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 1x03 Pretty Little Picture
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Desperate Housewives
season 1
episode 3
pretty little picture
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This Desperate Housewives foto might contain porträt, kopfbild, nahaufnahme, portrait, headshot, and kopfschuss.

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Desperate Housewives
season 2
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The death toll in FairView has reached an alarming rate of 36 people who have died over the years and Those People are:

1.Juanita Solis (Carlos Mother)
2.Edie Britt-Williams (Dave Williams Wife)
3.Mary Alice Young (Paul young's wife)
4.Martha Huber (Edie Best Friend)
5.Rex transporter, van De Camp (Bree's Exhusband)
6.George Williams (Bree's Exboyfriend)
7.Matthew AppleWhite (Betty Applewhite Son)
8.Nora Huntington (Tom's one night stand)
9.Victor lang (Gabbrielle Exhusband)
10.Monique polier (Orson Mistress)
11.Alma Hodge (Orson Exwife)
12.Diedre Taylor (mike's Exwife and Noah Daughter)
13.Ida Greenburg (Mrs. McClusky...
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