It’s a choice that heroines in teen dramas have had to grapple with for ages: the brooding and sensitive good boy versus the unrepentant and dangerous bad one.

And nowhere on Fernsehen is that eternal Frage Mehr fully explored than on the CW’s The Vampire Diaries, where good can be bad . . .

. . . and bad can be deliciously GOOD!

Unlike in other shows, where the “good guy” is so bland and boring as to make the heroine’s choice completely obvious, writers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec actually make a startlingly good case for both the “straight-laced” Stefan Salvatore, and his “fun loving killer” brother Damon. Nonetheless, a choice HAS to be made . .

and I’ve made mine. In Stefan’s defense, 9 times out of ten, when this sort of Frage is raised, I will throw MY lot in with the Bad Boy, without a Sekunde thought. But there is something about Damon’s and Elena’s relationship that makes it special.

Unlike most heroines in these type of dramas, Elena is NOT drawn to Damon out of any sort of need for rebellion against authority. After all, Elena’s parents are dead, and Useless Aunt Jenna certainly isn’t going to be “reigning her in” any time soon. As for Damon, well, sure, his attraction to Elena may have started because (1) he wanted to stick it to his baby brother; and (2) she looked SO MUCH like his ex . . .

. . . but that changed almost immediately after he met her.

Damon and Elena understand one another in a way no one else around them can. They know eachothers’ vulnerabilities and weaknesses, as well as their respective strengths. This allows them to be at ease with one another, and let their guards down in conversation.

When Damon and Elena are in the same room together, the sexual tension between them crackles and pops like a sparkler on Independence Day. And even when they aren’t saying anything, the pair can carry on entire conversations through eye contact and body language.

This is why what I am about to do here is so difficult. When EVERY interaction between two individuals is electrically charged with sexuality, emotion, and meaning, how can one POSSIBLY boil down their entire complex relationship into JUST 10 scenes? Nonetheless, I figured it was worth a try. What follows are ten Damon / Elena scenes from Season 1 of The Vampire Diaries. These scenes, in my opinion, really encapsulate the pair’s relationship, and comprise the best of what this couple has to offer.

10) Damon and Elena get flirty in Elena’s bedroom . . .

Episode: “Under Control” – 1 X 18

Setting the scene: Elena invites Damon over for an emergency meeting to discuss Stefan, who has been Schauspielen strangely ever since he ingested Elena’s blood, during the prior episode . . .

Potent quotables:

DAMON: “You ask, I come. I’m easy like that.”

DAMON: (Calls out to a suspicious Jeremy, who is eating cereal in the Weiter room) “No, Elena, I will NOT got to your bedroom with you!”

Why it made the list: I Liebe how Damon challenges Elena’s growing attraction to him here, Von invading her personal space. Watch the Glee Damon takes in laying on Elena’s bed, hugging her teddy bear, fingering her photographs, and fondling her bras and delicates. Then, at the end of the scene, Damon invades Elena’s person, as he moves in close, trapping her up against the vanity table. In that moment, without saying so, Damon is forcing Elena to confront her feelings for him, and how they differ from her feelings for Stefan.

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