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Chapter 15: Sanctuary

The Weiter morning Frollo made an announcement in front of all of Paris about the bon feuer taking place while back in the Palace of Jusice Esmerelda, Phoebus and Belle were locked in the dungeon nobody had gotten sleep especially Belle even though she slept in Phoebus's arms all night long she was terrorized Von her nightmare that kept coming back every time she closed her eyes knowing that would be her last Tag to live if she refused Frollo Phoebus could tell the decision was upsetting her for it was a choice between life and death itself. "Belle the bon feuer will soon and...
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Chapter 11: Saved

The Weiter morning Frollo acted like nothing happened and continued his Suchen for the gypsy girl he knew that wherever she was Belle surely would be they came to small Home with a windmill outside the city the people gathered around saying that Frollo had gone mad and that he had never harmed anyone Esmeralda noticed all the commotion and figured that Pheobus would surely be here she had to warn him of Frollo both were inside the house talking with the homeowners "We found this gypsy talisman on your property have Du been harboring gypsies?", "Our Home is always open to the...
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