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A couple of hours later Veronica unchained Damon. “Don’t even think about running” she sagte threatening. She opened the door and three of her minions appeared. They cuffed Damon’s hands and feet and when Damon looked up he saw Stefan, Katherine and Caroline were all chained onto each other. Veronica’s minions dragged Damon vorwärts-, nach vorn and chained him onto the rest.
“Now, walk” Veronica ordered. They wouldn’t Bewegen and thus Veronica nodded at one of her minions. He fired a bullet and Katherine screamed.
Stefan started moving, but Katherine, Caroline and Damon tried to stop him.
“Stefan, stand still. The sun’s about to come up” Caroline warned him.
Another bullet and another scream from Katherine.
“No, we have to do what Veronica says. She’ll keep shooting at Katherine” Stefan explained.
“It just hurts a little” Katherine groaned. “If we go outside, we’ll be dead”
Veronica sighed irritated. “Seems like Du all need a little persuasion” she looked at one of her minions. “Get the door open”
He ran to the door and opened it. Charlene was standing in the doorway, holding a tight grip on Elena.
“Damon” Elena mumbled weak.
Damon rotated his head and saw how Charlene dragged Elena outside.
“Elena!” Damon exclaimed. He turned to Veronica. “Let her go! She’s innocent. She’s human!”
“No, she’s not. She’s the doppelganger. Du really think I couldn’t see the resemblance between Katherine and Elena?” Veronica scoffed demeaning. “Now, move!”
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“There Du are” Bonnie sagte and she dragged him over the cold, dusty ground.
Damon hooked his fingers in the ground, boycotting Bonnie as much as possible. He would get out of here, even if it meant breaking every bone in his body.
But Bonnie just dragged him with her as if he was a rag doll. “I told Du Du shouldn’t try to escape. Du know that’s a bad idea”
She dropped him in the center of the cage.
“Before I kill Du there are a few things Du have to know” She rolled him on his back with her feet. “You’re evil. You’re a worthless, useless waste of space. You’re not...
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