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posted by sweetie-94
I think I'm one of the first to do an Artikel about my Favorit DP Intros, but oh well, I hope Du will enjoy this Artikel and don't forget to leave a Kommentar :)

10. Pocahontas

I'm going to be honest here, but I really HATE this intro, it's probably my least Favorit animated movie intro. It's so boring and it makes me wanna fall asleep, but this doesn't mean that I hate modern movie intros of course not, some are good, some are just boring. The thing I hate the most with the intro is the songs, especially "Steady As The Beating Drum", it's one of my least Favorit animated movie songs. The only good thing about this intro is the Animation and the storm sequence, it reminds me strongly of the storm scene in The Little Mermaid. The rest is just awful and I think that the intro is one of the main reasons to why I think this is not only my least Favorit DP movie, but also one of my least Favorit animated Filme of all time.

9. Aladin

I like the intro until that man on the kamel starts talking, he's just making the intro Mehr boring. But I do think this is a WAY better intro than the intro to Pocahontas because the intro song is a lot better, okay some of the lyrics are a bit weird, but the song sets a desert feeling. But yeah, I like this intro, but the others are just better.

8. Cinderella

The intro song is very beautiful and I like how it opens with a book and then a narrator tells the background story, but I find the intro to be a little bit boring at some points of it, but I can't blame this intro, it's such a sweet intro and I still like this intro.

7. Tangled

I really like this intro, I like how it starts with Flynn telling the background story of Rapunzel, but I think this intro is a bit boring at some points, but I still like this intro, it's nice. I honestly wished that they had kept one of their original intro plans, they where both pretty good, but the final version is good.

6. Sleeping Beauty

Don't call me crazy, but I really like this intro. The Musik is fantastic, I like how it begins with "Once Upon A Dream", but I also like how there's some instrumental Musik in here. Again Liebe how it begins with a book and a narrator that tells the story, but once again the intro is a little bit boring during the story telling part, but not very boring.

5. Mulan

This is one of the few scenes I like in the movie, okay the small intro in the very beginning is a bit boring, but that scene where we see the huns climbing the Chinese Wand is very well done, it's such a different intro compared to the other DP Filme and that's why I Liebe that part so much and what a perfect way to get introduced to one of my Favorit DP villains Shan-Yu.

4. The Princess and the Frog

This is my Favorit scene in the movie, it's such a nice way to get introduced to Tiana and Charlotte. I Liebe "Down In New Orleans", it's one of my Favorit DP Intro Songs, really shows that New Orleans is the hometown for jazz and I like how during the song we see Tiana working in her café. The ending of it is funny because I Liebe how Naveen looks like he's interested in Tiana, but Tiana isn't interested in him at all.

3. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

From my Favorit scene in the movie to my least favorite. well, I just think this intro is a little boring and there's no narrator that tells the story, that's why I Liebe my childhood version better in this case because there's a narrator there. Other than that I really Liebe this intro, the Musik has a fairytale feeling which I like and it isn't very boring.

2. Beauty and the Beast

I really Liebe this intro, so beautiful and I Liebe the narration, it really drags Du into the movie. I also Liebe the pictures shown during that, some of them are so gorgeous like that rose that the old woman holds and the enchantress. I also Liebe how we first see a forest and a waterfall and the schloss in a distance and then the schloss comes closer and closer, really fantastic. Between this and my number 1 it was so hard to choose because they are both so good.

1. The Little Mermaid

I Liebe this intro, it's one of the most beautiful Disney Intros, the Musik is so beautiful and I Liebe how it's underwater and my Favorit Tiere are here dolphins. They're so cute and I think it's a little funny that they're one of the reasons to why this intro is my Favorit DP intro, however my Favorit Disney Intro is either Lady and the Tramp's oder Bambi's I think, those are wonderful. But this is how a great intro should be like, simple and beautiful.
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I used to give into the hype and I still like her but I've recently realized that she's not that strong oder effective of a villain. I've never seen the Angelina Jolie live action movie and quite honestly I don't think I ever will. This is all based on the original Sleeping Beauty.

Now, Maleficent definitely has the classic villain personality (sinister, petty, arrogant) and aesthetic. (she can turn into a dragon, and green feuer is cool) She's one of the most quotable and meme-able villains in all of Disney. In fact, I think she's the one who really perfected the look and feel of a "Disney Villain"...
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While it hasn't been confirmed, various clues have pointed to Moana eventually joining the Disney Princess lineup. This process only involved 20+ users, which I think is a good thing, we'll save the BIG survey for after Moana's official coronation. That's why I didn't ask for Kommentare oder use fancy pics. Since the pool of users is so small, I wouldn't say these results are absolute and concrete. This is just a small Vorschau of where Moana as well as the other princesses stand.

12. Merida-178 points

To the surprise of literally no one, Merida is dead last. Often criticized Von DP Fans and...
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