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Damon Salvatore » Me Too

Damon Salvatore - This is who I am

Damon Salvatore | "The only one I can count on is me."

Damon Salvatore || Humor

Damon Salvatore | The Best of HUMOR (S1-S8)

Damon Salvatore - Bloopers

Damon Salvatore - Bloopers

►Damon + Elena || This Liebe

Damon and Elena - Perfect (Ed Sheeran)

Damon & Elena - Perfect

Perfect - Ed Sheeran | Damon and Elena [1x19-8x16]

► Damon Salvatore || Go F*ck Yourself

►Damon Salvatore | In for it

►Damon & Katherine • STFD

Damon & Elena | "You erased him" (HBD PENINA)

hunger || Damon Salvatore & Elena Gilbert

►Damon and Elena - Can I have this Dance? [8x16]

Damon & Elena | The Reason

Damon & Elena | Just a Fool

Damon & Elena | And i care about Du Damon

damon + elena [need Du now tonight]

brooke & damon | once upon a time

6x22 I'm On feuer

25 oben, nach oben Delena kisses

D&E ...Last Dance

Damon and Elena "Can't Keep My Hands to Myself"

Long Long Way | Damon Salvatore (7x11)

Damon Salvatore - Sail (/Dubstep/)

Damon Salvatore - Centuries (Remember Me)

Damon Salvatore | The hero in villain's clothing (THC)

►Damon Salvatore | Haunted

Damon Salvatore - Bad things

Klaus Mikaelson, Damon Salvatore & Stefan Salvatore - The Red

Damon - You're Only Sekunde Rate

Damon and Mr Cuddles - Fade Into Du - TVD

Damon Salvatore ► Too Dry To Cry

motherfucking monster {damon salvatore}

Damon & Elena | 'The Fault In Our Stars' Fanmade Trailer [HD]

►Damon&Elena | Another Liebe

►Damon&Elena - ღIt was only just a Dreamღ [+3.200]

| it was always you, damon.

Damon + Elena "For The Man I Loved" [+5x22]

Damon & Elena | It's okay to let yourself be happy [TQC]

damon and elena | all of these stars ● (hbd, britt)

Damon Salvatore | Easy My Mind

Damon & Elena - I knew i'd lose Du

Damon&Elena | Change Your Mind [ETUC]

˙˙·٠ღ Damon & Elena ღ♥ HALO ˙˙·٠ღ (ℱor Natalie Sweet )

Damon & Elena - I'm On feuer

►Damon + Elena || Fifty Shades Of Grey Style

Damon & Katherine; chasing ghosts.

● Damon Salvatore: Ridiculous (HBD ALEX!)

Damon & Elena [Right oder wrong]

Damon & Enzo I Setting Sun

Damon Salvatore | Shooting star, sterne

● Damon Salvatore | Rude Boy

Damon Salvatore ღ He should be here [5x22]

damon salvatore || anyone,anytime,anyplace.

● Damon Salvatore ► "I don't have a choice" [5x22]

Pieces | Damon & Elena ( 5x22 )

Damon&Elena | Some things are meant to be [5x19]

Elena + Damon ► I saved your Life [5x19]

Damon Salvatore ♦ Bad Boy Good Man ♦

damon & elena L don't deserve Du [happy birthday Ester!]

Elena + Damon { Delena } - You're no good for me

Damon & Elena | What a symbol of their love?

» Damon + Elena | Look Into My Eyes {Full Version}

Damon/Effy | Bone Bad Bones

damon + caroline ● poison&wine

The Vampire Diaries - Gone Girl (5x15) & Rescue Me (5x17) Opening Credits

Damon Salvatore - "Devastation"

Damon Salvatore | Super Psycho Liebe

i'm just an animal | damon salvatore

● Damon & Elena | Still

Damon & Elena - Stay with me (+5x17)

damon and elena | i know i'm where i belong

►Damon & Elena | Push [5x17]

Damon + Elena | Mirrors [5x17]

damon & elena ; in your eyes

Damon & Elena | Outlaws

Damon + Elena "I stayed in the darkness with you"

►Damon + Elena || Then and Now

►Katherine Pierce || Seven Devils+Damon{For 100 subs}

► Damon and Katherine | Passion, Drive, Desire [+5x15]

Damon Salvatore I Liebe does that, it changes us [TACC]

without any light, condemned to live

Damon + Katherine | Heaven Knows

damon salvatore I how come Du get a happy ending and i dont?

● Damon Salvatore | Best of Humor #3 [Season 5]

✔ Damon Salvatore | Shattered

damon & caroline | memory

Damon Salvatore ¤Thunder Underground¤

[5x14] Damon Salvatore | Du Can't Help Me

Damon Salvatore | Bad Moon Rising

► Damon Salvatore | Monster [5x12]

Damon Salvatore || Ease My Pain

Damon Salvatore || Crawling In My Skin

Damon Salvatore | Bad Vampire

Damon Salvatore ¤Blaze Of Glory¤ HD

►Damon Salvatore | Take It All Away