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Last time, on Dragonball Z, Broly's- no, I'm just kidding.

Vegeta was very nervous. "So, Broly, how did Du find my sister?" Broly smiled. FLASHBACK MOMENT.

"What's up big, man?" Trunks teased. Broly slammed into the rocks, awaking Kumiko's slumber. Broly's anger ceased as he stared into her eyes. Trunks ran, distracting Broly. Kumiko stood. "Who are you?" Kumiko watched Broly as he struggled with Kakarot and his suns. When Kakarot and his son's attacks were too much for Broly, Kumiko stepped in and finished them off.

The dragon radar beeped, cutting off Broly. There was a problem, though. The dragon ball was in a small child's hands. Vegeta swooped down and snatched it.
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Broly and Kumiko made themselves comfortable. Vegeta cleared his throat nervously. "So, Broly. I see you've married my sister." Broly nodded. Vegeta suddenly jumped up. "You think Du can just marry my sister after Du killed Kakarot?! He was like a brother to me!!! And I swear, if Du EVER hurt her, I'll-" Kumiko slapped him. "Vegeta!!!! Who do Du think Du are?! Broly's changed!!! He only killed Kakarot because he had to!!! Now sit down!!!" Vegeta reluctantly sat. "Kumiko is most certainly right, Vegeta. I am sorry. I came here to ask Du a favor," Broly said. Vegeta tightened his fists....
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