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Hi everybody! My past Artikel are only lists and informations about the princesses, now Du will know my opinions about them.

10. Snow White
I really find her so boring. For me, she is not as pretty as the others and her voice sucks. But, the good thing that I like about her is her simplicity and kindness.

9. Aurora
Aurora is a very beautiful princess. But, her personality is really poor. In terms of voice, she is one of my favorites. The only reason that she is higher than Snow White is because of her relationship to Philip.

8. Ariel
Now here is the big deal, in my former Liste she is my number one, now she is in my bottom three. I realized that she is really selfish (no offense)! She thinks that she is always right. But, inspite of that, I think that she has the herz and the face of a Disney Princess.

7. Cinderella
I think Aschenputtel is just balanced in the way that her beauty, personality, characteristics, etc. are just equal. That is just my opinion for her.

6. Tiana
Tiana is really pretty, but she is no fun! I do not consider her dream as an exception. She is number six because I really like her determination and her dimples!

5. Belle
Belle is really beautiful but she is boring. She is my number five because even if she is a little boring, she is really a woman of good traits. That is all I can say for her.

4. Pocahontas
She is a native beauty! Her voice really is beautiful. I do find her so mature and so kindhearted. Pocahontas is over-all an excellent princess.

3. Jasmine
jasmin is also really pretty! She is so fun and kind. Her humbleness for me is her best characteristic! That is all!

2. Mulan
The bravest of them all! She sacrificed her life to honor her family! She is also very pretty! Mulan is a very good Disney Princess!

1. Rapunzel
Her Zurück rank is so low, now she is my oben, nach oben 1! For me she is the prettiest of them all, her eyes for me are very tantalizing! Like Jasmine, I find her so fun and kindhearted! She is the BEST Disney Princess!
It's been discussed lately which princess is Mehr Mary Sue-ish. Belle, Snow White, Rapunzel, Cinderella... all these have been mentioned. I'm ashamed to say that I sagte (that sounds strange) that Rapunzel was the most Mary Sue-ish princess (though I also sagte there was a far marge from her to a Mary Sue).

I wish we would stop talking about which princess is the most Mary Sue-ish, because none of them are. In this Artikel I'm going to try and prove it. I'll Liste some flaws they have, and I'm going to name what I think is their fatal flaw. I'm dividing these Artikel Von era, because I need to...
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 The most underrated of them all yet to me, the best
The most underrated of them all yet to me, the best
A lot of people call the classics Mary-Sues and I strongly disagree, and I have much evidence to prove that they are far from perfect. But hey, their opinion, I'll respect that. Here we go...

Here is why they are underrated

3)Need a Prince for rescue

They are feminine, yes, but that is not bad in any way. They are Mary-Sues? No way. They need a prince for rescue, they are capable of many things Von themselves.

Starting out with the first and my Favorit out of the classics....

I think she is the most underrated out of all the princesses. In areas like beauty (she's...
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I just had this crazy idea - In the Weiter months, I'll write a series of 8 Artikel (well, I'll continue only if Du like them, of course). The first 7 Artikel will be about separate aspects of the DP Filme (Score, princess, couple, screenplay, villain, sidekicks and animation/art), and in the final Artikel I'll make the average of the grades I gave the Filme in each aspect and make my Favorit DP Filme Liste = )

The first Artikel is about the scores! Enjoy =D BTW, all the pictures I used feature my Favorit song from each movie.

10. Cinderella - 7,0

It sure has a lot of nice songs –...
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I've wanted to do one of these Artikel for about a Monat now, but I was too scared and didn't know the princesses well enough. Now, I've re-watched all of their movies, and finally decided. Here's my current line-up. It'll probably change when Merida - Legende der Highlands comes out though. :D

10. Belle

I'm going to say this straight up. I HATE Belle. Soooo many things about her irk me, some things just plain peeve me out. For one, she is not intelligent simply because she reads. She reads fairy tales! Not that I can blame her, because they're great, but I hate when people assume she's the smartest just because...
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Die kleine Meerjungfrau
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