Born on May 16th 1969 in Buffalo, New York.
He is the third child and only son of David Sr. (– the family moved to Villanova, PA in 1978 as his father had just taken up a position on WPVI, Channel 6 he goes Von the Professional name of Dave Roberts and is a WPVI weatherman in Philadelphia where David grew up - ) and Patti.
David’s two sisters are Beth and Bo. Beth is the mother of his niece, Caledonia (1994) and his nephew, Griffin(1997).

David attended Rosemont School of the Holy Child graduating in 1983 at the age of 14 years. He then moved on to
Malvern Prep. School, a private Catholic all boys school, and then went on to Ithaca College, NY where he majored in Film Studies. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree after four years of study, an then headed for Hollywood.

In 2001 David was awarded the Young Alumni Award from Ithaca College

When he first set off for Hollywood it was with the intention of working behind the cameras as a director. How ever, as an unknown he didn’t have much luck as Hollywood is not prepared to entrust large budgets to 22 Jahr olds. Despite this set back, he did manage to break into the entertainment industry via commercials and working as an extra.

It wasn’t until he was spotted while walking his dog, BERTHA BLUE, that his big break came – a manager saw him, signed him, and called “Buffy” casting director Marcia Schulman to arrange an audition for the role of ANGEL

On Stage, David has performed at the Ensemble Theatre in “Hatful of Rain, at the Gardner Stage in “Italian-American Reconciliation” and Fool for Love”, and on theatre row in “Cowboy Mouth”.

The rest, as they say, is HISTORY !!! Angel – Jäger der Finsternis was one of the hottest shows on the WB and had a full 5 season running.

With already a few Filme on his credits and the hit series Bones (4 Seasons) on fuchs - David is a Hot Spot in Glamourous Hollywood.

David is in his Sekunde marriage.
He married Jaime Bergman, actress, (Sons of the Beach) on 24 November 2001. The ceremony took place in Palm Springs.
``I drove (David) to the oben, nach oben of a mountain in Big bär in a vintage car. We went to a place where my sister gave birth. I took a lantern and we walked up in the dark, with the stars shining bright and I proposed to her.''

Their Union was blessed with a first child ,
Jaime gave birth to a whopping 8lb 9oz baby boy at Cedars Sinai Hospital, LA
on the
1st May 2002 at 12.59am.
The baby has been named JADEN RAYNE BOREANAZ.

"Jaden is because Jaime and I wanted a name with J and D in it to represent Jaime and David and the Rayne is because it rained on our wedding Tag and it seemed like a great name. That way, when Jaden asks us about his names in the future we'll have a story to tell."
(New Woman mag. UK sept. 2002)

On 16th June 2000 David bought a Cape Cod styled house in the Sunset Strip area of Los Angeles.
The main house has two-bedrooms. There are also guest houses, games room and pool.
Apparently the house, which he purchased from Claudia Christian (Babylon 5) cost around $ 1.3 million.

Pictures ~~~ db young

I Am Who I Am
Height : 6'1"
Hair : Brown
Eyes : Brown
Ethnic Background : Italian(on father's side and Czech-Slovakian on mother’s side)
Pets : Hunde – Rocky , Budda and ......
Fears : Chickens & heights
Essen : Italian & Philly cheese steak
Sports : Football, golf, basketball ; baseball ; Ice Hockey
Musik : Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton
Superhero : Spiderman
Authors : Rhold Dahl and Dr. Seuss
Actor : Al Pacino
Color : Blue

'My dream was to become a oben, nach oben football player. I was in the high school team and I drank tons of milch and ate green beans because I heard that made Du run faster and jump higher. It was all I wanted to do. I was obsessed with it. But my dream came to an end when I injured my knee in a game. At the time Dad was a talkshow host and I met lots of stars like Yul Brynner and that incited my interest in acting'

Quotable David
*I’ve always hated that word ‘celebrity’ because we’re all just people, Du know?

*I Liebe the whole vampire lore, but I’m not a fiend about it. I don’t roam graveyards at night.

*I’m a big cereal guy

*LA is the beautiful blond wearing dirty underwear

*London - A tempestuous brunette with schlinge back pumps!

*I don’t know if I want (Angel) to stay bad. I want him to be well-balanced. It’s almost like he’s recovering alcoholic, (he) goes off the wagon.
*Romances comes from within, not from a setting.

*I’m not afraid to cry. Tears are a form of expression and that’s sexy.

*I think Du have to be afraid of something in order to do it.

*I just feel like I’m fortunate to be where I am and I count my blessings and try to be a better person

"To me," Boreanaz says, "it's always been about character work and relationships. I could give a rat's arsch about the procedural stuff. That doesn't do a thing for me." [Zap2it interview Bones Season 2]

Taurus (April 20 to May 20)
He takes special pleasure in luxurious items and places. He is sensual and particularly loves to touch and taste. Slow, careful and deliberate, he doesn't like change. He must learn the difference between caution and sheer stubbornness. Naturally stable, he needs to work toward an organized plan and prefers long-term relationship. He is especially sensitive to financial security and will work toward that goal.

Jahr of the ROOSTER

Ranking order : Tenth
Hours ruled Von the ROOSTER : 5 pm - 7 pm
Direction of its sign : Directly West
Season and principal Monat : Autumn - September
Corresponds to Western sign : Virgo
Fixed Element : Metal
Stem : Negative

Year: 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029
Greatest Affinity : Ox, Snake
Greatest Enmity : Rabbit

I am on hand
To herald in the day,
And to announce its exit.
I thrive Von clockwork and precision.
In my unending quest for perfection
All things will be restored to their
rightful place.
I am the exacting taskmaster.
The ever-watchful administrator.
I seek perfect order in my world.
I represent unfailing dedication.

I am the Rooster.

Dramatic but a reputable person who works systematically Hardworking, resourceful, talented and confident. Vivacious and beliebt socially, but may have a tendency to brag insensitively. Outspoken and loves to attract attention. Always take good care of their family and can handle money well.

The Rooster, oder Chicken as he is called, is the Don Quixote of the Chinese cycle. The dauntless hero who must look to the earth to survive, he is the most misunderstood and eccentric of all the signs. outwardly, he is the epitome of self-assurance and aggression, but at herz he could be conservative and old-fashioned.

The Rooster-born, especially the men, will be attractive, even dashingly handsome. The princely fowl is radiant and proud of his fine feathers and has an impressive carriage. Du don't find any roosters slouching; they strut about with dignity. Even the shyest member of the Rooster family will cut a neat, trim figure and maintain a special bearing wherever he goes.

There are two distinct type of Roosters. The rapid-firing, extremely talkative ones and the deadly solemn observer types with the X-ray vision. both are equally hard to deal with. The Rooster has many outstanding qualities to krähe about. He is sharp, neat, precise, organized, decisive, upright, alert, and most direct. He can also be critical to the point of brutality. Don't ever ask him his frank, candid opinion--you may never recover from his comments.

He loves to argue and debate, Wird angezeigt how knowledgeable and smart he is, some- times with little regard of the feelings of others. But when his feathers are ruffled in return, he is insufferable. He isn't cut out to be a diplomat. Situations regarding tact, delicacy and discretion will cramp his style. His way is to go about trying to convert everyone to his way of thinking with a missionary zeal. He shines when he is the center of attraction.

Tremendously imposing as a personality, he could well pursue any career that exposes him to the public eye.