also, although she has knowledge that really is foreign for her age, she still makes mistakes, and isn't superwoman.

Another aspect that I Liebe about Pocahontas is how I relate to her. I've come to see Mehr and Mehr that we're similar in many ways, and it's a bit surprising, as I used to think how could I relate to some Earth-Goddess that runs around in the forest and is awesomely amazing, but I do see some similarities now. We're both extremely indecisive for one, and I Liebe how Pocahontas has such a tough time picking which way is her path. The compass scene where it points her to the right direction is such a powerful scene in my opinion, since it symbolizes how Pocahontas finally knows her path. I Liebe how Pocahontas isn't scared to take the path less followed, and how she welcomes change. That's something that I wish I could do, since often I feel I'm stuck in a rot and can't get out. Pocahontas lacks some common sense, since she doesn't even try to explain to her father the situation, but I find that's a quality that makes her Mehr realistic, and human. Sometimes something is starring me straight in the face, but I wait till it's almost too late to do anything, since I'm scared that something might go wrong, and Pocahontas is clearly the same. I'm glad they gave this trait to Pocahontas, because many fictional characters in general just seem to figure everything out way too quickly and unrealistically.

All in all, Pocahontas is amazing. She's a fun character that really is Mehr than the eye can see. She's very responsible, realistic, relateable, elegant, and more. I Liebe how she takes ownership of her action, isn't perfect, and how she is both fun, while having a serious side that gets her points across. Pocahontas is a wonderful princess, and she definitely deserves her long awaited spot in my oben, nach oben 5! Thanks for reading, and expect another Artikel like this either about Mulan, Jasmine, oder Rapunzel soon! :)
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posted by deedragongirl
 The Poster.
The Poster.
Hi guys, since Moana will be coming to Malaysia on Boxing Tag this year. Here are my thoughts and expectations on why I'm so looking vorwärts-, nach vorn towards the movie!

The Story-Line

I hope that the story will not be like Frozen and I would expect something very original, and from what I heard is that Moana is not going to get a Liebe interest like Merida and Elsa before her.

The Characters

Speaking of the characters, I hope that Moana is not going to be like a carbon copy of Merida from Brave. If she was, I would be surprise and all that! But I just hope that she's not going to be like a spoiled brat...
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Hi everyone!

I was looking at Artikel that were gepostet before I arrived on Fanpop and there were several Fanpoppers that wrote this type of article. So I thought it'd be fun to write my own.

1. What name would Du change yours to?

Anna. It's simple and it just sounds really pretty to me. It also means "grace" in Hebrew.

 At least my name is graceful.
At least my name is graceful.

2. Which skills would Du like to develop?

Literally everything Mulan did while training for war. I'm currently studying martial arts and it would be amazing to be able to perform at Mulan's level.

3. Who would Du want for a parent?

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posted by deedragongirl
 Are Du ready for redemption, Hans?
Are you ready for redemption, Hans?
Okay, an idea had just struck me. Since the sequel will be coming soon, here are my thoughts on why should Hans be redeem oder not if he makes an appearance again.

He Should Redeem Himself

When I first watch the movie, I started to have a crush on him until he turn into the dark side. However upon being expose, he was arrested and ship back to the 7 Isles so that his brothers could punish him.
In Frozen Fever, he was doing community service until Elsa let out a giant snowball and hit him! I personally think that from that minor scene, I felt that he should redeem himself anyway, because he finally...
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Hi everyone!

So it's been about six months since I joined Fanpop, and about as much time since I published my first DP Artikel ranking the DPs. This Artikel will explain my new ranking of the Disney princesses (including Anna and Elsa) from lowest to highest in my opinion. Hope Du like it!

13. Elsa (same spot)

Unfortunately, Elsa’s still at the bottom of my list. This is mainly because she doesn’t seem to exhibit any worry about the kingdom and sister she leaves behind after they find out about her ice powers, which is disconcerting since she spent her whole life...
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