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posted by breebree446
Decided that when I write my fan-fiction about Arista, that there would be a few new characters in it. I'm calling the story; Mermaid Tales. I want to use Ariel's sisters, as well as a few from the Fernsehen series such as Urchin, Gabriella and Ollie, and Pearl. These are a few of the characters I came up with for the story.

 Just pretend it's pink, okay? -_-U
Just pretend it's pink, okay? -_-U

Taken from "coral." Cory is one of Arista's friends. She's unbelievably bubbly and crazy but a very loyal friend. She loves the color rosa and has a rosa tail-fin and top. She often wears a pair of red starfish earrings. She has an active imagination and often involves Arista in her "little adventures." And although she doesn't always "get it" she's there to lend a helping hand and ensure a laugh whenever she can.

Known as "Artie" to Arista, he was her childhood friend when they were younger until he moved to Atlantis. He moved back not long ago, but to her surprise, along with the surprise of her sisters, he was no longer that sweet, shy little boy they once knew. Instead, he's tough and sarcastic. Although he likes to annoy and challenge Arista, the two still remember the childhood they had and remain close friends. He has shaggy black hair and a green tail fin.

Jewel is Artie's younger sister. She has an orange tail fin, white top, and short black hair. She looks up to Arista a great deal. She is considered a tomboy Von everybody and prefers to explore rather than sit around and do her hair all day. She reminds Arista of Ariel. Jewel also gets along really well with Urchin.

The Liebe interest of Attina. Rayne is mysterious and quiet, but also very intelligent. He's usually found Schreiben poetry. While he and Attina don't hit it off from the start because Attina thinks there's "something strange about him", she soon discovers how active his imagination is and gets her to see things in new ways. Rayne has long black hair and a blue tail fin.

Adella's Liebe interest. Gill is a quiet, reserved guy who likes to read and study plant life, which is why he doesn't really notice Adella a lot. Some would call him a nerd. A nerd Adella finds absolutely amazing! So amazing she would actually leave her girlie-girl life behind to try to become dedicated to learning. At least until gill encourages her to do both.

These are all the characters I have for now, although I might come up with Mehr in the future. Starting on the fanfic soon, I hope.
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