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 KKK and God
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Liebe this image LOL
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This Debatte foto contains anime, comic, manga, cartoon, comic buch, karikatur, and comics.

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This is funny but at the same time it says the truth.
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for Mehr Videos and stuff go to linkor go to YouTube (username "pinkyshow". there's also a Fan spot on Fanpop (which is in need of users)
vietnam war
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reis eaters
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Really good video Wird angezeigt very graphically the ... (more) Added: May 09, 2007 Really good video Wird angezeigt very graphically the horrors of abortion. for a higher quality version go to: link
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Are our “work hard” North-American ideals leading us to an oh-so-capitalistic meaning of life? I was having a discussion with someone the other Tag and oddly enough the issue of the meaning of life came up. This got me to thinking, from such an early age we are put into schools, what is the purpose of going to school? To learn, well that may be so, but the sole purpose of this learning is so that we can get into a good University, get a well paying job and be successful. So essentially, as a Western civilization our meaning of life is to work hard and make as much money as we possibly can....
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The final part of the BNN Donor Show.
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Censorship is probably my Favorit thing to Debatte about. So I wanted to type an Artikel about the issue.

For one it's super annoying. The obnoxious beeping mid-verse in some songs is really irksome to listen too. Small pauses aren't as bad, but still. Censorship can really ruin a good song. As for TV I understand it Mehr with censoring anatomy should children be watching (I'll address that in a minute) but censoring the finger oder words that characters/people say on TV follows the same thing as above the bleeping is annoying and the finger, I personally don't take offense to it.

About the whole...
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My Son attends a public school of approx. 60 highschool students, he will be 17 in August, He is a mature responsable young man, he has good grades and an after school job. the administrator is dead set against allowing any student to leave at the non class period lunch hr. even with a note from parent. Does the adm. have Mehr authority than parents. The lunch hr. is not considered a class period. Most students want to walk to the store thats on the same side of the straße as the school and about 2 blcks away. The school lunch is not muc to be desired.
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 "Purple Politics" Von Dan May
"Purple Politics" by Dan May
All right, so Du probably saw this in your update and thought, "Oh, interesting," and then saw it was written Von Cinders, and now Du expect something sarcastic. But no, I am being very serious. Even as a self-described liberal, I do Liebe conservatives, I want conservatives in this spot to SPEAK UP and I am going to tell Du why.

I have very strong opinions, as I am sure many of Du are familiar. Some of Du agree with the things I say, some of Du don't. And I welcome both reactions to the things I have to say, especially if Du disagree. As I call myself a liberal, those who tend to disagree...
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