**I Liebe the show, but some things bug me. Take no offense to the following statement***

They should change the shows name to Desperate Hags!
Not one of those ladies, besides Eva has remotely aged gracefully. The Golden Girls had Mehr sex appeal! I think they need to contact Susan Lucci's lighting director and stop shooting in HD. Not to mention Brian looks like a old B. A. G. I know he is not that old, but his forehead looks like a road map. I am all for aging gracefully, and not getting "dental work" done, but come on....

How many times are they gonna try to sell Bree as a sexy lady, she is neither sexy nor a lady, gets Mehr tail than toilet seat! Come on, she has as much sex appeal as a lawn tractor. At least everyone else has had the same marriage for longer than a few minutes.

Oh and I Liebe how poor Mike and Susan are, yet she is till using a Dyson 1,500$ vacuum. They need to research on this Zeigen and find out what poor is.

Here's how the plot goes, Paul marries this girl thinking she is just a shut in, turns out her "mama" is the lady who framed him! Wow! twist, proceeds to torture him, and no one knows oder cares he is gone. Yet another wack job on Wisteria Lane.

Then Mike gets sent off to Alaska, cause he finds out Susan is selling herself, gets in an explosion and everyone thinks he is dead. Carlos and Gabby continue to lie to each other, and try and run off with Juanita. Or, Gabby is relieved she is not her mother gives her away, then realizing she hasn't seen her other daughter in months!

Everyone else's storyline, boring! I Liebe the show, but if it turns out the way I see it, tune out.