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 and we have the generic lineup of all of the Disney Princesses
and we have the generic lineup of all of the Disney Princesses
What can be sagte about the princesses that hasn't been sagte before? Girls like me who grew up with Disney have always had a fondness for the heroines/princesses created for a certain movie. In the first part of my Disney Princess Artikel (yes, there will be more), I am counting down my Favoriten in specific categories of my choice with what I believe are sufficiently adequate reasons backing up my standpoint whether oder not the masses agree with me oder not. Oh and masses, this is my first Artikel so please be somewhat understanding. Let us take a Mehr cynical, sarcastic, but honest look at my first category

Favorite insgesamt Princesses

10. Aurora- Sleeping Beauty (1959)

This princess is just too bland for me. I remember sitting w/ my Aunt Ann begging her to fast vorwärts-, nach vorn the forest parts so I can get back to the fairies. Sure she's got looks- the chick was based off of Audrey Hepburn- but she's got little to no personality. Maybe I'd like her Mehr if she had Mehr screen time. I always say the movie isn't so much about Sleeping Beauty/Briar Rose/Princess Aurora (seriously, she has 3 names?) the titular character, but the Elfen who protect her and the fairy who wants her dead. I also questioned why her voice is all high pitched and innocent when speaking and then when she starts Singen it's like she turned into an operatic temptress. All in all, she needed Mehr character development and Mehr screen time. And the one sequel thing she was in didn't do much good for her either.

9. Pocahontas- Pocahontas (1995)

Okay, now we got a titular character who's actually a focus. However, Pocahontas doesn't work for me. I give Requisiten for what she does with saving John Smith near the end, but really that's all about it for me. I just never really liked her oder her movie. I thought it was a good gesture that her speaking voice was a woman of actual Native American descent (Irene Beddard) but her Singen voice (Judy Kuhn) while good just didn't fit for her character. I also never identified myself with her; I hated the outdoors, I wasn't Merida - Legende der Highlands oder adventurous, and guys didn't fight over me, but even so I woulda chose the first Liebe over sequel love- just sayin'. In all honesty, I prefer the supporting characters in the movie than the titular heroine anyway. Maybe this also stems back from getting the sequel a little after doing a Berichten on Pocahontas and thinking 'she's a real person, maybe we'll see some real things she did in the sequel'. Nope. I give the girl credit, I was pretty close to my Gramma until she passed away this Jahr and thanks to Pocahontas I think it's okay to talk to the spirit of your dead Gramma.

8. Ariel- Little Mermaid (1989)

Ha, ha people are gonna hate me for this one. Let me start out Von saying growing up I liked Ariel...but then I got older and I asked myself 'Jenna why did Du like this chick?'. First off, she's way too attractive and that made me feel Mehr insecure about my looks I'll clear the air on that first. Now we dive into bigger issues I have with Ariel (and for the record, I'm sure Nostalgia Chick Lindsay Ellis agrees w/ me): she does not think things through and the poor choices she makes- for herself- have negative consequences not just for herself but for her father, and Sebastian (lest we forget Les Poissons), but also if Ariel hadn't been kissed she would be Lost from Eric forever and thought could have a negative effect on him too because he had feelings for her. That's another thing I don't think she loved Eric. Yes boo me all Du want but let me explain my reasoning: Ariel is a hoarder obsessed with humans and their things so naturally when she sees a human she finds attractive (remind you, based on looks and nothing else) she becomes obsessed with him and decides 'I saw this human guy and now I'm in Liebe and we gotta be together'. Too me, that's obsession (and stalking) not love. Ariel is not the best role model and I think Du can attribute that to male writers working on their first princess movie. Ariel makes poor decisions for her own selfish need- even when she knows how bad the outcome is- and in the end, everything goes good for her and she learns nothing and remains unchanged. Don't even get me started on the sequels!

7. Tiana- Princess and the Frog (2009)

Looking back on all the Disney Princesses, they weren't as serious as Tiana was. But in her defense she was a goal-driven woman who wanted to fufill a dream of both her and her late father even though it was a time when it was uncommon for women to be working, let alone business owners. Though I will say as a human, she's realistic. If I had a dream/goal I wanted to fufill but needed money, I would get off my lazy butt and work hard...but I'm lazy so in actuality I would say I'd do that, but not. I will admit, I would've liked to seen her Mehr as a human instead of a frog, but then we wouldn't really have a movie if that didn't happen. All in all, I admire her perserverance and determination (and the fact that she was willing to work) and I give her credit for being the first African-American princess. Though I wish she wasn't as serious as she was.

6. Rapunzel- Rapunzel – Neu verföhnt (2010)

I HATED when Disney advertised this movie and put the focus Mehr on Flynn and changed the Titel of the movie. Yes, they tried to branch out, but I would've preferred if the movie Titel hadn't changed. Oh well, that's ranting. I give credit to Rapunzel for being able to do all that she did while locked in a tower and trying to keep an optimistic outlook. She was a fun princess who with the help of a bandit was able to escape her caged climate and get into the world and quickly have an affect on pub thugs, a serious horse, and of course Flynn. She's kind of in the middle because she didn't really stick out for me that much. I liked Rapunzel – Neu verföhnt but I still wish it centered Mehr on Rapunzel seeing as it's a Disney Princess movie. I will admit, I like her better as a brunette with short hair because I am a brunette and I was never able to pull off short hair. I like that she was also barefoot throughout her movie because I prefer being barefoot too.

5. Mulan- Mulan (1998)

I admire her, I do. She was brave, selfless, and put her family before herself. I can identify with how she feels about herself because that's how I feel about myself too. She's Mehr low on this Liste because if we're being honest, I've only seen Mulan one time. I don't own the DVD oder video and I miss opportunities to catch it again when it's on. I honestly blew her off until I saw all the Liebe she got on here and realized that I have a lot Mehr in common and a lot Mehr respect for her than I thought. So...at least she gets in the oben, nach oben 5

4. Snow White- Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs (1937)

"The One that Started it All". I think Snow White's branded with that Titel the rest of her life. She's pretty high on this Liste because I try to force myself to watch her movie whenever it's on (and I usually do) and I realized the girl is so optimistic and romantic but she lacks intelligence. Yes she does 3 incredibly stupid things (I'm saving it for another list), but she's younger than all the other princesses and doesn't think things through. But I Liebe how helpful and trusting she is and that she'll be a friend to anybody and in return, they'll be a friend to her. I do like this princess yes, but I've seen Mehr renditions of this story and I like a couple variations of Snow White better than the Disney one, so I'm kinda cheating Von putting her high up because I like other non-Disney Snow Whites too. Besides the princess, I Liebe her story. I give the girl credit for the scary things she went through and how her demeanor never changed and she held onto the hope that the guy who snuck over her Wand and frightened her, but sang to her, would rescue her and they'd ride off into the sunset and eventually marry. Though when I was 14, I don't think I dreamt of riding off with some Wand climbing Singen stalker and getting married. This girl needs to think more.

3. Belle- Beauty and the Beast (1991)

I Liebe that she's a brunette, she wears blue, she loves to read, she feels like an outcast, and she longs for Mehr in her provincial life. This girl is smart and tries to do what's best for everyone while standing up to what she feels is wrong. I don't think I have anything bad to say about her except that she suffered Stockholm Syndrome and didn't try to escape when she had good opportunities...but then we wouldn't have a movie would we? I also think too much pressure was expected on her to break a decade long spell, but Hey that's 'cause none of them seen anybody new in a decade.

2. Jasmine- Aladin (1992)

She's not the focus of her movie, true, but she's the only central female character and they treat her well. jasmin is tough, independent, fights for rights and equality, stands up for herself and for others, and I think she's one of the smart ones (she says she's a fast learner and it shows). There was a Frage on this site about which princess would be your wife, best friend, and enemy and though most chose jasmin for enemy due to her attitude, I chose her as my best friend and I gave some pretty decent reasons why. jasmin was also prominent in her sequels and spin off TV series- which I love- and even though she's not the central focus and only gets one song in her main movie (but we all Liebe it anyway), she is one I truly admire and wish I could be Mehr like...even with attitude. Bonus jasmin and Jenna (Jenna being me) are both products of 1992 so BOO-YAH!

1. Cinderella- Aschenputtel (1950)

Her name is part of my Nutzername did that not give it away? I Liebe THIS GIRL! I Liebe her apperance, I Liebe her voice (speaking and singing), I Liebe her mannerisms and quirks, I Liebe that she's patient and obedient like me, I Liebe that she was the first princess to use sarcasm, and mostly I Liebe that she is the central focus in a Disney princess movie that ties not only the main plot, but the subplot together. I not only Liebe Disney's Cinderella, but any Cinderella...well, maybe not modern Tag Cinderellas like Hilary Duff but I'm a fairy tale girl. I Liebe the Aschenputtel story and the fact that it's a rags to riches tale that can happen to anyone male oder female. I can relate to Aschenputtel in both strengths and weaknesses; we both tend to stay to ourselves and talk to Tiere (don't judge me), we always do what we're told even if we don't want to, we keep hope that we'll get a happily ever after in the end, we prepare ourselves, we fantasize about better lives, we rarely get anything nice oder new, we try to defend ourselves even when others won't listen, we have dogs, we go without things a lot, and we don't get out much. I frickin' Liebe her no matter what anyone says.

These are my opinions, please tolerate them. Kommentare are appreciated, I like to hear what others think.

And now here are the pictures because I'm still not sure how to Upload them under the princess name but Du still deserve something somewhat appealing in this Artikel to look at.
 "So is your name Aurora, Briar Rose, oder Sleeping Beauty? You're the Titel character, can't Du settle on a name?"
"So is your name Aurora, Briar Rose, or Sleeping Beauty? You're the title character, can't you settle on a name?"
 "If we're getting technical here, since you're a real princess you're gonna die at 21 Pocahontas...or should I say Rebecca!"
"If we're getting technical here, since you're a real princess you're gonna die at 21 Pocahontas...or should I say Rebecca!"
 "You haven't had any interaction with this guy and Du know you're gonna marry him? I know 16 Jahr old girls should be thinking about boys but dang honey Du went a little too far."
"You haven't had any interaction with this guy and you know you're gonna marry him? I know 16 year old girls should be thinking about boys but dang honey you went a little too far."
 "So Du work hard and the one time Du wish on a star, sterne it kinda backfires on you. Don't worry honey, your mama is Oprah, I'm sure she can fix it."
"So you work hard and the one time you wish on a star it kinda backfires on you. Don't worry honey, your mama is Oprah, I'm sure she can fix it."
 "For your 18th birthday, Du wanna see some floating lights? Have Du considered a car oder some money for college...maybe you're own apartment?"
"For your 18th birthday, you wanna see some floating lights? Have you considered a car or some money for college...maybe you're own apartment?"
 "In today's standards, it's not so weird when a girl dresses as a guy, but falling in Liebe with your boss dressed as a guy is somewhat weird."
"In today's standards, it's not so weird when a girl dresses as a guy, but falling in love with your boss dressed as a guy is somewhat weird."
 "Hey, maybe Du should run a background check on this scary person before Du take anything from...oh, and you're in a sleeping death. I ain't Küssen you."
"Hey, maybe you should run a background check on this scary person before you take anything from...oh, and you're in a sleeping death. I ain't kissing you."
 "Hi yeah, we need Du to break this decade long curse in a certain amount of time...no pressure on Du oder anything."
"Hi yeah, we need you to break this decade long curse in a certain amount of time...no pressure on you or anything."
 "If we discuss some attitude adjustments I think...oh what a lovely pet tiger Du have. Why are Du both staring at me like that?"
"If we discuss some attitude adjustments I think...oh what a lovely pet tiger you have. Why are you both staring at me like that?"
 "Question, how did Du fit that shoe into your pocket?"
"Question, how did you fit that shoe into your pocket?"
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If I had to write an Artikel which one of those Filme is better, I know what the result would be. I consider Rapunzel – Neu verföhnt the better movie because it has a cohesive story, better characters, better score, Mehr impressive Animation – it just beats The Princess and the Frog in every aspect. But why is there this constant need to compare those two Filme in the first place? I have never seen anyone comparing any of the Disney Princess Filme with the one which came directly beforehand oder after, unless it was for pointing out the development in animation.

I guess the reason is simple: Because all...
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I just watched Aschenputtel III: A Twist In Time..
and I was expecting it to be absolute shit, as everyone makes Disney Sequels out to be really bad because they aren't really necessary, but in all honesty, I loved it!

At times, it was cheesy and the songs weren't as good as the ones in the first movie, but I really enjoyed it. It showed Mehr of Prince Charming and gave him a bit Mehr of a personality...
The King: I forbid Du to take one Mehr step down these stairs!
Prince Charming: *sneaky grin* Okay.... *jumps out the window*

Prince Charming has always been my least favourite prince but after this, idk.. it makes me like him Mehr :)

Which raises the question.. are Disney sequels all that bad?.. I think not xD
like the Titel says.
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princess and the frog
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the glow
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So, recently I did a countdown about the Disney Princess's redesigned looks. The results are now in, and here's an Artikel about it! But before we see which princess has the best redesign, lets look at the other 10 princesses that didn't make it to first place.

11. Cinderella
This one came as a surprise to me. Aschenputtel isn't that bad, but it seems like Fanpop didn't like how her face and hair looked, oder the fact that she's yellow blonde in blue and not erdbeere blonde in silver. Not many of the voters who chose Aschenputtel wrote a comment.

I hate her hair style. But she has a pretty kleid <33...
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Eh, it's not very good. I made it yesterday from boredom.
Die kleine Meerjungfrau
lily allen
never gonna happen
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Alright, Rapunzel – Neu verföhnt came out and I really want Rapunzal and Eugene in here (I like calling him Eugene better than Flynn), so I had to work them in there somehow, so here's what I came up with. Enjoy.

Extension of Chapter 3 Part 1:

The princes, lead Von Kapo, venture further into the darkness, knowing nothing of what lies ahead. Without warning, Kapo stopped walking. The princes eventually surrounded him, knowing he was concentrating on something.
"...something's coming." Kapo finally said. Some of the men became alarmed, although a few remained sceptackle. Because of the lack of action and trecherous...
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Hi everyone! This is a rank of Fanpop's Favorit princes. If you've read my past two articles, Du likely know how this system works. If so, skip to the ranks. If not, read the section below.

So basically here's how the process worked. I asked people that voted to rank their Favorit Disney Princes, and they Kommentiert with their ranks (a total of twenty-five users took part). Like with the team articles, the ranks here are an average of the ranks of everyone that commented. A difference here though is the scoring system, which I changed the scoring from an average rank of to a total point score,...
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