I know there is a lot of talk about Delena; much of it negative. But lets take a look back here, look at Damon and Delena and relive a little journey of pure epic proportions. bare with me, it's a long one. I needed to get some thoughts out and it ended up SO MUCH LONGER than i was aiming for.

Lets start with Damon.
As a human, he faced many problems that cripple people today. We are assumed to believe he Lost his mother. He was in the army, which can cause Du to see and do horrible deeds. He was constantly put down, shut out and called a disappointment Von his father. That is VERY damaging. And I believe it lead to his need and desire to be loved and accepted, and chosen. It didn't start with Katherine, it started with his dad. His father put him down while praising and favouriting Stefan. They brothers still had each other, till they didn't. Damon fell hard for Katherine, a girl spirited and out of place; like him. When discovering what she was, he didn't run oder hate her, he ACCEPTED her despite what she was. The kind of Liebe he wants back. Now of course she was also with his 17 Jahr old brother= problem. When he asked Stefan to promise him to keep the secret, away from their father, he placed his faith in his bro; which got shattered, accidently when Stefan trusted his father. Long story short, both brothers get killed saving Katherine. Stefan turns willingly. then forces Damon to against his will. Causing ALOT OF DAMAGE between them. Stefan dealt with this Von becoming a murderous ripper. Damon didn't want to kill and couldn't handle seeing his brother this way oder being around Mystic Falls so he left.

No before Du say " He should have stuck around to help his bro" First off; no he shouldn't have. Because he couldn't help Stefan. He even couldn't help himself. He was drowning in self hate and pain. And anger at Stefan for what he forced upon Damon and his choices.

And no it wasn't his fault that this all happen, nor was it all his choice per say. He loved Katherine. We don't always choose who oder how we love. And when we do it blinds us to their faults. He wanted to be with her forever. So he would never be alone. He could Liebe and be loved forever. But that's not what it was. It was a selfish biotch who used two brothers. Let Damon waste 145 years of his life missing and loving her. Then coming back to break his herz in little jagged pieces. I will state openly. This was not love, it was a sick manipulative selfish girl who broke two brothers as individuals and as brothers. living eternally alone should be a great punishment.

Fast vorwärts-, nach vorn Present time.
Damon is bad 'i turned my humanity off because i couldn't handle life' Salvatore. Stefan is 'I am a pacifistic bunny eating hero' Salvatore. Now Damon and Stefan alone can't get Damon to change. Their problems continue. But enter Elena. Stefan's new girlfriend and Katherine look a like. She BRAKES through. First through a bit of teasing, then caring, then understanding him. Mixed in with some flat out contempt and hate. But instead of seeing only the ACTION she looked for the WHY. She looked through the act to UNDERSTAND him. Then made a genuine effort to help him. Through her efforts and understanding, along with Stefan, they got Damon to turn back on the humanity he locked away. Even though it meant pain, shame and deep ruining emotions. Because she made it worth feeling. Feeling for her. His light.

Now the chemistry between these two WAS ON FIRE. The Miss Mystic Falls dance actually gives me CHILLS. The looks, the body language, the sparks OH YEAH!

This give and take continues. Hitting some real rough patches. But they always work back into each others hearts. She inspires him and gives him reason to not only feel but BE THE BETTER MAN. A real transformation, a mix of human Damon, cocky vamped up Damon and the bridge between.

So much so. When Elena's life was in danger, and Caroline's. He put himself in the way of a werewolf bite, of course fatal to a vamp, to save the day. When received sagte bite. He kept it a secret. Not wanting to add to the loss and pain of the lives that were already Lost that night. Then after trying to apologize to Elena, he sought to end his life so he wouldn't hurt those around him during the dementia.

Now god bless Stefan. Damon is saved. After confessing and atoning for all he has done in Elena's arms, and confessing his Liebe for her, the cure is brought. The price; his brothers freedom.

Now Damon spends two months looking for Stefan and trying to get him back while keeping Elena out of the loop as much as possible to avoid danger.

When he gets to close, his sort of girlfriend Andy is murdered in front of him while he is held back Von none other than... Stefan! ouch.

After momentarily giving up he sets about again to rescue Stefan and keep Elena safe. He makes a huge transformation into Elena's best friend. The connection, Liebe and friendship they have is incredible. They are each others life line. They save and are there for each other. The support, the ease, the Liebe is slow burning but it takes off like wild fire.

Now i know 'Dangerous Liaisons' de-railed a lot of momentum. But Elena never makes the mistakes, not the big ones. This seemed like hers to make. To put a perspective on things. If he withdraws, pulls away, becomes the pained man again- She may in fact realize how much she needs him and what he means to her. She made a doozy of a mistake- both Von what she sagte and how she never apologized. Her get over it attitude pushing it over the edge. But people, shes young, she making mistakes because she is confused, stressed, and overwhelmed. It happens.

And no he most certainly didn't deserve it either. Yes he was over protective.But instead of judging put yourself in his shoes. The person Du Liebe in a house full of vampires, withes and enemies who have tried to KILL HER and took your brother. what would Du do? The person he loved was in possible danger. ANYONE WOULD BE OVERPROTECTIVE IN THIS SITUATION. And no it isn't okay to teach a guy to feel, build him up and making him change, have him be the hero Du rely on, then tell him Du care to much and since Du won't listen, i gotta take Du out for awhile and back-stab you. After all he went through to change FOR THEM, to have it THROWN BACK IN HIS FACE, would mess anybody up.

And naturally it did and he found drunken solace with Barbie Klaus. Because he Lost hope. He though even as the good guy no one wants me for me. Accepts me for me. My Liebe for her is a problem. I need to recover, get some distance and get some me mojo back. He has ALWAYS seen himself as a screw up. His father, Katherine, Stefan, Elena all of them at times make him feel like a screw up, the disappointment, the other brother, the one who needs watching and fixing. This image, especially once he starts drowning in emotion, cause the depression that leads him to seek the only attention he thinks hes good for. Sex.

Which is why his connection and relationship with Elena is so special. She believed in him, the humanity, the good. No matter what he did. She forgave and understood him and helped him be the better man. She gave him a home. Something to cling to. Someone who is unlike him enough to balance him out, but like him also- to compliment him as a person. He has loved twice in 145+ years. Katherine stated she didn't Liebe him and his hurt and contempt for her selfishness and her uncaring have broken any Liebe he felt for her. But Elena is good and caring and kind. She sees what others don't in him. As something Mehr than a hot guy, a evil vampire, oder the other Salvatore. She sees Damon as Damon and accepts him but also inspires him to better himself. While he. He protects and loves her. Helps turn the darkest Stunde into hope and laughter. he will stand up to her when need and be whatever she needs him to be. He made her get up and fight; dig in and not brake down when all hope was lost. He was there, her knight in tinted Armour. Beating the Demons back. This relationship was not simple. It wasn't first love. It was "hey then i Liebe you." It took TIME. A lot. And it has had every emotion possible. And it shouldn't be in so many contexts. Hes a un dead vampire, who is the brother of her ex, but the connection, the love, the uniqueness of the relationship defies what should be. And is stronger because of it.

Stefan and Elena have floundered lately because of his guilt. He went for revenge, her hurt Elena, he become the ripper. But something very profound is when Damon was somewhat like this. They asked of him to change. To turn it back on despite the guilt and pain. And he did! He did it for Stefan but mostly because of and for Elena. He fought through the guilt, pain and emotions of feeling again. Yet Stefan won't be a man and do it right. His guilt and pain is too much to do the same was what he asked of his brother?? Hmmm.... just something to think about.

Delena is a special, epic, unique Liebe for two special and unique people. but their lives are complicated, their relationship even Mehr so. But this is LOVE. Not affection. Not a crush. Love. So when this ship hits bumpy waters, just keeping swimming. Don't lose sight of the goal and of why Du Liebe them, and your ship won't go down.

Something i want to add also. I don't hate any couple nor character. I Liebe Stefan. I Liebe Damon and I Liebe Elena. I do not believe in Elena and Stefan as a couple anymore. I believe they are two different people, who have outgrown their first Liebe relationship. And will soon discover that bonds never break, but they do change. She will always Liebe him, but she is no longer IN LOVE. I believe she will discover she is in Liebe with Damon after some well needed personal sorting of her own.