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Death Note (Anime)
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This Death Note (Anime) hintergrund might contain hip boot, thigh boot, gatter, and wicket.

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-There are spoilers inside of this article.-

It's been over a Monat since I finished the series, but now I've finally decided to post my entire thoughts on the series, in general.

To me, Death Note is a true masterpiece, but that isn't what this Artikel is about.

Moral lesson and good and evil is key in Death Note, and the Zeigen will always Frage your own moral views, get Du thinking about it. No other Anime has done that for me, so I think of this one as special. Death Note is not a battle between the brains and moral Ansichten of Light and L, but Mehr of weighing out good and evil, itself.

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Dear Diary,
After the thing with the tongue, it turned out that it was almost 01 pm and we should go eat lunch. This time I was still sleeping, so L puted me into the bett and he called a pizza servise and ordered a pizza, and bought some cake and sweets (like usual). After the pizza and the sweets came, he set up the table. Then he waked me up (That Tag I sleep really much).

"Wake up, sleepy head !!"
"Awww what??"
"Come on, I got a suprise ."
"Really? What is it ?"I asked.
"Come hear." He smiled. "And what do Du thing ?"
"Its os cool like a date" I said.
"Yeah, thats what I wanted to look like"
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Dear Diary...
Do I Liebe him ? Does He Liebe me ? Is that alright ? Isnt that wrong? So many Fragen becuse of one guy. Why, why me? Even though I broke up with Light and I dont have any feelings for L (till now),why does my herz hurt when I see him, why does it hurt when I see L?? Do I have feelings for him, and if does he have feelings for me??
It was Saturday, my work has ended and the police crew was home. I (idiot) forgot my wallet, so I musted go back and take it. When I came to the police room, it was all dark (maybe becuse it was 10 pm in the night), except the TVs that someone was...
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Death Note (Anime)
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