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 6x20 Delena
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The clear and outright majority of the "Vampire Diaries" Fans is for Damon and Elena as endgame; almost everybody wants them to be a couple and understands the story in that way. Damon is Von far the most loved character and Delena are the couple with the most shippers Von far. It is the same everywhere: Fans of the books, Fans of the TV show, Fan groups, internet sides, votings, polls, comments, clicks, every other numbers, in different countries etc., and close to everybody...
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1.because their 1st meeting was EPIC

2."Quit cheerleading"
"Why do Du say that?"
"I saw your practice..you looked miserable" (1x3)
^^HE was the ONLY one who understood that SHE was not happy during the practice

3."I'm sorry..abt Katherine..you Lost her too" (1x3)
^^Elena knew that HE was hurted and sad about losing Katherine

4.because SHE is HIS humanity

5.In the books-Stelena are described as just "soul mates" whereas Delena are described as ETERNAL soul mates <3 <3

6.because HE is the ONLY one who can make HER smile when she's tensed

7.because she cares about him and she always will

8.HE took...
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One Tag after Stefan has joined Klaus.
Damon was lying in his bed, his eyes closed, when a shadow came over him. Soft lips touched his and he opened his eyes, staring at the brown ones of the woman he had loved for many years. He knew it was her; the other girl wouldn’t be so playful, especially not now her boyfriend was gone.
“Get off” Damon said, not in the least impressed Von her lack of clothing. She held her head diagonally and put a teasing smile on her face. “Damon, Damon, Damon, Du should know better than to say no to me. Du know how … vicious I get when I don’t get what...
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Well, I wanted to just write this cuz we have 4 grueling months until TVD comes back.

10) The last scene in 2X5 *Kill oder Be Killed*:
This scene was small, but IMO, very signicant. It shows that, even after what Damon did to Jeremy 4 episodes before, that Elena does still wanna/does see redeemable qualities in Damon. It's basically a sort of strahl, ray of hope for them to regain their friendship (which they did, of course).

9) The hand-squeeze scene in 1X21 *Isobel*:
I personally loved this scene cuz it demonstrates just how much Damon had grown to trust Elena Von then. They share glimpses in that scene...
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The House Guest
Even though Elena, Damon, and Stefan and tired of Katherine's constant mind games, they realize that Katherine's knowledge of Mystic Falls history will help them survive. Caroline finds a new way to get Matt's attention after feeling frustrated with their relationship. Alaric reveals some shocking information to Jenna, and Katherine makes a different kind of confession to Damon. Stefan and Bonnie try to convince Jonas and Luka that they should all be working together, but Jonas' lack of trust leads to a violent and intense confrontation.
posted by RChaha
So I was recently inspired Von fellow Fanpop members that would write their own version of Damon and Elena. It might seem similar but it really isn't. It's been a miserable experience waiting for a delena moment and nothing happened, so I decided to write what I really wanted. Here it is.

Damon: I need to tell Du something.
Elena: I don’t have time for this Damon. I have to… (Searches for Stefan around her)
Damon: Fine. Go.
(Elena looks back at him, then around her)
Elena: What is it?
Damon: No, seriously. This isn’t something I can just fit in your schedule, Elena.
Elena: Damon, what is it?...
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'The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out
You left me in the dark
No dawn, no day, I'm always in this twilight
In the shadow of your heart'

Florence and The Machine, 'Cosmic Love'

Every DE Fan wants it to happen. But not every Fan of 'The Vampire Diaries' feels the same way:

'The only way Elena will end up with Damon is if Stefan dies.'

'It would be wrong for Elena to sleep with Damon after she slept with Stefan.'

'If Elena had sex with Damon she would look like a slut/tramp/whore.'

'Elena could not possibly choose Damon who has a history of shredding innocent people to death.'

I'm sure you've...
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Again im not a writer but i am so in Liebe with the couple !!! x damon and elena

Damon and Elena school Liebe part 3

It was stefan, i had no idea what to do my mind just froze all i could think about was getting damon out of my room, damon stood up and walked slowly over to the window without taking his eyes off me and picked up his hemd, shirt where he had thrown it off in the heat of our passion. He just stood there looking at me but i was panicing that stefan would come up and see .
"DAMON!" i shouted but damon flew across the bedroom and put his hand over my mouth
"You shouldnt be so stupid to shout...
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