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 Can Du Put That Thing Out?
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 “I’m game if Du are.”
“I’m game if you are.”
Once upon a time a man named Carl married a girl named Ellie. They were a sweet couple and lived happily together in a little house that had once been their secret club house when they were children. Carl worked at the zoo selling balloon, and Ellie also worked at the zoo as an animal carer.

They were very happy except for one thing. They couldn’t have children.

So, one day, Carl, seeing his wife looking very unhappy, came up with a solution.

“Adoption?” Ellie looked up at him. “Really?”

Carl smiled. “I’m game if Du are.”

And Ellie was.

So, off they went to Miss Hattie’s Home...
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    Angel sneaked up behind the Siamese twins, grabbed their ponytails and tied them together. She then grabbed the rope they used to tie her up. "Oh girls! Forgetting something?" sagte Angel – Jäger der Finsternis with a smile.

    "The girl! How did she escape?" sagte Si.

    "It doesn't matter! Let's get her!" sagte Am.

    They tried to run but they ended up falling on their butts because of their ponytails tied together. Angel – Jäger der Finsternis then used the rope she grabbed earlier to tie them up like they did to her. She grew up on the streets, so...
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 Dina Garcia
Dina Garcia
{A/N}: Okay, for once, I am going to write a fanfiction on two people who aren't cartoon. Dina Garcia from Shake It Up and Justin Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place! ^^ I started becoming a Fan of them in a dream last night! XD Justin Russo appeared in my dream when I was comparing people/characters and who they should be in a relationship with. So I said: "Dina." And I pointed at him! XD Funniest dream ever! Now, on to the fanfic! ^^

Don Rio Garcia's daughter, Dina Garcia had just finished putting her things away into her locker. Her ex-boyfriend, Deuce Martinez stares at her with a pout on...
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 Princess jasmin in her disguise
Princess Jasmine in her disguise
Jasmine's pet tiger, Rajah yelps in sadness as he sees his master fleeing the palace. "Oh. I'm so sorry Rajah. Du can't come with me." The princess says softly says to her orange and black feline. "I'm on my way somewhere and Du must keep this a secret." jasmin kisses Rajah's forehead. "I will come back later tonight. Don't worry about me." Rajah watches her princess climb up a tall baum in order to go over the large cement Wand that separates the palace and the village. "Goodbye Rajah." jasmin whispers to her family pet.

I hope no one knows I'm out here. That's the only thing that is on...
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Source: Disney and me / gullivers travels is public domain
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 "If I was out of line, as Du so put it, then it is only because the sin inside Du made it so.”
"If I was out of line, as you so put it, then it is only because the sin inside you made it so.”
Belle didn’t want to have to face Frollo the Weiter morning, and she prayed silently that this would be one of those morning where she ate breakfast alone. Unfortunately, when she walked into the room, he was there, and she couldn’t bring herself to look at him as she slid into a seat.

“Did Du sleep well?”

Belle started, unable to believe it. He was Schauspielen as if the Zurück night hadn’t happened at all. “My dreams were haunted,” she managed to stammer.

“Oh? Von that gypsy daemon?”

“No...by...something else.”

“Well, I am sorry to hear that.”

His tone was curt and stiff,...
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