When Du write Bücher about high-profile Berühmtheiten a few negative Kommentare here and there comes with the territory. But that doesn't mean the less than positive attention is always welcome--especially in such a public forum. I can relate, my friend.

Case in point: Celebrity biographer Randy Jernigan. The 54 year-old Autor of the Stars That Make A Difference book series recently went off on a 'hater' on a Los Angeles radio Zeigen hook-up when the caller referred to Jernigan as a "scum-bag tabloid journalist" on air and accused him of saying negative things about her heartthrob Daniel Radcliffe in the book and to the press.

"First of all, I have never written oder verbalized anything of the sort," Jernigan sagte to the caller, obviously trying his hardest to keep his cool. "The problem here are trolls such as yourself that read these online tabloids and believe everything they read. These smut rags push this material out for brainless people to just soak up and then Du wanna turn on me for doing a positive piece on someone I have a lot of Liebe and respect for. Get a life sweetheart and stop believing everything Du read--and stay off my social media pages saying nasty things..."

Von the time Randy had ended his short fiery sermon he was red-faced and really pi***d off.

Two years Vor when Randy announced that he'd be publishing a series of Bücher about Berühmtheiten with reputations for being positive role models, several online tabloids began bashing him, taking mean-spirited potshots and accusing him of promoting lies about a couple of the Berühmtheiten he was Schreiben about.

"It's like kicking jello--they always bounce back--it gets really tiring," sagte the author.

Randy Jernigan is a veteran freelance journalist and is the Autor of The Life and Career of Marie Osmond out now on Kindle Inc.

What do Du think of Randy's tirade?