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posted by emilyfrancescax
This was a spoiler from the Gossip Girl spot. This means Dan still has feelings for Charlie!

Episode 1 "Waterfront": The summer is coming to an end. Serena is still in Los Angeles and for once in her life things are going good, oder at least that’s what she thinks. Nate and Chuck are ending their vacation Von going to Los Angeles to see Serena. Although it seems like Chuck has accepted the fact that Blair is going to marry Prince Louis he still thinks of her every day, and Nate notices that so he decides to take things in his own hands. Blair has trouble with the planing of her wedding, she discovers that planing a wedding isn’t always that easy. Something is stopping her from giving her full herz to Louis and that starts with a B and ends with a ass.Back in New York Dan is still thinking about Charlie and decides to call her. The episode ends with a big secret being revealed for one of the main characters.