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I like the "romantic" song, I Liebe the "I want" song, I Liebe the beginning and I Liebe the funny scenes, but for me, the most enjoyable scene of a movie is its climax. A good movie has to chill me in its action scenes even if it's the 30th time I'm watching it. So here I wrote an Artikel explaining what are my 10 Favorit final action scenes from DP movies. I might make a countdown about that (with the public's opinion) in the future, but at the moment, I'd like to share my opinion with you.

10. The Princess and the Frog
This action scene has an interesting setting - New Orlean's cemetery - but there's no action at all. And even if there was, the scene is suddenly interrupted Von Tiana's deceptive dream. This scene may improve her development as a character, but as an action scene, this isn't nearly as good as the other DP Movies. It also bothers me that Tiana wasn't even sure what that whole amulet thing was about.

9. Pocahontas
I like the musical feeling, but there's not a lot of action, too. The real action is John Smith being shot, but that is too fast to be above the other scenes. Other than that, all we see is Pocahontas being able to do what she thought was right: Use the words insted of violence. I think the fight between Kocoum and Smith before that was Mehr thrilling than the final scene.

8. Beauty and the Beast
This fight isn't as thrilling as it could be because... hey! We already saw the Beast defeating a dozen wolfes! Why wouldn't he take care of Gaston? Somehow, I am sure that things will turn out well. However, the real excitement is when Gaston knifes the Beast. It was so unexpected! But after that the filmmakers gave Gaston a very, very stupid death.

7. Aladdin
This scene is very thrilling, specially because jasmin was inside that hourglass and Jafar seemed to be completely undefeatable with the Genie in his hands. I like how Jafar was completely decided to kill Aladdin, even knowing that he already had everything he wanted. But everything is solved very fast and I thought Jafar was too easily tricked Von Aladdin.

6. Tangled
The whole thing was Mehr about Flynn and Rapunzel being separated, and the action is a little restrict, too. I was very touched Von Flynn almost dying, but thrilled isn't the right word for that. I think that the chasing with Rapunzel, Flynn, Maximus, the Royal Guards and Stabbington Brothers was Mehr exciting than this. Plus, Gothel's death was a little gross and I don't like that Pascal made her fall.

5. Mulan
This scene is colorful, exciting and even breathtaking, but it has two little problems. I don't like how Mushu automatically discovers that Mulan's idea is to explode Shan Yu in the roof. And I think that the battle sequence in the snow was very difficult to match - And this final scene really didn't manage to.

4. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfes
This scene is very well-directed. The light, the score, the Animation and the backgrounds. It's when the dwarfes prove how they cared for Snow White and when the Evil Queen finally receives what she deserves. But again, there are problems - The Dwarfes chased her not even knowing that Snow White had been poisoned and again, she had already bitten the apple! Even if they got the Queen, it woudn't make difference for Snowy.

3. Cinderella
Even coming from a very simple idea (two mice going up the stairs with a key), this scene always gets in everybody's nerves, proving how we care for Cinderella. The score completely joins the Animation in this sequence (just remember that point when the camera goes completely around Gus almost falling down with the key). It could have ben #1, but the way things were solved was a little predictable.

2. The Little Mermaid
This action sequence is amazingly breathtaking. Just look at this shot: When Du see that on screen, Du really think - "OK, now they ARE doomed". The evil witch is now like 100 times bigger than them and has the trident in her hands. It's very unpredictable that Eric will manage to enter a sunk boot and explode Ursula with its bow Sekunden before she blasts the Little Mermaid.

1. Sleeping Beauty
I think mostly everyone will agree with me about my #1 action scene. It is amazingly directed and it's not only about the scene with the Dragon, it just followed Phillip running away from the dungeon and being trapped in the forest of thorns. Those situations are as terrible as Phillip doesn't manage to defeat Maleficient alone - He needs constantly the fairies' help. I've never seen this scene in the big screen, but I'm sure it would be fantastic.
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One of Snow White’s most discussed lines: I'm so ashamed of the fuss I've made. This line is discussed because Snow seems to not only apologize for feeling bad, but also feel bad for feeling bad. She seems to be ashamed for reacting in a perfectly normal way to a traumatic event.

So why did Snow White say this line and what does it say about her character?

To answer this, I'm going to go through the context in which this line is said. Snow White says it to the Tiere after she breaks down crying due to her woods scene, arguably the lowest point in her movie.

Firstly, consider that these animals...
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