I have the DVD. Mythical. Watch it once, and Du feel like you're back to the cinema. Focus on certain scenes, and Du scare a moment as it happened to me.Do Du know the movie parental guidance? I can present my impressions in this way..Here all the goodies about characters,movie violence(huh,re-watch it slowly is quite traumatic),sexual countenance and other (more oder less in the movie order,not all in the same Artikel but divided)!
1)Have Du noticed that in the Mel Dorado show,at the end,Francesco had the sound taken away as he was about to yield to bad language?
2)During Mater's [false] fool (in the dream and not),Francesco is the one with the Mehr raucous laughter?
3)In the Videos of Porto Corsa,Lemons pretend to go to red lights.
4)When Holley pretends to seek help for her grandfather, Alexander Hugo first looks at her as he was caught,and after has a twinge of jealousy towards Ivan. Notice the facial expressions!
5)Notice how Lemons' smiles grow wider at "Lightning McQueen must be KILLED!"shout. Watch the rascals behind Zundapp!
6)In Porto Corsa,during the running to alert Lightning,Mater picks up one of Francesco's puppets?
7)When Tubbs Pacer beats a retreat in London, followed Von some thugs, Alexander Hugo ditches his boss to follow the Pacers and rescue himself [vainly]?Notice how Victor stretches the right front wheel to draw attention.