I watched Cars 2 at the cinema, on June 23.
With a friend. We also enjoyed the end credits in 2D. My friend sagte the credits make Du reorder the ideas about the just watched film and let Du instantly know what Du have felt about that movie.
A really truthful affirmation, at least to me. Because when the closing credits started, I felt a swirl of emotions. I felt a taste of melancholy and a cheerful one, a sad and a shocked. I realized that I was ready to re-watch it at once.That I would miss it, until the video game and DVD. That it isn't like any other Pixar films, and even other Filme seen Von me until now.
I classified it in 5 adjectives: particular, moving, funny, innovative, angry.
Special because it continues to rebound like a little crazed ball in my mind. And every time I remember it from a different angle.In enemies's side, oder that of Mater and his problems with Lightning.
Touching because one understands that a much beloved character has died (I don't spoil the bad surprise for those who have not watch it yet). And then because someone leaves the body in the film. oder the desperate cry of friendship Von Lightning to the tow truck.Comical because it amuses,of laughters quick, ungraspable, that leave Du to laugh heartily whereas it is already arrived on the screen, a sequence to the thrilling. That I felt in me meandering a little throughout the film.
Innovative on the topic, for Pixar. Something that is not childish but the sorrowful predominance of oil on non-polluting. Stop spoiler.
Angry. No Pixar products is so angry, snarling, violent. Galore Weapons and Du will see that in some scenes these are not lies.
As for the enemies, take Hopper, Lotso, Incrediboy, and many other Du want and make it a bad mix. Shake 'em well, and Du will have enemies who do not repent until the end nor have changes of mind. In the contrary, they kill without qualms.
Pixar Du leave me marvelously destabilized. Place an emoticon here at will. Based on that Cars 2 has made Du feel. Please! ;)