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Beauty and the Beast (1991) Time Period?

Hi guys, which time period is the famous 1991 animated version supposed to be set in? We all know that the 2017 is set in the early 18th century.
 deedragongirl posted vor 8 Monaten
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JosepineJackson said:
Well, 2017 movie is simply some kind of a remake of 1991 animated one. So story is one and the same, based on classic fairy tale, written in 18th century Von Gabrielle Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve. Probably she set her story in the time she wrote it. Both (all, if we count non Disney versions) Filme are based on this story so Filme story is set at the same time as book's, we can say that about all the versions, except is there are some modernized movie ones (I don't know if there are) like Baz Luhmann's movie adaption to "Romeo and Juliette". So 1991 movie is set in 18th century just like 2017th one. 🙂 Hope I helped.
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posted vor 8 Monaten 
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