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posted by Nutika
„I hate word someday [...] It’s encoded never”
Klaus was somehow right. He was evil bastard and Damon would give mostly anything to see him as a pile of ashes but he wasn’t stupid. He’s seen things that other people weren’t able to see and he used it to play tricks with their minds. But now dark haired men must have agreed with him. They were everything the worst that Elena could have in her life, all this Vampire and Supernatural stuff. That’s why people around her were dying and she couldn’t have her normal happy life. He was aware that Stefan didn’t understand it, he was...
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posted by merzycullen
Chapter 1

Elena was running, running scared through the woods, the rain falling hard on her. Breathing hard, looking behind her every once in a while to check if someone was following her oder if she Lost them already. She didn't know why she was running oder who she was running from, but it didn't matter. All she knew is that she had to keep running, she had to find him. Because if she didn't…she couldn't even think about that possibly. She shook her head in denial.. she had to find him now.

She kept running and running until she was sure she would collapse any Minute now, he legs about to give...
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posted by inuyashagirl82
SEer on twitter comes at me with "stefan and Elena belong together. Damon sagte it himself" I told her "Maybe Elena should see stefan's rutheless side 1st. Kill someone for fun. Then see if Elena feels the same." She responds "but that's not Stefan, he's too sweet."

--> gahhhh! are Du kidding me with that.! This is part of who stefan is. He may not act on it but it doesnt just disappear either. Stefan only ever shows elena his "good" side. SEers say Elena does know his Dark side. He goes to great lengths to hide it from her. He doesnt say about his dark past cuz he doesnt trust enough in...
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posted by shannon9396
1. Kings of Leon - Closer
You shimmy shook my bone leaving me stranded all in Liebe on my own
Do Du think of me? Where am I now? Baby where do I sleep?
Feel so good but I'm old, 2000 years of chasing's taking its toll

2. Hedley - Perfect
Falling a thousand feet per second
You still take me Von surprise
I just know we can't be over
I can see it in your eyes
Making every kind of silence
Takes a lot to realize
It's worse to finish than to start all over
And never let it lie
And as long as I can feel Du holding on
I won't fall
Even if Du sagte I was wrong...

3. Evanescence - My Last Breath
Hold on to me love
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posted by brooki
Part 2! (:
Oh, and for anyone confused, everyone is human. Stefan & Damon aren't brothers, but best friends. Make Mehr sense now? [x

Elena’s POV
By Thursday night, I was beginning to think of chickening out of our date. That just wasn’t our type of thing to do. But I think the real reason I didn’t want to go was what he supposedly had planned for afterwards.
Sure, it may seem like no big deal, since I was obviously far from clean in that area. There was just something wrong about taking that from Stefan, knowing deep down that I’d rather be with someone else. It wasn’t fair any of...
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1)link (14x01, Elena pms’d)
2)link (14x02, Ric calling Damon)
3)link (Lady Gaga cover) (14x03, Caroline giving Elena sexual education)
4)link (14x04, Derek trying to talk to Kelsey)
5)link (14x05, Alaric talking to Damon about Elena)
6)link (14x06, Bonnie tricking Caroline)
7)link (14x07, Stefan and Katherine talking about Elena, Amber)
8)link (14x08, Caroline talking to Damon about Bonnie)
9)link (14x09, Katherine trying to seduce Stefan)
10)link (14x10, Kelsey wanting to kill Stefan)
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posted by HaleyDewit
Elena got out of the shower. Drying her hair with a towel she went downstairs to open the door and let Caroline in.
“Hi” she sagte as Caroline walked in.
“Hi” Caroline replied. “Can we talk?”
“Is it about Damon? ‘Cause then I don’t want to hear it” Elena kind of begged.
“Well, I’m sorry, but it is” Caroline said. “And I think Du should hear this”
Elena shrugged. “Fine, then” she sighed. “Let’s go to my room, I don’t want Jeremy nor Ric to hear us”
And thus Caroline followed Elena upstairs. As Elena fell down on the bett she looked at Caroline. “So, what...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Katherine climbed out of the church and came face to face with someone she had rather not seen ever again.
“Hello, Katerina” Klaus said. “Have Du missed me?”
Katherine stared at him, her eyes wet from fear. She didn’t notice the blond woman Weiter to Klaus.
“Please let me introduce Du to my sister, Rebekah” he continued.
“Why are Du here? Why have Du come back?” Katherine asked shaking.
“Oh, haven’t Du heard? Elena’s blood is the key to making hybrids” Klaus explained. He pulled Katherine against him. “And now that you’ve become such good Friends with her Du would...
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posted by HaleyDewit
“Okay, that doesn’t look very nice” the doctor said. Jeremy was sitting on the examination table, Alaric was leaning onto the closet. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to stitch” While she prepared her stitching material she talked to her patient. “So, how did this happen? Were Du involved in a fight?” Jeremy looked how she pierced the stitching scissor in his hand. “No, it wasn’t like that. It was an accident” he answered. “I broke a cup, two cups. Cut my hand” The doctor nodded. “Are Du vaccinated for tetanus?” Jeremy looked up at Alaric, who helplessly raised...
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posted by panther-jewel
I would feel like a traitor for Schreiben so much to increase our hopes if the story won’t end with Delena as endgame, but everything leads there and I just can’t see it working out in another way; and I am glad that I can make so many of Du happy with what I write. I only hope that a final decision is not avoided in intending not to upset any fanbase, because most of us wouldn’t be satisfied Von such a cowardly solution. I believe Elena that she does Liebe Stefan, but I don’t understand it, and most importantly, I don’t FEEL anything with them. I can’t say much about their relationship...
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posted by DelenaDestiny
Stefan is way to nice-nice with Elena! He needs to be himself around her otherwise it is fake and everyone knows a fake relationship never ever works out well. Whenever Elena is around Damon she is happy and Damon isn't afraid to be himself around her. Sure they (Damon and Elena) have had their ups and downs, but they always manage to work it out in the end which proves that their relationship is much stronger than Stefan and Elena's! Stefan never tells Elena not to something, especially when she shouldn't do it. Damon would make sure that Elena would not do anything that could get her hurt.

Another reason is that Stefan can't control himself, he is a danger to the people around him because Du never know when he will go off the rails and hurt someone. Damon does get mad and does stupid stuff, but he would never hurt Elena, no matter what!
 And it's breaking over me, A thousand miles down to the sea bed, Found the place to rest my head. Never let me go, never let me go.
And it's breaking over me, A thousand miles down to the sea bed, Found the place to rest my head. Never let me go, never let me go.
Elena: "Damon just sort of snuck up on me. He got under my skin and no matter what I do I just – I can’t shake him." (3x16)

Elena’s passionate embrace with Damon in “Heart Of Darkness” (3x19) signified a new beginning for Delena, a time where Elena is starting to realize she needs Damon like she needs air. When she ran towards Damon to KISS him, she let go of all the guilt she’s been feeling for falling for Damon, the fear she has of her own feelings. She allowed herself to forget the world & just feel what she really feels for him. Elena gave herself completely to Damon in that...
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It was Friday 1:35 pm and Elena was pacing around in her room. Damon was late and she was afraid Jenna would leave without him, and her plan would be ruin. She grabbed her phone and called Damon, but no response came.
"Damon where the hell are you" She called out frustrated
"here". A voice sagte behind her.
Elena quickly turn to see Damon standing in front of her.
"where were you" She asked
"eating" He respond
"whatever, just get downstairs" She sagte pushing him out the door.
Elena arrived downstairs to her garage. Damon just finished putting the luggage in the trunk, and they were ready to go.
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posted by brooki

Elena’s POV
I pulled out my phone and sent Damon a text. It was just past three in the morning, and I couldn’t take it any longer. I hadn’t slept a wink and it was getting to me. I needed some kind of release from all the mess I’d put us into, and he was the only way I knew to get out.
After waiting five Minuten for him to reply to my text, I got anxious and annoyed he hadn’t answered. I picked up the phone and called his number, praying that he would pick up soon. My nerves couldn’t handle it.
“Pick up, pick up,” I chanted to myself. “Please pick up!”...
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posted by eve_k
Lately,I see a lot of pessimism in our spot.Allthought I can understan where it is coming from,I don't think that we should be pessimistic,there is no need.I will try to give my reasons as to why.

Let's start with Elena.Yes,she hurt Damon deeply Von saying "Maybe that's the problem" and yes,it seems she doesn't know what she wants yet.But that is understandable.Imagine that Du were in her shoes.Right after her parents died she meets Stefan.Stefan who seems perfect.He is always there,he keeps her safe,he cares and protects her loved ones and she knows that he will always be there,because he is...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Katherine was standing in front of Ric’s loft. She was practicing her speech and gathering her courage.
“Come on, Katherine” she told herself. “Just go in there and tell him Du Liebe him” She pushed the latch down and entered.
“Stefan?” she called.
“I’m in here” Stefan replied from out of the living room. Katherine walked further into the room. Stefan was standing against the closet. He was alone. “I didn’t expect you, but I’m glad you’re here”
“Really?” Katherine asked hopeful. She couched to restore herself. “There’s something I have to tell you”
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posted by HaleyDewit
Veronica parked her car in front of the old building. She walked out of the car and Rachel, who had come with her, followed her. Veronica walked up to the door and opened. “Get inside” she told Rachel. After Rachel entered Veronica locked the door. She waved at the people in the back and they stopped with what they were doing. One of the guys came their way.
“Hello, Veronica” he said.
“Hello, Derek” Veronica replied. “How’s it going?”
“It’s going very good. They are getting really good. I think we have a real chance in beating those…”
“Abominations” Veronica said...
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posted by HaleyDewit
DE song.

I’m standing on your doorstep
Got a zillion things to say
But as the moment’s passing by
My hope’s fading away
So, I’m leaving Du unknowing
About the confusion I’m going through
There’s no need in saying out loud
I’m having a thing for you

So, Du will not get in my head
Though I’m finding it hard to keep the words unsaid

‘Cause I, I can’t get over it
I wake up and sleep with it
I can’t have Du around me
But I’m still thinking ‘bout our kiss
I, I have to get Du out of my head
Before I do something I’ll regret
Why can’t Du just let me be
Gotta find a way to undo this...
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posted by delenasalvatore
 credit: damonlover3
credit: damonlover3
"It's not that she makes him a better person, and she does, but he changes her too. Damon challenges her, surprises her. He makes her Frage her life, her beliefs...Damon is either the best thing for her, oder the worst."
(Rose in 3x19)

"I'm not sorry that I met you. I'm not sorry that knowing Du has made me Frage everything. That in death, you're the one that made me feel most alive. You've been a terrible person, Du made all the wrong choices, and of all the choices I've made, this will prove to be the worst one, but I am not sorry that I'm in Liebe with you! I Liebe Du Damon."
(Elena, 4x23)...
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posted by jayteeniftb
Collected from various sources on tumblr. These barely scratch the surface and give Du a little insight into the show. Interpretation not 100% correct and open to debate.

Thoughts on stefan/SE:

Stefan is not who he appears in the Pilot. He starts the Zeigen Von saying “This is my story” and constructing himself as a version of himself who just wants to start a life with the human doppelgänger of the girl he loved so long ago. Who just wants to live a life in peace drinking animal blood in the town he grew up in without the torment of his older brother. Rewatching early season one with the...
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