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Review by victoriaprother posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
fan of it?
The Mrs Bradley Mysteries was a short running BBC drama series starring Diana Rigg as Mrs Adela Bradley and Neil Dudgeon as chauffeur George Moody. The series ran between 1998 and 2000, consisting of five episodes and the pilot, it was based on the character created Von the detective writer Gladys Mitchell.
Diana Rigg gives a glorious performance in each episode. The classy, sarcastic, poised and extremely observant Mrs Bradley is styled beautifully in glamorous art deco fashion making the series a visual delight. Her costumes alone are worth tuning in for.
Mrs Bradley's 'piece to camera' are always a highlight, where she delivers witty observations and insights to the audience - Diana Rigg at her absolute finest.
Neil Dudgeon is cast perfectly as Mrs Bradley's chauffeur, providing a strong supporting performance creating a formidable duo that are likeable and endlessly entertaining as they solve mysteries in a series of unusual locations.
The well chosen instrumental version of the 1928 song "you're the cream in my coffee" was provided Von Graham Dalby, and is used as the theme tune, Dalby himself also appeared in two episodes.