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Me and diggy r dating because I just broke up with Princeton

Me-Diggy can M.B come visit i miss my bros
Me-thanks boo Liebe u *calling Ray*

Me & strahl, ray convo
Me- ay strahl, ray u and the boys come here
Ray-lol k bye
Me-bye * hangs up*

Knocking on the door and I go answer it and it's my bros

Me-wut up
Me-come in
They walk in and sit on the sofa
Me-yall thirsty
Eb but Prince-yes

I walk in küche and Prince follows me
Me-Hi Princeton
Prince-I........ I Liebe you*leans into KISS me and I KISS back*
Diggy-Prince & Yannia wut the fuck yall doing
Me-Diggy no........
Diggy-*yelling to wherer every one herd him* yall need to get the HELL OUT MY HOUSE
Prince-*walks out * ayy we have to go
*eb leaves*
Diggy-Yannia wut the fuck was y'all doing
Me- he just... (gco)
Diggy-hits me hard and I fall on the ground* hündin shut the Fuck up now get up and take yo arsch to bett
Me-I ran up stairs and coverd my eye up with make up and go to sleep*
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