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Article by truth76 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Life is rising up
Surging forth in all directions
Every little buttercup
Is reaching out to find connections
Every blade of gras, grass will touch the sunlight
The rain will touch the ground
Growing greener than it was before

The bees are droning by
The spider's silk is softly spinning
Not a wolke in the sky
Du know it's only the beginning

Every little blossom, every flower
Flings its petals wide
As the season comes round once more

The breeze is blowing light and sweet
The gras, grass is carpet at your feet
Catch the colours, feel the heat of the sun
All the sparrows in the dell
Swirling round like a carousel
Singen loud enough to tell everyone
Summer's just begun
Summer's just begun

All the winters, all the springs
Lead us here on fairy wings
A season of a thousand things to be done
Summer's just begun
Summer's just begun
Opinion by Lanalamprouge posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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I can't say much because it's been so long since I've written but here is my oben, nach oben 10 fairy list!!


I like how girly she is and her "southern belle" attitude. sometimes she does things that make me raise an eyebrow but she's still a loyal friend and very certain in who she is.


AH! The newest addition! I really like where they went with her story, her desire to learn always seeming to beat out her awareness of the possible consequences of her actions but her excitement is infectious and it makes me smile how much she wants others to understand her Liebe of exploration of the unknown.


She reminds me of a winter version of Vidia with a little less confidence in herself shown in how she'll act sassy and aloof like she doesn't need anyone but the moment they Bewegen on off she scampers to be with her friends. I can relate to this.
Opinion by BraBrief posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Hello guys! This is my first Artikel in this club :) As Du can notice from the Titel it's about my prettiest Disney Elfen list. I hope you'll enjoy it and you'll tell me with which of my placement Du agree the most.


Favorit Trait: Body.
Least Favorit Trait: Hair.

She's the only fairy who is ugly to me, I just can't find her pretty. There's nothing I really like about her look.

Position on lists
Hair: #8 || Favorit Hairstyle: Bun with flower.
Eyes: #8
Lips/Smile: #7
Body: #6


Favorit Trait: Body.
Least Favorit Trait: Lips.

Periwinkle is very cute with her original hairstyle, but I prefer her with loose hair at her birth; she looks prettier.

Position on lists
Hair: #6 || Favorit Hairstyle: Loose.
Opinion by Frozenswift posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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1.) The Pirate Fairy (9/10)

Seriously, this is my Favorit tied to the secret of the wings. But I really wished Periwinkle and Glimmer joined Tinker glocke and her Friends Mitmachen finding Zarina and the blue pixie dust. (Yes, I want Glimmer to be a main fairy). I still wished Blaze was in it, though! Especially the poster, Tinker Bell's dress should have been her water fairy dress

2.) Secret of the wings (9/10)

This is my Favorit Tinker glocke movie which is tied to the pirate fairy. But I wished Terence would have been sad when Tinker Bell's wing was broken. And I wish Blaze was in it!

3.) The Pixie Hollow Games (9/10)

In this movie, I liked it. But I wish It was longer!

4.) Tinker glocke and the Great Fairy Rescue (9/10)

The movie was great and all, But I wished Terence did not leave so he can help the other Elfen finding Tinker Bell. and Also, I only see a few scenes with Blaze in it

Opinion by coolsinger198 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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For those of Du Du watched the newest installement in the Disney Elfen Movie, The Pirate Fairy, Du probably know Zarina. She is a dust keeper fairy, which means she is in charge of all the fair dusts and she is able to switch the fairy's talents around. She is the captain of the priates.

Zarina is ambitious and fesity, with remarkable character traits. She is also seen to be very clever.

Besides these traits, she has an amazing backstory. Similar to the sassy Vidia, she came from a bad past, hating on the Elfen and capturing them.

But I Liebe how she overcame them all and now she is Friends with them. I Liebe development in a character.

Zarina has been placed with the other main faires on the Disney Fairy website U.S. That means that she is now a main fairy. She is also included as a main fairy on Disney Elfen wikia.
Opinion by coolsinger198 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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I Liebe all the Disney Elfen but in this article, I distinguish my Favorit of the main Elfen in order.
7. Fawn- The feisty, animal loving fairy is my least favorite. I still Liebe her though, dont be gettin it twisted, i just like the others a little more. I Liebe Fawn's relationship with animals, because it is something I could NEVER, EVER have! I Liebe Tiere and bugs but i am terrified of them at the same time. I Liebe Fawns adventurous spirit. I wish I could put her higher, but I can't.

6. Periwinkle- The adorable twin sister of Tinker Bell. I Liebe Peri's ice powers. It's cool to see such amazing powers coming out of such a tiny and petite little body. Her special sisterly bond with TinkerBell is just so sweet and heart-warming.

5. Tinker Bell- The main protagonist of the Pixie Hollow Filme just made it into my oben, nach oben 5. She was tied with her twin Periwinkle. Tink is so sassy and she always stands up for what she believes in. i Liebe her rivalry with Vidia because of their both outspoken personalities.